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Jennifer White Takes It in the Tushy for LéWood

Francesca Lé and Mark Wood – the minds and bodies behind LéWood – are one of the great husband and wife teams in porn history and their anal antics are the stuff of legend. No surprise, then, that they would call on Jennifer White, arguably the industry’s finest receiver, to take the lead in their new Anal Couples Swap (LéWood/Evil Angel).

New Jennifer White Scenes Show Off Her Great Ass

While some guys will pester their girls endlessly for anal sex, it’s not necessary if you’re hanging with Jennifer White. She just may demand you shove that big dick in her ass and plow like it’s late Spring and you just got your seeds in, farmboy.

Jennifer White Stars in ‘Harlow Harrison’s Whore Dreams’

It’s important to get enough sleep, but sometimes we feel tired even after catching eight or nine hours of winks – why is that? Probably because our heads are full of images like those in Harlow Harrison’s Whore Dreams (James Deen Productions). Intense sex like this will wear you out – even if it’s all in your head!

Jennifer White Doesn’t Care About Your Spouse

If you have a wife, that’s your problem – Jennifer White needs to get laid and whether or not you have a ring or made a vow is of no concern to her sweet pussy. Once the moistness starts to kick in, the girl has to find a way to get off and if you’re lucky enough to be in her vicinity and catch her pretty eye, just go with it.

Jennifer White Turns Teacher in New Nubiles DVD

Being one of the world’s foremost sex stars, Jennifer White is frequently asked for advice. Today Nubiles has taken further advantage of the beauty’s sex secrets and given her a teaching position in their latest, Moms Teach Sex 12.

Neighbor Affair! Jennifer White Stars In Hot New Naughty America Scene

Anyone who has hit more than a couple garage sales knows that the first rule is to get there early! Jennifer White’s neighbor had a garage sale recently and she popped over early and found way more than she had bargained for.

Jennifer White in Smoking Triple Lay for Swallowed.com

Swallowed.com is one of the hottest websites in adult today and taking a look at a new scene starring Jennifer White and there is no wondering why.

Jennifer White in Club That Even Groucho Marx Would Want to Join

Many years ago Groucho Marx wrote to the Friars Club, resigning his membership with what became one of the most famous quotes in modern history: “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.”

Jennifer White Front and Center on ‘Club Orgy 2’

Just look at Jennifer White on the center of the cover of Club Orgy 2 (Ace in the Hole) and you’ll be halfway to the counter to give up a few of your hard-earned bucks for the shiny disc in the package.

Jennifer White Stars In New 3rd Degree Release

Jennifer White is a woman of great passion and when she loves something she looooooves it. Loves it! So much!

Jennifer White Has a Dirty, Filthy Secret

Jennifer White has a big, dirty secret and it’s about to explode.

Jennifer was on the receiving end of an anal fucking from her best friend’s husband and everyone is going to find out. It’s inevitable. It’s in a movie. And she is on the box cover.

Insatiable! Jennifer White Simultaneously Satisfies Near Dozen

There has been a lot of chatter about Jennifer White’s interracial scenes lately and now she has pushed things to a new limit.

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