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Losers Never Get Laid

This is a simple little comedy with some nice dialog, a pretty cast and sex that fits the target audience. Nothing too crazy, just solid sex in between a few good laughs. Connor Kennedy plays a basic loser with loser friends, a broken heart and a video came addiction. His best friend (Played well by Tommy Pistol) is equally inept but willing to pay for booty when he needs to get his rocks off.

This Ain’t the Interview XXX

This is one of those parodies where I haven’t seen the original and really don’t care. The Interview was a half assed comedy made famous because of the Sony hack and the fact that it pissed off the North Koreans. I suppose that made it ripe for a parody. With Will Ryder at the helm I was expecting something pretty good.

Outland II

Outland II is a little less stylistic as the first, but overall it is a better movie. The women are super-hot, the sex is even better and the story moves along nicely. I also liked the costumes and the overall feel of the movie.

Outland I

This is one of the best looking movies from 2016. I first reviewed it when I was voting for awards. I had so many to go through then that I didn’t get a chance to give it the full treatment. With a sequel out and another nomination (2017 XRCO Awards) I figures it was time to review it properly.

Wife Swap: The Exploited Parody

This parody is pretty damn funny. For those of you who remember Wife Swap, it was quite a contentious reality show. They would throw families into turmoil as wives would trade families. There was plenty of angst, but no real sexual tension.

Wonder Woman XXX

This is one of Axel Braun’s most anticipated comic book movies. It was also a huge hit in 2015. Why did I wait a year to review it? It’s one of those movies that hit my desk at award time so I reviewed it quickly with a few hundred others and put it into a pile to review properly later. Kimberly Kane plays Wonder Woman and does so perfectly.


The best in adult entertainment are set to gather on June 22ndfor the 2016 XRCO Awards. When they do, they will witness some big names and familiar faces inducted into the Hall of Fame. The man doing inducting is also a big name and a familiar face in a new role. Evan Stone, a fixture at XRCO Awards for more than a decade, will now be the man in charge for the Hall of Fame portion of the show.

Donald, The

Given the fact that this is an election year, this parody and probably a few more like it were inevitable. (Hustler released Republican Wife Swap a while back) We saw a whole series of Palin parodies starring Lisa Ann so why wouldn’t Hustler dip back into that formula.


The 2016 XRCO just keeps getting hotter. With a pair of Wicked hostesses, a sizzling crop of Hall of Famers and a brand new Hall of Fame MC, the 32ndannual XRCO is already shaping up as one of the best ever. The addition of fresh new starlets Harley Jade and Anya Olsen as Heart-On Girls, the show just added another log to the raging bonfire.

Lone Ranger: An Extreme Comixxx Parody

The man in the mask is back in this XXX parody. Ryan Driller plays the Lone Ranger in a movie that is actually pretty good. I have always been a sucker for porn westerns so this one is kind of fun. There is a story here that could have been a little better developed, but keeps the action moving forward at a decent pace. The sex is all right.

Little Spermaid

This little parody is a cute idea poorly cast and horribly executed. Wow, that was harsh opening statement. I can’t really bag on the main casting I guess. Riley Reid is cute as fuck in this early effort.

Viral! Mainstream Media Frenzy Over Hustler’s The Donald XXX

On Monday Hustler Video announced the release of a new Donald Trump parody billed only as The Donald, which offers a lascivious look at how the Republican Party front-runner might select his Vice Presidential running mate, as imagined by proud pornographer and part time politic pundit Larry Flynt. By days end a slew of mainstream news outlets, including NY Daily News, Politico, The Inquisitr, Mediaite, The Washington Post, The Hill, Metro, and Uproxx, had already picked up the story, causing it to go viral.

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