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My Wife Caught Me Ass Fucking Her Mother 5

Once again the title gives it all away in a Devils Film project. It is four scenes featuring guys fucking their wives’ moms. Yeah, banging the mother in law right in front of the wife. Oh and it gets better. It’s not just run of the mill mother in law sex. Nope, these guys bang the women in the butt. If this seems silly, trust me it is.

Porn Legend Tom Byron Helps Not Animal House XXX Streak Towards #1

Only one movie can be #1 on the sales chart and Not Animal House XXX® is streaking towards the top slot making the hilarious parody one of the year’s biggest blockbusters. Already a top-seller at numerous retail outlets nationwide, the comedy is being talked about as the funniest adult movie of the year and was helped immensely by the legendary performer Tom Byron as Dean Wormer.

Sell Out? Animal House XXX Parody Sells out in Two Weeks

The porn parody Not Animal House XXX® has sold out of the initial DVD supply and the producers have rush-ordered a new DVD replication run in order to meet new orders. The double-disc set containing 8 hours of footage from Adam & Eve Pictures and XPlay was only released a couple of weeks ago and quick early sales are measuring up to fantastic reviews the movie is enjoying.

Not Animal House XXX

In a porn landscape littered with parodies, Will Ryder’s work always stands out. At his best, his XXX versions of our favorite flicks and shows are the very best of the genre. At his worst, he is sometimes a little too ambitious for his own good. Where does Not Animal House fit in? Somewhere in the middle, but much closer to the former than the latter.

3D Glasses Free In Every Not Animal House XXX Double-Disc Set

If eight hours of sexy footage and bonus sex scenes on a double disc package wasn’t enough for fans of the soon-to-be released adult movie parody Not Animal House XXX, then a pair of free 3D glasses should be the clincher. Each jam-packed double disc set will include a special 3D photo gallery and a pair of 3D glasses inside when the hilariously sexy movie hits stores from Adam & Eve Pictures and XPlay at the end of September.

Pretty Dirty

The title for this movie is really half right. It’s definitely pretty, but not very dirty. It is all about eye candy and very couples-friendly sex. The girls are very cute and that’s the strength. There are no real stories here, but the settings a pretty romantic. Some nice early morning loving and generally happy couples doing their business.

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