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Sunny Lane Interview 2007

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Though I speak with her every week when I do my review during “The Wanker Show” on KSEX Radio, this was my first time meeting Sunny Lane face to face. Our interview was also my chance to present her with the RogReviews Critic’s Choice trophy as Best Female Performer. The bubbly adult star introduces me to her breasts (Mama and Mia for those scoring at home.), talks about her award-nominated role in Red Light District’s Sex Pix and discusses her incredible flexibility.


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Well, I'm interviewing Sunny Lane's breasts now. This one's the right one, and this one's the left one.

Oh yeah, that's Mama and that's Mia. Mama Mia!

Which is the more talkative?

Probably the left one.

Okay, then we'll just interview you, instead of the boobs.

That sounds good.

Okay. It'll be just as nice to look at.

(she laughs)

Now, in case you missed it, this is Sunny Lane, who is just awesome. And cute. And fantastic.

Well, thank you.

Tell us a little bit about you, Miss Sunny Lane. How old are you?

You don't want to publish that. Hi Charlie! Sorry, Charlie just popped in and said hello to me. She's really hot today.

Hot girls are really distracting.

You don't want to publish my age. (she talks to Charlie for a while) Sorry!

That's okay. Hot girls take precedent to dorky journalists.

Oh, come on now! You're hot and sexy too!

Aww, you're sweet. Now, where are you from?

Originally, I'm from Georgia.

Really? We could never guess!

I'm a sweet peach, raised in Florida.

And where are you living now? Sunny Lane


You're a California girl. Do you like living in California?

I'm a valley girl now.

Do you like it?

I love it. I don't ever want to live anywhere else.


It has all the best elements. It has the mountains, the ocean, great people, great entertainment, never dull and never boring.

So California won you over?

Yeah, it really did. It just feels like I should always be out here, because I'm from Florida, and you always go to the coast to see Kelly Slater and all the surfers, and I was a little surfer chick. Now that I'm over here, it's like, 'Wow, I'm meant to be here.'


It's in my blood.

How long have you been in this business?

I have been in this business now for two years.

Two years.

In January, right here. This is where I got found two years ago.

I heard you were discovered here, on the floor of the AVN.

Well, I met everybody and then I went to the award's show all dolled out, and I sat with Serenity, and she paid for it and gave me a ticket, which was awesome. Then I went to Sean Michael's party at the end of the night, and then Hirsch from Playboy came up to me and said, 'You have the look that we want. You have no tattoos, you have a great attitude, here's my card.' I so did not think the guy was for real. So I went back home and talked to my team, and it turned out he was for real. I've been out here ever since.


Yeah! Sunny Lane

So this would be your second show signing then, right?

Yes, that's correct.

Now, I'd imagine more people know you this year than last year.

Yeah, you're right about that.

Is it considerably different reaction from the fans?

It is now, because they watch me, they know more about me. They're not just like, 'Hi, can I just get your autograph?' Now they're telling me what scenes they like, or the best movie, or what outfits. Their likes are important to me, and I want to hear that too because that tells me what they do like or what they don't like. Because that's what it's all about, the fans. We want to get it out there. They feel my energy, and me having so much fun, I want them to have fun as well.

Long, long lines of autograph-seekers!

Yeah, there is! It's going all the way around the corner. I try to go and people are still coming up, people are bringing me gifts, and bringing me magazines to sign. All kinds of good things.

What's the coolest gift you've gotten so far?

Last night I got a calendar. A Georgia calendar.


Which was really cool! And the latest gift I got, which was for Christmas, was from a secret admirer, and it was a charm bracelet from Zales. It had an ice skate on it, an S for Sunny, a money sign, a lucky charm, a ballerina because evidently he knows I'm a spinner.

I wonder how he knows that.

But it was really cool. It was very nice.

And what's the strangest thing anyone's had you sign today?

The strangest thing? Well, Stevie asked me to sign his penis, but I haven't done that yet.

There's five letters in your name, right?


I don't think there's enough room.

Oooh! And of course he looked over here as you said that.

He can feel it.

He can feel that energy! Sunny Lane

He has his own radar.

That's so funny. But the weirdest thing I've signed, I've signed some boobies. I got to sign some boobies like Ron Jeremy.

You got to sign Ron Jeremy's boobies?

No, not Ron Jeremy's boobies, but he's taught me, and so I get to sign other people's boobies. And I can sing the 'Boobie, boobie, boob' song.

Would you like to sing for us now?

Boobie, boobie, boob! How much we love those boobie, boobie, boobs. I added that part on there. (she laughs)

Very nice. All Right, what else should we talk about? Now, what movies should people who haven't seen you before for whatever reason, be looking for?

The hottest thing to check out is Dark Angels 2: Blood Line which came out last year. Oh, a fun movie if you like all-girls is Pussy Party #15 Unwrapped, directed by Cousin Stevie. I'm nominated for that movie for the solo scene. And I didn't even use any toys! Just my fingers.

You don't need any toys. You have all you need right there.

That's right, baby! Also Sex Pix by Red Light District, and She Bangs are all nominated this year for movie and comedy, and actress for two years in a row, I'm really stoked about that. I have some new movies that are going to be coming out. The Real Boogie Nights for Sex Z Pictures, I got to play Skater Girl.


Which is really cool. I did a John Leslie movie which was really hot not too long ago. I got so many different things going on, it's just really amazing!

That's great! Now, in Sex Pixs of course, you got to act. Without giving too much away, you can't remember anything when you wake up at the beginning of the movie.


And so you kind of wander around much of the movie in a daze with a head wound.

Yes, I get amnesia. Sunny Lane

Now, was that kind of a stretch for you, or was that you just kind of wandering around aimlessly?

On no, it was definitely acting! And it was a lot to play around with. I realized, 'Well, this is kind of fun, and I don't have to think a whole lot, have fun!' You know? Have a good time, that's what it's really all about. It was really cool, because James Abalon really taught me a lot about acting, and I how I should do certain things so it gets across in the right area, so it was really cool and he was very easy to work with. It's a great movie, because it goes from backwards to forwards.

Well, I'll give a little more away. Was it fun to kill Evan Stone?

Oh, you gave part away!

I just gave the opening away!

(she laughs) It was so much fun. Actually, when the bottle broke over his neck, it slit his neck a little bit and I felt so bad. But I was so into the acting mode and the character, I started crying-I felt like I really did kill him, you know? I've never felt like that before. I really did start hyperventilating. They had to bring me a bag and everything afterwards, because I was so into what I was doing. I'd never hyperventilated before. I was an ice skater so I know how to keep control, but that was so difficult. I put myself in somebody else's shoes for a minute.


But I don't like killing people though. Only in movies.

Now, you do features, and you do gonzo?


So you kind of bring a little of both to the table.


I've noticed though that in your features, you tend to bring a little of the gonzo into the scene.


Which kind of makes you stand out.

Oh, thank you.

Because a lot of the feature girls do the feature sex thing, and a lot of the gonzo girls can't act. So what is it that makes you a double-threat there?

Wow, that's really good! I like that! Well, I'm an entertainer at heart, it's all about entertaining and having a good time. If I'm enjoying myself, then that's the key. I want to cum every single time I do a scene. So I just do things that are enjoyable to me. I think about what the fans are looking at and what they would like and so forth, and I just put that into it. I just have a good time. I like getting messy. I like spit, I like sucking, I like spinning, getting spanked on my ass and my hair pulled. I think it's more interesting that way, if you get the hardcore sex with the acting. It brings it really close together, like you're saying.

Alright. Now, you've mentioned so many things I have to bring up. You've mentioned twice about the ice-skating. Again, for people who haven't seen, you have incredible flexibility.

Thank you.

I believe I reviewed a movie recently, Cum-Stained Casting Couch, lovely title, where you really put the flexibility into the sex.

Yes, and that was with Manuel Ferrara. Yes, and he has a soda-can cock. Sunny Lane

Yeah, it's about as big as your forearm.

Yeah, seriously! And I took it.

You did.

Thank God for being an ice skater and yoga body instructor, knowing my body inside and out. And I think that with the gonzo and the feature stuff too, knowing my body inside and out, I don't have to think about certain things to do like where the camera is and so forth. I really just let myself get into it and have fun. That's what I did with Casting Couch with Manuel. He made me squirt in there and everything. He was getting mad in there, though. I was like, 'Just let me cum! Let me cum!'

I'm guessing porn isn't the first time you've used that flexibility in that way.

Yes, you're very right. It's always been with me. (she laughs)

It seemed like something you'd done before. You had a look in your eyes like, 'Yeah, I know how good it looks.'

Oooooh, that's hot! That's hot! Like I said, if I'm enjoying it, I want them to enjoy it. Because I think about those kinds of things. Even when I'm shooting, I'm like, 'Oooh, maybe this pose would look good,' or 'this position is super-awesome, it's so different, it will blow their minds.' I want to blow the fans' minds when they're watching my movies.

Okay. Do you have a webpage?

www.sunnylanelive.com. It's brand-new and up and running.

Okay, they can come check you out there. What will they see?

Oooh, it's awesome because it's live and in action. It's going behind the velvet ropes with me, because I have my own little camera now. And I'm checking it out, seeing what's going on, which is so cool. I'm also doing Internet live chat. So I figured, since it's all about fans, I'd bring them in on a one-on-one basis like that, so they can be more interactive. And we have MySpace and all different things, but I think on there they can have me on their TV screen, they can even contact me back. They can have their own camera and I can see them as well. It's a little bit more money of course, but you know how that is.

So you get to watch the guys watching you?

That hasn't happened yet, but that's what I've been told.

Do you think that's hot?

Well, personally, I have a major fetish about watching guys masturbate.

Really? You should come by my office some day when I'm working.


You can sit and watch me all day.


That's really what I do for a living. Sunny Lane

It's important! If you know how to work your own cock, you know how to work me right.

Well, I've got years of practice.

(she laughs)

Now, for those who can't see, we'll take pictures, but let's describe you a little bit. You are how tall?


Barely! The hair looks really blonde today. It's kind of strawberry blonde.

Yup, strawberry blonde, it's in there. It's a secret.

And measurements?

Measurements? 36C-24-36.


All natural, head to toe and everything in between.

Awesome, awesome, awesome breasts.

Thank you so much.

But you seem to be even better known for the butt.

(big bang off in the distance) That scared the crap out of me!


It scared you too, huh?

Someone just poked a blow-up doll a little too hard.

Ooooh! That's funny! Touche!

That was a two-hole model, and they tried to go anal.

(she laughs) You're so funny. That just shocked me. Okay, what was the question?

Your butt.

Oh, my booty! Yes, of course! My booty! My budunkadunk as K-Sex likes to call it. I won an award for it. That comes from skating. People say I have a sister booty and I say 'No! I have a skater's booty!'

Which is why all the sisters who skate look the way they do.

(she laughs) Yeah!

They've got like the super-booty.


Now, speaking of K-Sex, you co-host with Wankus on Wednesday nights. KSexradio.com.

That's right. On Hump Day. Every Wednesday from 7 to 9.

And I'm on there with you.

That's right! And I love it.

I get to call in and try and talk over Wankus. Sunny Lane

I gotta jump in there too, because he likes to blalala! He likes to run it. I told him one day that it should be the Wankus and Sunny Lane Show. He's like, 'Whoa, girlfriend!' And I was like, 'Hey, we work hard at this! Let's do it together!' And now, he's starting to do that more. You know? It's just so much fun. But I love it when you call in, I'm always asking, 'Is Rog gonna call in today? What kind of reviews does he have?' Because it's really neat to the other people's perspectives on the movies that are out there. I don't always get to see the other movies, so it's like really cool what you said about the Julia Ann movie where they were spinning on the circle stage and moving with it, that would make me a little dizzy. I wanted to tell you that that day but I couldn't because Wankus kept talking. But I have done a scene like that with Michael Ninn, and it wasn't a stage but it was fun. They had stationary cameras. It looks a lot better. It looked really good. So I understood what you meant by that. But it's always good to hear your opinions.

It's a lot of fun doing the show, you guys have a lot of fun doing it. You seem to be a natural-born entertainer, that's for sure.

Oh, thank you.

Very entertaining. What else should people know about you? I mean, other than the fact you look fantastic, you're a great actress and you do great scenes.

I'm just an all-natural girl-next-door who has gone hard-core. I'm real, you know? I just have a good time. I know what I like, I know what I don't like. I do the scenes that get me off, I don't do the scenes that don't get me off because it's not about the money. It's about the entertainment and making people happy. This year, I only did 38 films, and 18 of them were nominated, so I'm really happy about that. I pick and choose what I want to do. I'm with a new agency, Lighthouse Talent Agency, for Seymour Butts. And that's awesome, they take care of me. And I just like to have fun! I'm high on life.

Now, speaking of things you don't do because they don't get you off, you have a great butt, but it's kind of a no-entry zone.

Now it is.


I have actually been getting into a little more ass, in some of my new movies that are going to be coming out. I'm getting more into the licking and the fingers on the outside, but no insertion. Not yet.

Not yet. So someday, we might see all-access Sunny Lane?


That's pretty hot. Well, would be pretty hot. If you need the practice, you've got my number.


Happy to just, just take care of you.

I love that. You're good people!

Speaking of AVN Nominations, you got a boatload.

Yeah, I'm so excited! One handful. Five nominations.

If you were guaranteed one win, but only one win, what would you want it to be?

Oh wow, that's very difficult. I would have to say, actress is really great, because I work really hard at what I do. But then again, performer of the year is a well-rounded, over-all performer which says I do from mainstream to adult to all-over. I would love to win that one, personally, because I look at myself like a performer, an entertainer extraordinaire, and if I can make people happy like that, that makes me happy. But then again, I would love to win movie of the year, comedy of the year, and solo scene because I really know how to get myself off, and that's with cousin Stevie and I love him very much, and April Storm.

So the answer is, you won't pick one?

No, I won't pick one, I want them all!

Now, performer of the year is kind of the pinnacle.

It is!

So that would probably be a good one. Let's say, Sunny Lane can't win. Who do you think should win?

Well, I look at it like this. I'm nominated with the top girls of the business. The crème de la crème. It's such an honor to be up there. So, for me, whoever wins, I'm happy for them. May the best woman win!

I'm not letting you get away with that.

See, now you see why Wank always talks over me-it's hard for me to get mad! I'm happy for all of us. We're already winners for being nominated.

Right. But who would you like to see walk away with the trophy if it can't be you?

Um, who? Anybody that's been nominated!

That is such a non-answer!

I don't know, I can't just point one out, because I get along with all the girls. And I like them all, and I believe we all have our own qualities and special gifts that we can put on the table, and so I'm really proud of all of them.

And you're all great, but who do you think deserves it the most?

Me! Sunny Lane

It can't be you! Next.


I have to at least try to probe the questions a little bit. It's a pretty simple question.

I know, but!

You're just spinning and spinning! Come on, everybody has an opinion.


What's yours? I'm asking you, as a performer, seeing your fellow performers, and taking you out of the mix, who do you think deserves it?

I don't know. There's a lot of us who deserve it.

Hilary Scott?

Well, Hilary's got to be one.

Anybody else? She would be the one?

I don't know. I like them all! Like I said, they all have different qualities, and they all have different things that they bring to the table. I can't really pinpoint one, because I like each and every one of them, to tell you the truth.

All right.

And I want to get along with all of them, I don't want to piss anybody off.

Alright, we'll move on.

I want a pussy galore.

Just a big orgy with all of you?

Yeah! It'd be super-hot.

Now, speaking of Hilary, you and Hilary were co-winners on RogReviews.com as the female performer of the year.


You are now only the third and fourth women ever to win that in the seven-year history of the awards.

Wow! That's amazing! Sunny Lane

So only Aurora Snow, five times, Jasmine Byrne, and the two of you, this year.

That's amazing. Aurora Snow is one of my really good friends and I love her to death. But that's wow, such an honor! I'm glad you enjoyed my performance.

Outstanding! Anything else you want people to know that you haven't already told us?

Just keep watching and coming, and have a good time. Enjoy our film. Let me know, come on my MySpace, sunnylanexxx, or my website. Stay warm with me, I'm really getting involved with the fans, so just keeping coming and having fun.


2007 to the heavens, baby!

Thank you.

Thank you.

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