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Shy Love Interview 2007

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Shy Love is a very busy woman. In addition to being one of the most sought after adult performers, she is an accomplished dance circuit entertainer and has been directing movies for Huster and VCA. As if that weren't enough she has also opened her own talent agency. She has starred in such adult hits as Francesca Le's Overload, Britney Rears 2 and Big Wet Asses 2. Her interesting ethnic mix (Sicilian, Puerto Rican and Jewish) makes her as hard to pin down as her accent. This exotic mix has helped her land roles in all sorts of movies and according to her, makes her "screwed in the head." She took time out at the Adult Entertainment Expo to talk to me about her four year career as a performer and the exciting new directions her career is taking. She talks about her favorite girls to work with, discusses why she would never date a guy from the industry and reveals the strangest request she has ever had from a fan.

Shy Love INTERVIEW: Shy Love

Shy's Movies

Above the loud music behind me, I'm sitting next to a beautiful woman whose name is?

Shy Love.

Of ShyLove.com, right?

Yes, it is.

And you are an adult performer and recently an adult director.

Yes, I am.

Let's talk about that a little bit.

Okay. I am now directing for VCA and Hustler. I'm working on a deal with Playboy TV and I'll be shooting a couple of lines for them.

What are some of the movies that you've got out that people can go see?

Right now, you can see My XXX Porn Space, you can also see Shy Love's Mass Destruction, Porn Star Annihilation.

They sound pretty hardcore.

They are pretty hardcore. I get bored with the cute stuff.

Okay, we'll have to check those out. You also feature dance, correct?

I am feature dancing across the country three weeks out of every month.

And people can find your schedule on your website?

You can go to my website to see my schedule at ShyLove.com.

Okay, what's your favorite place to dance?

I would say Rouge Night Club in Queens, New York.

How come?

Shy Love Because it's like a massive party. Yes, I go there to work but I end up just partying.

Cool, cool. Now, what booth are we in? I couldn't say that, I'm too white.

I know! You're too white. Pulpo. It's a new production company.

So they shoot high-end features with a little Latin flavor?

Actually, it isn't really a Latin flavor. It's more of a mainstream flavor. I get shot twice. There's story lines of crazy love and passion.

And hardcore sex, right?

And massively hardcore sex, otherwise I get bored.

Gotcha. Okay, let's go back a little bit. In addition to being a dancer, and a webmaster and a director, you're also a performer.

I am a performer.

For how long?

For four years.

Under Hustler contract, right?

I was under Hustler contract. We decided to part ways because my schedule doesn't really permit me to be shooting with their schedule. So I just still direct from them.

So obviously it was a good split on the talent end, since you're still directing.

Yeah! In fact, I've been hanging out in their booth a lot and people are like, 'Why is she here?' And it's like, 'She still works for us, she just isn't under contract.'

Do you remember your first movie?


Who was it with?

Tristan. It was very blah-blah. It was a good scene. But it was my first scene, and they were prepping me through it. It was like, 'Two minutes, change! Two minutes, change!' If anyone tried to do that to me today, I'd kill them.

What do you like to do now?

Shy Love Honestly? I really love to perform, I really love to direct, I really love to feature dance. They're completely different, but they're really fun.

Do you think being a performer makes you be a better director?

Absolutely being a performer makes you a way better director. You know now that there's this one side and another side, you're not being biased.

If you could only do one-dance, direct or perform for the next year?

I would probably say dancing, because I could socialize with the fans every day and that's one of the things I like the most.

What do you think your best movies have been, performance-wise?

I just did this scene with Evan Stone in MyXXXPornSpace where he grabs me by the neck and throws me against the wall and shoves his cock up my ass. That was probably the most extreme, most fun scene ever.

So you like it rough then?

Not rough, I just like a challenge. If it's the typical 'Oh, ah' I get bored, and Evan forced me to compete with him, and that was fun.

Evan has a pretty long penis.

He has the biggest cock I've ever worked with.

Would you ever want to work with anything bigger?


Now, Evan's long but he isn't very thick.

His is long, not very thick. I worked with one guy who was a little shorter but thicker, Julian. I love him to death but his cock hurts too much. I can't deal with it.

So he's too big. What's the perfect size?

The perfect size? I'm trying to think of a guy who has the perfect size. Honestly? Alex Sanders has the perfect-sized cock.


Yes. Great for anal.

Okay, where are you from?

Everywhere. I'm an army brat.

You're like the fourth army brat I've interviewed. What's the deal with army brats going into porn?

Honestly? My parents did not raise me this way. I just got tired of the whole white picket fence of getting married and following the right guy. I did the marriage, I did the college, and I got bored. I got tired of following the rules, so I said fuck the rules and fuck the way the army raised me.

A little rebellion. Now, for those who can't see, I'll take pictures, but how tall are you?

I'm 5'5.

Shy Love Brunette hair and brown eyes. And measurements?

36C, 24 and 34.

Wow. We'll take pictures-nice curves! And I hear a little accent, too?

I do! But I don't know where it comes from.

It's just a random accent.

I think it's from traveling so much, I'm picking up everyone's accent.

That's funny. Now, what's your heritage?

I'm a Sicilian, Puerto Rican Jew.

Wow, you're a mess.

I'm telling you, I'm all screwed up in the head.

But it looks good!

(She laughs)

What else should people know about you?

I'm single now.

Would you date a guy in the industry?


Why not?

I don't like mixing business with pleasure. I like working with a lot of the guys and I wouldn't want to take the chance of having that get ruined, and then not being able to perform with them. And I want someone who is interested in more than porn.

Okay, do you work with girls?

Shy Love Yes.

And who are your favorites?

Nikki Benz, Tera Patrick, Mya Luanna. They're my little cream pies.

So, quite a few. Is there anybody on your wish list you haven't worked with yet?

I would say my wish list would be Savannah Sampson.

She's intense! Now, how many shows like this have you done?

I do about four or five of these a year for the last four years.

Do you like interacting with the fans like this?

I think this is the best part! We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them.

What's the nicest thing a fan has said to you at this show?

A fan came up to me with his wife and said that they were having a lot of problems. He saw a movie with me that he was totally fascinated with and he showed it to his wife, who hated porn. And that helped save their marriage.

Wow. Do you remember the name of the movie?

What was it? It was some romance that I did. I can't remember.

That's really cool.

And because of me, they're back together.

What's the strangest or creepiest thing a fan said to you?

Could I pee in a cup so someone could drink it.

Shy Love Is that strange, creepy or both?

It's both! I was like, 'Uh, sorry.'

What's a strange and kinky thing you like?

Honestly? I don't know why, but recently, being picked up and choked, being dominated and fucked to death. Usually I like to be submissive, clean, neat 'let's make love.' It's a phase I'm going through.

But not with Julian, right?

I do not want Julian to throw me down and tear me apart!

Let's talk about the website. What are people going to see there?

There's a new website on the 1st, because I redid the whole thing. They'll see not only other people's content, but mine as well. They'll get to see the one-on-one, they'll get to see me sky dive. I'm throwing my personal life into it.

Anything else you want to talk about?

I think you covered everything.

We covered everything-you should get back to the line. Do we know who is that?

That's the girl everyone calls my sister.

I can't see her from the front.

Shy Love Hey, sis, come here!

Look at that!

Don't we look like sisters?

You do! Very pretty and a good view from the back. Have you worked with her yet?

I have not worked with Mikayla yet. Everybody keeps saying, 'Is your sister here? Is your sister performing?' And it's like 'No, my sister is not performing.'

And her name is Mikayla?


Mikayla looks a lot like Shy Love.

Shy Love Everyone says that my sister is in porn now, so I'm going to pretend it's true and fuck her.

It's not your real sister though, you're going to pretend just for fun.

Mikayla is not my real sister, she just looks like my twin.

Do you have anything else to say to the fans?

Love you guys! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here.

Shy's Movies

NEW: Audio Inerview With Shy Love now available! Listen to interview