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Selena Silver

This is a new type of interview for me. Selena and I shared a chat room so we could get this interview done quickly and still allow for some back and forth bater, follow up questions and real time feel. As always, I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

Hi Roger

Hello. Sorry I was a little late.

Well, I was 4 minutes late too.

Awesome Shall we begin?

Go right ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview Selena. All of the fans thank you.

I am just glad people are interested!

Is it true that you wanted to do this interview on line to avoid having to do the customary topless interview with me live?

LOL I was afraid that you might get TOO excited and I would be overwhelmed by your pick-up lines.

Fair enough. I imagine you were worried I might not be able to control my adoration. Where are you from?

Sydney, Australia

How do you like the States?

I miss my Aussie home very much, but I am having a total blast here. Lots of places to get into trouble in America!

What were you like growing up?

A girly tom-boy. I was daddy's girl. We were always swimming in the ocean, or surfing, or sailing.

So how does an outdoorsy tom-boy find her way to the adult entertainment business?

Sexual desires and a great sense of business. I will try to explain. When I was 15, I read the book "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" and started fantasizing about DP's. I really wanted two guys at once. Of course, none of my boyfriends would hear of it! So, I kept living repressed and sexually unhappy. Until I met the right guy. This guy TOTALLY fulfilled me; we plunged into swinging like I had to make up for my whole life.

What a lucky man he is.

We also both think big and want to control our own destiny. Someone we met through swinging suggested I should do films. We thought about it and sat down and mapped out the kind of life we wanted to live. We wanted total freedom - both financial and personal. We also wanted to build that freedom doing something we loved, not something we dreaded. We loved sex. So here we are - enjoying our life while we build our business and ultimately our freedom.

And who is this lucky guy?

That guy is now my husband. I snatched him up quick. It was funny, I always swore I would never EVER get married. Didn't believe in it. I changed my mind quick when I met him. I think we are BOTH lucky.

Sounds like a perfect marriage. Is your husband a performer as well?

No. He has always been the guy owning or running the business not the one working IN the business if you know what I mean. He doesn't perform.

Obviously he approves of your career choice.

Selena Silver

Obviously. :) We are doing this together.

What about the folks back home? Do they know what you're doing?

Some people very close to me know; others don't.

How about the people you grew up with? Would your schoolmates be shocked to see you on screen?

Oh yeah! Already got some emails from some old schoolmates.

Before you met your husband, were you a very sexual girl?

No. I didn't even really date in school. I was very "push away" to boys if you know what I mean. It was all fantasies; I wasn't acting on them.

Of course I know what you mean. I was one of those "always being pushed away" boys. Still am come to think of it.

LOL And, I thought I was going to get a "Lukeford" type discovery about you today!

Were you in the adult business back home or did that start here?

It all started here in the States.

Did you come to the States looking to get into porn?

No. We actually came over for a 6 month vacation and for him to show me America. We were going to go back to Australia. Then I was introduced to the swinging clubs and scene in South Florida and thought...hmmm... maybe we should stay!

Lucky for us. When did you shoot your first movie?

In January of this year.

Who was the lucky guy who shot it? And more to the point, who was the lucky one who got you first?

Well, I had met Sean Ricks when they were down in Florida and we flew to Vegas for AVN last year. Then went directly to LA to shoot a movie for him the next day - "Just Another Porno Movie 4". Then I shot for some people I had met at the show - Joey Silvera, Michael Stefano, Belladonna. I wasn't totally committed to the career earlier this year - I was just shooting some movies. I did about 10 or so and then didn't really do anything for 3 or 4 months. It was way to hectic with my husband's company. We decided in about July/August to really go for it and I have been shooting movies like a mad women the last few months.

Were you nervous on that first shoot?

No, not really. I had two years of swinging underneath my belt. I know for a lot of girls what makes the nervous is a) they are all alone, and b) they are doing things sexually they haven't really done before. I have still done WAY more in my personal life than I have on film - working on changing that!!! lol - and I had my hubby with me at my shoots... so what was there to be nervous about?

Who are some of your favorite guys to work with?

Michael Stefano, Brandon Iron, Manuel Ferrara, Dick Deleware, Sergio, Kris Slater...

What is it about these guys that turns you on?

It is simple about what I like in a porn guy.I actually had to make my request list for the Red Light gangbang for Dion the other day and was shocked to see how many guys there were on it.

If I call Dion will he tell me that my name in on that list?

lol... uhmm, well.. uh.... Sure as long as I email him first.

Selena Silver

Oh that's right, you have met me. No way my name shows up now. Drat Who are some of the guys on your wish list? Some guys you haven't worked with but really want to.

I like guys who are experienced and are aggressive; guys with very high energy since that is the type of scene I like to do. I also like them fit and attractive. Most important though - ABOVE EVERYTHING - they have to be centered themseves - this is a job, right? I have a husband and I have all the "romance" I am looking for - I want to fuck someone who can just fuck... there is nothing wrong with sex... lets just enjoy it. I like guys who are "performer"... they get hard no matter how many people are in the room... they don't have to drag the girl into the broom closet alone and have to think you are "making love" to them to be hard Michael Stefano is just an unbelievable professional performer. The longer I have been in the biz and the more I have watched him fuck - the more respect I have for him - that guy rocks. Manuel Ferrara has incredible energy. He rocks. Guys I want to work with... Justin Slayer, Lexington Steele, Erik Everhard

Those guys have pretty good sized cocks. Are you a size queen?

No, actually I would love it if they were a little "smaller". LOL If I could pick between a giant dick and a regular dick - I take the regular one every time. But, these guys know how to perform with the energy I want. I am more into that aggressive energy.

Drat, I'm out again. I'm way too big for you. Sorry. What about women? Do you work with them as well?

I LOVE women.

I take it then that you love women off screen as well?

In our swinging life, I probably have twice as many women as men. Sex with women is amazing.

I agree. Who are some of your favorite women to work with?

I love Belladonna, Layla Jade, Ariana Jolle, Katrina Kraven, Victoria Givens. I really want to work with Lauren Phoenix right now - I haven't yet!

You like high energy women too don't you?

Ariana and me understand each other. Yes, although I will say that it is equally fun at the swing club taking the "newbie" shy girls through it.. that is fun too. But, on screen - I want the high-energy girls. Oh, I forgot Flick Shagwell!!! Love her!

In case anyone reading this hasn't seen you, let's cover some physical basics. How tall are you?



I always get asked this and you think I would learn... I only know in Aussie sizes which are different. I know I am a 34B

That's all most people care about. And they are natural

All natural and always will be.

Always? Is that a promise here in print?

I am a natural girl - no tattoos, no piercings, no implants.

Why mess with perfection?

Selena Silver

Don't read this wrong - I have nothing against girls with implants; some of them are beautiful.I will just never, ever do it. No matter what. Ahh.. that is very sweet of you.

If I don't ask this, some people will kill me. What's your shoe size?

I am a 7. So, all you feet fetish people can send me all the shoes you want. :) I will gladly take photos of them to get free shoes!

Anyone reading can check out the pictures to see the rest. Speaking of fetishes, do you have any of your own?

I guess that depends how you define a fetish. Everything in porn that might just be normal sex gets classified as a fetish so it can be properly put in its niche and marketed and sold.

OK, do you have anything that just really turns you on more than normal?

When I want to cum... I get in the cowgirl position and have my hubby pull my butt cheeks apart and let me grind him. And, I have to have my ass spanked. I can cum in about 20 seconds every time. I have different moods - there are times I feel like real romantic kissing, lovey, cuddly sex - there are times I just want my ass whipped, my hair pulled, and my pussy fucked.

Very nice. If you had to pick your best movies so far, what would they be?

Tom Byron's Sodomy Sandwiches,which I saw you liked to. Everyone from Gene Ross to you to Den to ADT'ers are loving that movie and my scene. Guy Capo's Sex, Drugs, & Rock n Roll - which I am willing to bet you big that you will really, really like. Wait till you see my DP scene with Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes for Pat Myne's Double Impact 2 though- that BLEW AWAY any of my other scenes.

That movie was really good. Your scene was quite hot.

I better mention Brandon Iron's Spit Shined 2 - that scene should be nominated for best group scene of the year. Have you seen that movie yet?

Not yet, but I have it here. I will check it out.

I was wondering why it wasn't reviewed on your set. Will you watch it tonight - at least my scene?

That soulnds like a good plan.

I am with Ariana Jolle. Tthat scene is where our whole thing started and we are with Michael Stefano and Claudio Meloni - I am telling you there is not 1 second in the scene that it slows down

Your scene in Mason's Sexual Disorder is also quite hot.

I liked Mason's Sexual Disorder. I just saw her Saturday - she was filming my scene for Jake Malone for RLD's Throat Gaggers 6. I really like her.

You did an interracial DP in that one. Are you worried at all that doing IR might hurt your career as some people often say it can?

How is doing IR going to hurt me? I don't buy it. Doesn't it only hurt Vivid girls? If you are going to be an independent girl, your career is hurt if don't do it. But, I could care less it someone says it will "hurt it". I like sex with black guys. :) My career which be much more like Jewel De'Nyle's than Jenna Jameson. I want to direct and own movies.

Good Answer.

Who still says it hurts you anyway? I don't get it...

Some performers have said they won't do IR because it hurts them on the dance circuit or when trying to get work in big features. I don't subscribe to that point of view, just throwing it out there to see how you feel about it.

It hasn't hurt me.

Selena Silver

I don't think Mason likes me very much.

Why doesn't Mason like you?

I don't know. I just hear she would like to kick my ass. She's not the only one I'm sure. You mentioned ADT and you are very active on that site. How did that start?

I was collecting all the adult news sites, etc. so I could learn the people and the business as fast I could. I came across ADT and started lurking there for a while. I was really impressed at the collection of people they had managed to attract and keep. I didn't see any other site where porn studio heads, directors, stars, and fans all met and talked. Finally, I posted. People liked what I wrote, so I wrote more Now, I am ADT-Addicted.

You even do you own reviews, trying to steal my job?

Not at all. I was simply trying to copy you in an effort to acheive your level of stardom. Steph actually approached me about that. I had never thought about writing reviews. Apparently, they had been thinking about having a porn star write reviews from the perspective of an insider.I wrote my infamous "Swinging Thread" and she decided it should be me.

Pardon me while I stop choking. Did you find it difficult to critique your fellow performers?

Yes- so here is what I decided. They wanted me to write straight reviews - like you - good movie, bad movie - doesn't matter. You watch it and write about it. Well, if I did that I think I would have few friends and would never get booked by anyone. My suggestion back at Steph was that I write a "Pick of the Week" review instead. I could put in 20 movies and 19 could be crap, but I only had to write about the 1 that was good. I could walk the balance between building and maintaining my credibility with the readers and not anger people I am trying to work with. I actually will go through 10+ movies before I pick the one for the week to write about. I am still trying to find my voice in my reviews. I will nail it soon I hope.

That makes sense. No point in making someone angry who gets to piledrive you the next day, or piss off a director who could cast you with someone you don't like. You are the only one on the net who makes people think that my reviews are too brief

Sure. And that doesn't mean that 100% of all the scenes in a movie I think kick ass. I do rate the individual scenes and you can tell if I like one less. I also am obvious by what I DON'T say. Since it is a Pick of the Week - the review IS going to be positive. If you see my raving about scene one and I don't say anything about scene 2 - it wasn't as good. Well, you know - I couldn't do my review style if I had to churn out 20 a week. 1 a week I can do that - but I get all the fetishes and niches and after reading ADT long enough I know all the little things that make or break the movie for that person, like shoes on or off, so why not report on it?

I've seen some threads where people were criticizing you for being "too positive." That should cover this topic nicely.

Yeah, there were 3 people on ADT who did not like my "reviews' - but, when they wrote why it was obvious that a) that had not read my review and b) they hadn't bothered to read the little notice that says what I am doing.

Only 3? I have you beat there by a few thousand haters

One girl - who I will let remain nameless doesn't like a porn star writing reviews. Doesn't think it is right and thinks that no one else will get it. I was surprised - there were 2 huge thread wars about my reviews with over 50 posts each and only 3 people didnt like them. The rest did. It didn't mean they liked the same movie I did- they just respected how I did it. Of course Rog - you LIKE to say the bad things about a bad movie.

That's all you can ask for in the end. No I don't. I would much rather not have to watch bad movies. I just wish certain directors would just stop making bad porn. It would make my life easier.

Good luck on that one. See, I am lucky - I don't have to watch the movies from the totally crap studios. You know which ones I mean.

Hehe. Is there anything that you won't do on camera?

Can you give me an idea of what you mean? I assume you are only asking about legal things - because I won't cross any of those lines!

Hmmmm, you do anal, you do DP, you are doing a gang bang, you work without condoms. Come to think of it, I can't think of anything. Do you swallow?

Do you like gangbangs? Yes, I swallow.

Some gangbangs are good. I guess you do everything then. What about double vag/anal?

I am the ultimate fan request girl. I will do the things that make the viewer happy. If people really want to see something and tell me - I will work it in my scenes. Double vag/anal I will wait on for a while - but, that is for career reasons.

All right readers. If you have any love for me at all, flood Selena's mail box with requests for a Selena/Rog blowjob scene.

What don't you like about gangbangs? Would you perform on camera? I bet a lot of directors would love to review your scene in that movie!

I don't like gangbangs where all we see is a bunch of HMA (hairy man ass) around the girl or when girls clearly don't want to be there.

You are going to be in for a real treat with my RLD gangbang Roger...

Selena Silver

I would perform in the right scene. Let the directors review...do you think they can spell "lame ass?"

We are REALLY putting this together well. We have already shopped for the outfit, looked for locations.... We are getting the BEST guys.... I will REALLY want to be there... Jake Malone is really twisted and Dion is pulling out ALL the stops for this... You heard it is a 2-DVD release?

Is your Red Light gang bang your first? I can't wait to see it. It sounds like a great bang and you seem ready to take on as many guys as they bring on.

The plan is to do a gangbang RIGHT. Learn from everything people hate about gangbangs. The goal is to plan and set up the perfect gangbang. We will see if we can pull it off. Dion would only let me have 12.

Well add me, make it a baker's dozen.

See- gangbangs are something I have done for fun in my personal life that no big-time LA movie studio has shot me doing. I can take it.

You may be the perfect woman.

We are doing a 2 day shoot for me - Jan 16 and Jan 17 *blush* ahhh. The first day is a full day of BTS footage and the second day is the gangbang.

I expect to see you in your Rog t shirt for the BTS.

I hadn't thought about that Rog - I will do it! See - ask and you get with this girl!

I am such a whore.

My slogan is "Selena Silver. Fufilling Fan Requests Since 2003."

I've seen you work without condoms. How do you feel about health issues. Is the industry doing enough to educate and protect performers?

Yes and No.

What would you like to see done to increase the safety?

There may be something I don't know about AIM that other people do - I am just new in the business - but I love AIM. I think they are doing a great job. I am thrilled that I can ask the guy I am working with for his picture ID and match it to a current HIV PCR-DNA test and STD test. I love that I can call and verify it if I have ANY doubts. I am as safe as technology will allow me to be today. I think some individual performers and some directors/studios are a little careless with the whole thing.

With your background in swinging I imagine you have always been very careful in your private life. More performers should probably follow your lead.

That is actually more true than you know. Did you read about when Phoenix was trying to put the swing clubs out of business a couple of years ago?

Yes I remember that.

Selena Silver

One of the arguments against swing clubs is that it a) spreads STD's and b) splits up marriages. The government's own study they paid to support this found that STD rates in the swinging population are MUCH lower than the non-swinging and the percentage of divorces was also MUCH lower than the US average. We care about our health. Swinging ALWAYS means a condom. We educate ourselves about sexual health. That has given me a big edge in porn. Some people who don't get swinging don't get that.

You said you wanted to direct. Are you looking to be in this business for a while?

Yes, I want to build a business in adult.

Would you prefer to use a condom in porn if the market/fans supported it?

The easy answer is, of course. That makes you all the more safer, doesn't it? Our industry has it's risks - just like everyone else's. A race car driver, a miner, a military person, a pilot, a stewardess, a taxi driver... those industries also have risks. We have to minimize our risks as professionally as we can. Of course, the harder answer is - will the same guys stay as hard without them? Would hate shoots to take twice as long.

Ha, fair enough. You mentioned Jewel De'Nyle. Is there anyone else in the business you would like to pattern your career after?

I have learned a lot from so many incredible people. I have been very fortunate that we can call many of the top people in this business friends. And, we learn everywhere we can. I make sure I do everything those people did to succeed while at the same time making sure I do bring a fresh perspective to the table and see where I can do something differently. Jewel has accomplished alot and went in the direction I want to go. I admire Tom Byron, Guy Capo, Micheal Stefano especially for their technical ability in shooting and directing - I am learning a lot from them. I watch people like Layla Jade and Ariana Jolle and Julie Knight and Jessica Darlin and Flick Shagwell to keep growing as a sexual performer.

We know you write your own reviews, but do you follow what is written about you by AVN and on the net on sites like Den's or that other guy

Absolutely. So far I have found 37 reviews of 14 of my 18 released movies on the web. I have links to all of them in my Yahoo Group so the fan base (I can't believe how many people are becoming my Selena Silver family!) can make good decisions about which of my movies to buy.

What is the best thing you have read about yourself? The worst?

Out of the 37 reviews, only 1 didn't like my scene - that meant a lot to me. I was really surprised to see how many different reviewers all like my effort - but, you have to understand the scenes I am turning out now are SO much better than my early ones. I know how to do this know. And, I care to do it well.

One of your fans wrote me a scathing email asking why didn't like you. I can't for the life of me imagine where he got that idea. Did I say something back about you?

Are you serious???


Selena Silver

Wow. You have only reviewed 3 movies that I have been in and gave me good marks in all of them.

Did you send one of the minions out to get me for something I said.

It must have been about our ADT debate about American Gunk???

I know I loved the Sexual Disorder scene, the Sodomy Sandwiches scene was great and there was one other

Fresh New Faces

Ah yes, with Brandon

It was like my 3rd scene ever and you didn't know who I was but you said that you really liked my scene and you would look for me in the future.

Other than your yahoo group and ADT, where else might someone find you on the web?

Well, I am actually in the process of building selenasilver.com - which will be a great site - phase one comes up in just a few weeks.... For now, ADT and my Yahoo Group (selenasilver.com transfers automatically to my yahoo group now)

All right, so everyone should go check you out there.

Are you coming to my Monthly Yahoo Group chat November 30? I have Flick Shagwell, Demi Marx, Cytheria, Pason all coming...

Hmmm, that's football day. But I think I might be able to pull away.

God, I love Cytheria - that is a girl I could take into a dark room and just go to town with, Sunday @ 7pm PST

Damn, you have been in the business less than a year and already you get better girls than I can.

Tom Byron, Guy Capo, Mason, Brandon Iron, Victoria Givens, Layla Jade... they have been at almost every one of my chats - you will see them there

That list of people might just kick my ass. At least three of them don't like me.

You might be wrong about that. Do you think Tom Byron likes you?

Tom and I are cool. We always have been. Brandon, Mason and Guy...not so sure. And Layla just hates me....(Just kidding Lay)

The Evolution gang like you. Had a long talk about you with Kevin.

Oh no. I'm afraid to ask why my name would come up in a conversation. Did he ask you who the biggest a-holes in porn are?

Here is the thing about Gunk I didn't know before the HUGE Gunk debate. Guy shot that on NO budget; I mean NONE. EE hadn't even started yet. They couldn't get any girls; it was a mess. The weakness I agreed with you about was that the cast was weak and the sex scenes weren't shot as well as they should have been. Guy wasn't upset at what you wrote - he listened and got better. Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll is awesome. I mean it. Have you seen it yet?

Not yet. They haven't sent it to me. I thought that Gunk was an impressive movie, I just didn't think it was great porn. I have no question that Guy is capable of making some kick ass movies.

Roger - sometimes you can be harsh, you aren't always right... but your reputation is that you are honest and consistent. Maybe the porn directors don't hate you as much as you think.

That's possible. Some respect my honesty. Thomas Zupko comes to mind. Wait, did you just say that I wasn't always right? How dare you?

Selena Silver

Btw, you are equally effusive when you like porn - so you praise too. They know that. Have you seen the trailer for Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll?

I haven't. I'll check it out. I was actually supposed to be in SDRR

Kevin tells people WITH PRIDE that one of you all-time favorite movies is one of Tom's Wack Attack. You - in SDRR? Were you going to play the reviewer?

Yes, in a non sex role.

That is funny...

My hubby ended up playing the reviewer

Damn, he gets all the luck

Anything else you would like to add before we wrap up?

I am glad your site is there because fans need the truth before they buy and the producers need to be kept honest so they put out great product. I get that. And, I promise to always turn out great performances for the fans. I just feel lucky that they are paying attention to me and that is why I interact with them so much. Anyone who wants to talk to me - anyone - go to my Yahoo Group and post me a message - I reply to everyone.

All right...oh yes, one more thing we should touch on.


You are nominated for and doing well in the Rog Reviews Fan Polls. Nominated for Best Newbie and so far you're kicking butt.

There are so many amazing girls in that I don't know how ANYONE wins. Really. I love a lot of those girls. I am glad I am doing well. Thanks for helping to get out the word about me!

Other than you, is there anyone you would like to see holding the trophy in Vegas?

I would LOVE to win that AVN award - but, I won't even get a nomination. I was too little too late for that and don't even think they know who I am. I don't completely get the voting rules either because it seems like a lot of people win in their 2nd year -not their first. But, Taylor Rain was amazing this year; Ariana Jolle is incredible. One of those two.

Great.I was talking about the Rog award, but I guess AVN is the big one.

LOL - I thought you meant AVN. Do you give out a trophy in Vegas?

Yes I do

See - I am new - I don't even know that!

Ask Jules Jordan and Aurora Snow, they have a whole shelf of them

If I don't win the Rog Awards - I would want Ariana too. But, there are probably 10 girls in your list that are equally deserving.

I wouldn't be surprised to see you win the fan fave poll or even the Critic's Choice trophy. You've had a great year.

That would be the highlight of my year - really.

Selena Silver

Thank you for the time and we'll be looking forward to seeing a lot more of you.

See you in Vegas Rog and be sure to check out http://groups.yahoo.com/group/selenasilver or www.selenasilver.com Selena's Bio & Movies