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Sasha Grey Interview 2007

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Porn is filled with beautiful young women who do all sorts of nasty things on camera. Girls like that are a dime a dozen these days. But to find one who is smoking hot, up for anything and everything sexually and has a brain that is at LEAST as impressive as her ass…well that's a rarity. That is exactly what we have in the lovely Ms. Sasha Grey. She hit the porn world like a hurricane and started picking up critical acclaim, legions of fans and awards almost immediately. Her unique combination of smoky good looks and intense sexuality have made her a favorite of the raincoat crowd. She was so hot that Red Light District made her one half of their special two-disc gang bang set Gang Bang 5. Porn's biggest directors have taken note of her fantastic performances as well. Jules Jordan gave her prime roes in both Slut Puppies 2 and Feeding Frenzy 9. Robby D made her part of the cast for Control 4 and Filth Cums First 2 and then cast her in Digital Playground's hit Babysitters. Arguably her two biggest roles to date have been in John Stagliano's epic Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge and in Dave Navarro's first adult project Broken. Sasha has show some acting chops as well as great sexual energy and is rapidly emerging as one of porn's biggest and brightest stars. She was picked by the fans in the 2006 RogReviews Fan Faves poll as Best Female Performer and has been nominated for a pile of AVN Awards this year. Sasha was mobbed by fans at last year's AEE and has been so busy this year that we just decided to do an email interview. No audio on this one guys, sorry. Even in an email interview, it is easy to see that Sasha is not your average porn girl. She is bright, sarcastic and maybe even a little bit hostile. It's hard to tell. I'll let you decide after you gotten to know Ms. Sasha Grey a little better.

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Who the Hell are you and why do we care?

I'm called Sasha Grey…and "you care because I do".

How long have you been in the business?

A year and a half…or a million and a quarter years…you pick…it's really just academic because I'm here to stay and I might as well of just been here since the start.

What were you like growing up?

A child becoming an adolescent becoming an adult …I WAS growing up and …slowly becoming an irreverent little sex tart.

How did you find your way into porn?

First I was bored by what I saw and second I felt I could change that…I researched the subject by reading interviews, watching lots of smut and bts …contemplated what kind of porn I wanted to do wrote a mission statement and basically set out to find a quality no bullshit agent to represent me.

What was your first scene? With who, what movie all that good stuff?

The Fashionistas 2 Safdo, with Rocco Siffredi

How many movies have you done so far?

Probably over a hundred , I can only give you an approximate number because of how some lame companies will repackage shit and re-sell it as new …so I don't really count that but I do keep an accurate database at home of every scene and photo shoot I do. That number is easily over 176.

If someone hasn't seen your work, what movie should they start with?

If you like girl/girl stuff Belladonna fetish fanatics 4 it's the sexist GG I've done to date it's not bullshit just real passion between myself and a living legend Belladonna, "Broken" is interesting in mode and style , "fuck slaves" is nasty…and I like that and of course The Fashionistas 2 Safdo, …there's nothing like your first time.

Who are your favorite performers to work with and why?

Belladonna…duh…it's Belladonna… everything about her is sensual. She is an inspiration to me and an electric energy that this universe is lucky to have.

You have already won quite a few awards, care to brag a bit?

No not really I'm not the bragging type,…oh but I did get an award from you thanks…or from your fans that voted I guess…I just try and be professional and work hard …being clear about my goals and not forgetting to enjoy myself along the way.

Were you surprised by the amount of success you have had so early in your career?

I planed to be successful not to fail…however yes it was encouraging to be reinforced with early success…so I suppose a little…not be arrogant but you have to think positively about the future or else its just up to fate…

How closely to you follow reviews of your work? Does it matter what people say about you? What is the best thing you have read about yourself? The Worst?

I archive everything that's written (I'll want a laugh when I'm old ) but I stop reading it early on because a famous friend told me that "if you obsess over every little nugget of yellow journalism, every crappy sound slice you'll drive yourself nuts ".

You recently took a break, did you not?

No…what do you mean like a Kit Kat break? Don't believe every rumor you read .

Does the industry do enough to protect the health of performers?

No, and you can bet your days donuts that along with a few other performs (not going to say who) but we would like to organize and change a few things…it really would benefit everybody if a better industry healthcare system was in place, so many girls are clueless and just plain unformed about stds that's got to stop or we could have a " San Fernando endemic ". No bullshit.

You have quite the reputation as an intellectual porn girl. Is that how you would describe yourself?

Like …w-h-a-t …like really I'm just like being myself like …Seriously 'um I'm not going to describe myself as an mindless fuckdoll idiot bimbo …so yes I'm an intellectual I like to learn about the world we live in and the artistic expressions that surround us .

What is it like being a smart girl on a porn set? Is there anyone you can talk to?

I try to prepare my mind and body before a scene and conserve my energy and wit, I try and find my zen state before a scene…I mean I'm not rude I'll be personable but you have to understand we are like sexual athletes and although it feels fucking great you still have a camera on you…you are still trying to make some half way distant pornography for the consumer.

Who is your favorite philosopher and why?

At the moment Jean-Paul Sartre…I really shouldn't have to explain that if your into philosophy at all …also Osho.

Are you the smartest girl in porn?

Sasha Grey That's a ridiculous question. I have no idea…what do I look like a walking IQ test?

If not you, then who?

I don't maybe Paris Hilton.

Who is the dumbest person you've met in the business?

The person who thinks they are going to be rich and famous like a rock star…hates anal and girls but does it on camera for the right price …stays up for days all methed up spending all there money on shitty drugs and stupid clothes…ends up penniless and a walking porn cliché…you know who I'm talking about … half of the folks in the San Fernando valley…to me that's sounds pretty dumb.

Do you have a web site?

Yes …www.sashagrey.com it's only a splash page at the moment…I've been working on it for over a year I hope to have up before 2008.

How involved are you in the site?

I'm incredibly hands-on when it comes to something that bares my name and integrity … this was literally hand done from the ground up I created 100 % of the design, it's not some cookie cutter McDonalds porn site…there's enough of that quick buck bullshit out their already.

What will fans find there?

It's really a fusion site (art/hardcore fucking/philosophy…I can't really explain you'll just have to wait and judge it for yourself. Some people will hate others will love it. I love it…it's like a child in a way and it's growing and really can't wait to share it with the world.

You were the star in Broken from Teravision, what did you think of that project.

I enjoyed it a lot it's closer to the stuff I want to do under my own direction…it's thematic without being lame and its artsy without losing your erection…

What was it like working with Dave Navarro as a director?

Coming from a musical world he really understands rhythm, ebb and flow…the stylization is a bit toward the MTV but that's okay it works…he really understood what he wanted to convey and I think that s an important quality for a director. Plus he's more charming than most directors' in this business except for Belladonna of course.

Which do you like better, porners who want to be rock stars or rock stars who want to be in porn?

Neither .

On screen you are quite intense. How similar is that to your off screen sexual energy?

What's my name….? (rhetorical) Really ask my fiancé if he has any love bruises…when it comes to fucking I don't fuck around. I like to fuck hard and with an exchange of sexual energy not just slimy fluids…what you see is for real bub.

For those who haven't seen you, give us the physical run down.

Sasha Grey There are thousands of pictures of me on the web just goggle my name instead of a lame description you can have a vibrant image of my visage staring back at you from your lcd screen, trust me its better that way.

We've seen you handle some big dicks. How does someone as petite as you handle that?

You just dig it or you don't…I dig it.

Are you a size queen?

No…are you?

What is the perfect dick size for Sasha Grey?

I guess slightly above average is nice …girth over length.

You've done interracial scenes porn. Is that something you tried before porn?

Yes I'm color blind I don't see a difference a cock is a cock.

Have you had any negative feedback at all from your IR scenes?

Of course there are some racist motherfuckers out in this world …they watch porn too.

Is there anyone in the business you haven't worked with but really want to?

Yeah but she's retired the enigmatic Jeanna Fine.

Is there anyone you won't work with?

I have "no list" but I'm going to be respectful no names sorry

… How long do you plan to be in the industry and where would you like to take your career?

Oh don't worry I'll be around for awhile if I can help it I plan on directing soon and continuing to perform of course… diversifying my different business interests.

What turns you on?

Mental dexterity, sexual ambivalence …Chris & Cosey , Merzbow , Godard, Herzog, Harmony Korine, black metal, real tits, honesty.

What turn you off?

War, our government, that there's not yet a cure for hiv/aids, Chelsea Football Club, ignorance.

How long between your first sexual experience and your first porn experience?

About two years.

How was it different?

It was on camera and it was an orgy with some of the top names in porn.

Are there things you do on screen that you don't like off screen?

Nope…my feeling on this is if you don't like it then don't do it… you really don't make enough money to writhe in pain and risk hurting yourself mentally for some unsympathetic porn company making a shit load more money off of you.

Which celebrity should make the next big sex tape?

George W. Bush

Sasha Grey Would you want to be in it with her/him?

Hell yeah I'd sport a strap on and fuck 'em in the ass just like he's done to us the past eight years.

What is the last book you read?

I revisited Touching from a Distance : the story of Ian Curtis

You recently spoke at UCLA. How did that come about and what did you learn from the experience?

They asked me if I would speak to their media class about how technology and porn interrelate. I'll just saying it was an interesting experience and I'd love to do it again…but perhaps with a philosophy class.

Is drug you use on set a big problem?

I do see it go down from time to time …you know girls smoking weed just before a scene to "loosen up " and people slamming back beer like it was water…and this is awful but I have heard of girls doing Vicodin before anal "so it won't hurt" how dumb can you be…I think it's unprofessional and just gives people on the outside fodder for bigotry.

Is there anything I forgot to ask that you really want to talk about?

Yes I have music/art project called atelecine , for my part in it I sometimes sing ,play guitar ,keyboards and tape loops that's right I said tape loops bitches…I like to get naked while I record and we will have a myspace up at some point I'm sure. It's an experimental death dub orgasm kind of project…and I also wanted to say support independent films go to an art house and watch something that confuses you and hopefully gets you to talk about afterwards even if you think it sucked.

I usually close by asking about the dumbest question you have heard, but someone beat me to it. How about if you pick a question you have never been asked and thrill us?

Nobodies ever asked me if I support condom only porn. The answer is YES until the health care system in this industry gets a whole lot better, I think folks in the biz need to wake up it's not just about hiv/aids, also…educate yourselves young porn girls and guys.

Is it true that you just did this interview via email to avoid the topless interview rule and to keep a creepy old guy like me from hitting on you?

No …I'm really busy…if I'm not shooting I'm working on another outside projects…I would have no problem going topless I love my breasts …and as far as creepy old guys hitting on me…hell man… porn is full of creepy old guys and end I up fucking them…so what…?


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