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Roxy Reynolds Interview

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Thank you Roxy for taking the time for this interview.

You're very welcome.

I understand you just did a shoot for Hush Magazine?

Yes. I did it in New York City. I went in to the Sirius station and won first place in their contest.

When can people see that magazine on stands?

It probably won't be on stands until January. Their second issue is just about to drop in December and mine is in the third issue.

You are fairly new to the business.

I started in August so we're going on four months.

You're brand new.

Brand spanking new.

About how many movies have you done so far?

So far I have completed around thirty movies.

That's a lot of work for a short time.

I've been busy.

What movies should people be looking for?

Booty Talk 65, Black Street Hookers Cream Pie 6 and Booty Talk 73. I have so many coming out that I can't remember all of the titles. I did a scene for Black on Black Crime 6 with Rico. I also did a scene at the top of a building across from the Empire State Building.

What movie was that in?

I don't know the title yet, but it was great.

How was that to shoot?

It was fun. We were in this abandoned room, I was bent over doggy style. The lighting was great and the weather was perfect.

Have you ever done anything like that before?

Not outside no.

Where are you from?

I was born in southwest Philadelphia and I'm living in Columbus, Ohio right now. I attend Ohio State.

What are you studying?

I study Spanish Education and Sociology.

How does a full time student end up in the porn business?

Summer break, you know how it goes. You want to have a good summer and you kind of just run into things. I think that I made more money this summer than any other student at Ohio State.

Except for some of the football players maybe. They always seem to find cash.

They're cheating though. They don't have to work.

True. How old are you?

I am 21 right now. My birthday is December 28th so I'll be 22 next month.

Just in case people don't know or can't tell from the titles, you are a lovely African American woman.

Thank you very much.

I've seen pictures and casting you in booty titles is a very good thing.

Yeah, I have the booty.

But you are also beautiful, so people should check the movies out and see just how pretty you are from head to toe.

Thank you.

What was your first scene?

My first scene was with Mr. Marcus for a West Coast movie.

A lot of girls aren't so lucky.

I turned him out in that scene too.

Were you nervous at all?

No I wasn't nervous. I was kind of desperate for some sex. I was in California for two months before I started doing porn. I was just dancing at Bob's Classy Lady. I didn't find any sexual partners so when I did my scene with Marcus is really looked like I hadn't had sex in months because I hadn't.

Who are some of your favorite guys to work with so far?

Nat Turnher, Wesley Pipes, Mr. Marcus and that's it for now.

Do you work with girls also?

I like working with Ashley Lick and I have worked with Diamond.

Is that something you do off camera as well or is it just for the camera?

Mostly for camera unless my boyfriend or her boyfriend want to watch. To satisfy a guy, I'll do it, but I need a guy in the mix to make it work.

What were you like growing up?

I was a very smart child, and sneaky too. I was also very daring. I am the youngest in my family and the only girl. I was a bit of a tomboy. I got into fights and tried to do things my brothers did.

Like what?

I tried to play football, but I couldn't so became a cheerleader.

What kind of sneaky stuff did you do?

When we were in church, my mom was in the choir and my grandmother directed it. I would be climbing under the pews all the way to the front and then crawling to the back.

You weren't paying attention in church.


Do your brothers know what you're doing?

One of them just found out and I got kicked out of my house.

So he didn't take it well.


How did he find out?

He opened my mail.

At least he didn't find you on a web site.

He said that he did though, but what he said he saw, isn't even on the web. He opened my mail, watched one of the DVDs and told me.

Do the friends that you grew up with know?

A few of them know and they are supportive. They just want to make sure that I stay in school.

Is that your plan?

Oh yeah. I can't be a star for the rest of my life. I have to cut back to part time with school, but I'm going to stay in.

Are your friends shocked when you tell them?

My new friends are. I just told one of my friends from freshman year and she thought I was crazy. The money is good, it's fun, I get to travel, be in magazines and videos and she just has to stay on campus. Plus I like my body and like to expose my body.

Thank you for that. I think we all like it.

Do you think?

Do you think that the people you went to school with would be shocked?

Oh yeah, because I'm so innocent. That's why it hurt my brother so much. It really doesn't fit my personality. No one would have thought that I would make such a huge U turn and end up doing this.

When did that change take place or have you always been a closet freak?

I've always been a closet freak.

That's the best kind.

(She laughs) I know.

Do you have a web site yet?

No, just the Yahoo Group. (Yahoo Group: Sexy Chanell) I do have a domain name and have a site under construction.

I heard you were coming back to California to shoot for West Coast again.

I'm actually at the airport on my way there right now. They are actually paying me to walk on the red carpet for their big party.

So we will see you in a lot more movies.

Oh yeah.

What is your favorite thing to do?

I love to dance. If you watch my movies you will see that I'm always dancing.

Is there anyone you haven't worked with yet, but want to?

Yeah. Lex. I haven't done anything for him yet.

Lex is a big guy. Do you think you can handle that?

I should be able to handle it. Girls' pussies really stretch. We have kids after all. It's a mind thing. If you know you can take it, then you can take.

Have you had a guy that big in your personal life?

Yeah I have. My ex boyfriend was that big, but that was in 2002 so I'm a little out of practice.

Would you say that sex is better on camera or off?

It's better on camera now. My regular sex life sucks now. No one knows how to give me head now.

Guys need to learn to give better head?

Yeah they do.

If you could cast your dream scene with anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would you cast?

That's a hard question. I would say Leonardo DiCaprio. Can I pick two?

Of course.

Leonardo DiCaprio because he's cute and I'd take Tupac.

That would be quite a mix.

Yes it would.

Have you done a scene with a white guy yet?

I did one in an earlier scene. I forget his name. It was a nice scene. I really didn't think I was going to do well with interracial, but now I like interracial scenes better.

Is that something you did off camera?

Oh yeah I've had interracial relationship off camera. It wasn't anything new to me.

Do you want to do feature movies?

Yes. I really want to act. That's my dream job. Jada Pinkett is my idol. My mom always wanted to be an actress and I've always kind of wanted to be that for her as well as for myself. I think I still have a shot at it and I'm going to keep trying.

How many interviews have you done so far?

This is my third. I did two at the radio station and then this one.

What is the stupidest question you have been asked so far?

How many sex partners have I had. Like I can keep track of that.

I'll mark that off of my list of things to ask you.

I can give you an estimate, but I lost count a long time ago.

When did you lose your virginity?

I was in the 9th grade. I was 15.

Was it a good experience the first time?

Kind of. I was nervous. We had known each other for a long time and just finally decided to do it. He was my high school sweetheart, but he's in jail now.

You said that you were a cheerleader.

I was a cheerleader, I was on the drill team, in soccer, in softball, I was in plays, I played basketball. The only things I didn't play were tennis, swimming and football.

How did you have time to play all those sports, get good grades and still have time to have sex?

Sex was during lunch time. Activities were after school and I did my homework in school. High school was pretty easy for me.

Sounds like you kept busy.

I like to be busy. It keeps me out of trouble. When I'm not busy I always think of bad stuff to do.

Do you still have the cheer uniform?

I still have all three of my uniforms.

Do you ever break those out on special occasions?

(She laughs) No. I look at them sometimes. They are in my grandmother's basement.

You have to know that guys love that.

Oh I know.

When you're a big star and we do another interview you can wear that to make my day.


Tell us something that no one knows about you.

A lot of people don't know about porn, but that's hard. I tell people things about me so I think that someone knows everything about me.

How about something that might surprise your porn fans?

Every time I do a scene I put a sponge up inside of me.

What for?

For safety reasons. I am protecting myself. It blocks the cum when we do a cream pie and I feel safer.

Obviously you are working without condoms. How do you feel about that?

In my real life I hate condoms. I would rather not work with them either. I might use one on a one-night stand, but I wouldn't recommend condoms.

Everyone in the industry is tested so do you feel safe?

Yeah I do. As long as their test is two weeks new then I feel safe.

Will you be at the Adult Expo in Vegas?

Yes I will. I haven't decided who I will be signing for yet.

You will be meeting thousands of fans at once. How do you feel about that?

I've never had thousands of people like me like that so it will be exciting.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we finish this?

I think you covered pretty much everything.

All right then. Keep making movies, stay in school and I'll see you in Vegas.

Definitely. Thank you Rog.

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