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Olivia O'Lovely Interview - Olivia's Bio & Movies

We are that Anabolic booth with…

Olivia O'Lovely.

Olivia O'Lovely

Who is a very new girl in the business.

Four months.

That's new. How many movies?

About 20 or 23.

How many for Anabolic?

About seven so far.

What are some of the titles?

I was in "Women of Color 4", "Initiations 12", "Nasty Nymphos 35", "Iron Maidens 2", "Ass Cream Pie" and I did a "Balls Deep."

You've done most of the lines so far.

All of the ones I can do, yes.

What was your first movie?

The very first movie I ever shot was "Nasty Nymphos 35" and it's one of the last ones to come out.

Who did you shoot with?

I shot with Erik Everhard.

How was that?

It was an aggressive fuck, but it was great.

What were you doing before you got into porn?

I was actually on my way out of the adult entertainment business for good. I danced for seven years and during my last year I started doing boxing and hot oil tours. I was finishing up with that and was ready to go back to school. I had always wanted to be in porn and thought I should try it. I'm too much of a nasty bitch to just let it all go to waste.

You did boxing and wrestling huh? So you're a tough girl?

Oh yeah. Olivia O'Lovely

You could probably kick my ass.

I can kick a lot of ass. I almost had to kick a fan's ass just now.

What did he do?

He was taking a picture and gave a little nibble. Guys like that ruin it for everyone.

Were you nervous on your first set?

Yes. I was just going there for an interview and all of a sudden Chris was telling people to grab a camera and shoot something.

If you walked into my office looking like that I'd grab a camera and want to shoot something as well.

Well thank you.

For those who don't have the wonderful view I do, let's describe you. You're fairly tall.

I'm five-seven.



Those are big. Are they natural?

No, they are implants, but they look natural.

Do they feel good?

Yes they do.

When you were done with that first scene, did you know that you wanted to do more?

Oh yeah. I was just hoping they were all going to be that good.

Have you worked with him again?

No I haven't. We were supposed to shoot together for an Evil Angel project, but he had to cancel.

Do you have other favorite guys to work with?

I really like working with Lex. I've been with him about three times and it's really great.

What is it about Lex that makes it so great?

He's big and tall. Not just his dick. I'm thick, but he is big enough to pick me up. I have a big ass and it takes a big man to handle me.

He is big all over though, does that work for you?

His dick? Yeah. Olivia O'Lovely

Is that your preference?

Not necessarily, I have different things I like to do.

Is he the biggest you have ever had?

No. I worked with Mandingo and Jack Napier. In my private life I was with a guy who was that big. I'm not unfamiliar with black dick. I know a lot about it.

You have an interesting look. What is your ethnic background?

I'm Spanish, Italian, Chilean and French.

So you will be in some Latin lines.

Oh yeah.

Do you speak Spanish?

Un Poquito.


That means a little.

I know that much, say something sexy.

Oh now I have to think. I'm much better when someone is speaking to me.

All right, we can let you slide.

Oh wait, Yo Quierro tu verga. That means I want your dick.

That's good enough for me. Do you have a web site?

Yes, www.oliviaolovely.com

Do you still dance?

I am going to feature.

Have you done any feature movies?

I did one for Vivid with Tea.

Did you have dialog?

Yea, it was cool. I started off doing soft-core so I like to act. Olivia O'Lovely

Would you like to move toward that kind of movie?

I would like to move in that direction, but I like gonzo. I have to have the hard fucking.

How do you feel about girls?

I love girls. I love to eat pussy.

Do you have any favorite girls to work with?

I've only really worked with one, Alexis Amore. She and I had a lot of fun. I would like to work with Adriana and a few girls I've seen around here. Melody is pretty and I really like Ander Page.

Are there some guys in the business you would like to work with?

There are so many guys. I can never remember their names. I've worked with so many great guys already and I wouldn't mind working with any of them again.

Are there any guys you wouldn't want to work with again?

Yeah, a couple. I've been on set with a guy and seen what he puts other girls through and I won't work with him.

What were you like growing up?

I was just like how I am now. I was outgoing, never ashamed of my body. My mother raised me that way. I feel good about myself.

Do you think that the people you went to school would be surprised at all to know what you do?

I lot of them already know and I've gotten the phone calls. They aren't surprised at all.

What are you looking for from this business?

I would like to be under contract. I've talked to a few people, but nothing is final.

Is this the first show you've done? Olivia O'Lovely

For porn yes. I was at CEMA last year as a poster girl for special equipment for cars.

I was in that industry for a long time and I've been to CEMA.

Really, I race cars for fun.

How have the fans been?

Most of them have been pretty good.

How does it feel to know that most of the guys waiting in line to get your autograph have spent time at home jerking off to you?

I think it's great. If I can help you get your fuck on, then by all means, go to it.

You're just a giver.

I am a giver. I love to give.

Do you have any unfulfilled fantasies that you want to act out?

With you right now?

Or on film.

Sure, lots. I still haven't done a big all-girl orgy, I would love to be in a big orgy. I have never had group sex.

Anything else you would like to add?

No, I think we covered everything, thank you. Olivia O'Lovely

Thank you.