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Obsession Interview - Obsession's Bio & Movies

We're here at that Adult Expo with Obsession. Thanks for taking time out to give this interview.

Thank you.

Since we're in the Metro booth, let's talk about the movies that you're promoting.

I am promoting "Sex in the Studio" which is a project presented by Digital Underground. It's a hip-hop sex movie that is kind of wild, interesting and funny. It has great sex and is a lot of fun.

What about some other titles?

I recently did my first box cover for Video Team "My Baby Got Back 28."

That was your first Video Team box cover?

It's the first time I've done a box cover solo.

Congratulations. What else are you working on?

I've got my web site, www.clubobsession.com. I haven't been doing a lot of video work since I started working for Sex in the Studio. I do a lot of their hosting and travel around a lot.

How long have you been in the business?

I have been in the industry for approximately eight years.

That's a long time.

It's a very long time.

About how many movies have you done?

I would say somewhere between three and four hundred.

Are there any that you would pick out as the best for people to see?

The Snoop Dogg "Doggy Style" movie, Nicky Starks "Freaks of the Industry" and a lot of the West Coast Productions series.

How did you get started?

I answered an ad in LA Weekly when I was nineteen.

What were you doing then?

I was fresh out of high school and looking to make some extra money. I had seen the HBO soft-core stuff and really wanted to try. I answered the ad, got involved in the industry and over the years, became more interested in making it a career.

Do you remember your first movie?

Yes I do. It was with Mr. Marcus.

Was it a good experience?

Yeah, it was great. It was a still photographer who has shot me several times and kept asking me to do videos. I finally agreed to give it a try, but I told him that the guy had to be really cute. Marcus was perfect. I showed up, met him and they told me that I was going to do an anal scene with him. It was my first scene and I had only done anal at home once or twice with my boyfriend.

How did it turn out?

It was a good scene. The anal was a little much for my first scene. I sort of dove in head first. Anal wasn't so bad at home, but it's a lot different in a scene. Other than that, it was a great scene. We really connected and it was cool.

How long did do stills before they talked you into video?

About a month.

That's not too long. Once you were done, did you wait long before your next video?

No, but I was so happy with Marcus that for the first year, I would only work with him.

How come?

I didn't know what any of the guys in the industry looked like and I didn't want to be stuck with someone that I wasn't attracted to.

How many times did you work with him that first year?

At least ten times. I was kind of picky about shooting with other people around so I only worked on sets where we were alone. Marcus was good about taking me to people who would shoot us like that.

He was just keeping you to himself and not introducing you around.

Looking back at it, that's probably the truth. It was nice for me to have that comfort zone. It made it easier to feel comfortable when I branched out and started working with other guys.

In addition to Marcus, who are some of your other favorite guys to work with?

Lexington Steele, Mark Davis and Vince Vouyer are my favorites.

What is it about them that you like?

Vince was on one of my very first DP's so I took a liking to him. Marcus is just cute; Lexington has got a big penis and is a strong performer. Mark Davis is a great actor and is very passionate. He can make a scene very hot and I like to work with people like that.

Do you like the acting part as well as the sex?

Oh yeah. I would like to do more features or even vignettes with a little story. I did the pro-am and the gonzo stuff, but I'm starting to branch out.

You said that you like Lex because he's got a big penis. Is he the biggest guy you've been with?


Who is?

Mandingo is a little bigger than Lex I think.

But no one outside of the business who is bigger than those guys?

No. My first love was fairly big, but not that big.

Is size important to you?

No. My first love had a big penis and a strong sex drive. He wanted sex all the time. I would come to work then go home and have a guy with a big one. It got tiring. Maybe if I had a relationship with a guy who had a big penis, but didn't want sex all the time. Ultimately it's not he size. It's an overall thing that does it for me.

What were you like growing up?

I was shy and scary. I grew up in small towns where there were not a lot of ethnic people so I kind of kept to myself. I cried a lot and got bullied. I was very introverted.

When did you start to come out of your shell?

I went through different phases. When I moved to LA I went through some culture shock. Before the move I lived in mostly white neighborhoods where I got harassed for being black. I moved to LA and suddenly I was in black neighborhoods where they gave me problems for being white. I just finally had to make a stand. When I got to LA, I developed a coldness. The way people treat you can make you very closed off. I can't please either race so I had to just be myself. I was also opening up sexually. Before I got here, I was still doing missionary only, I never moaned or even moved. I went through the cultural and sexual changes and then in the last two years I have wanted to know more people in the industry. I've really opened up and let people see who I am. It's been a three-step process.

Since you mentioned it, what is your ethnic make up?

My mother is white and my father is black.

So you get thrown into all of the black lines and I think I've seen you in some Latin lines as well.

Oh yeah. I've been in those.

I keep waiting to see you in an Asian line.

(She laughs) Don't be surprised. I did do one Asian line now that I think about it. I did two Japanese movies. I can somewhat pass for the Latin lines depending on how I do my hair. I've done just about all of the black lines and I'm just starting to get into the more white movies.

Do you find that you get more fan feedback from black or white fans?

I get a lot of fan feedback from black fans. I've done some music videos and the hip-hop stuff brings that in. I would like to touch everybody. The movies I've been doing recently will help out with that. Sometimes I come to these shows and people don't even know who I am unless they are black. I don't like that. I want everyone to know me.

Some of the titles for the ethnic lines are a little alienating. Do you think that it might help if some of the lines weren't quite so "booty-this" and "ho-that?"

Oh yeah. Exactly. The ethnic lines do focus on the booty. I think it's a little degrading. It's something that maybe I didn't see for a while, but I'm learning more about this business every year. Video Team's "My Baby Got Back" is not quite as degrading in the title and the boxes are elegant. They take the time to make things look good. Some of the other lines like "Black Street Hookers" don't even bother to make the girls look good.

So you're going for the classier looking movies, but you're still sticking with the hot sex scenes?

That's what I want to do.

We don't want to see you start fucking like a Vivid Girl.

I've never really seen their movies. I have no clue how they do their scenes. I love their box covers though.

Do you work with girls?

Yes I do.

Do you have any favorites?

Dee definitely. She is always hot. I had an awesome scene with Lola. Bobbi Bliss isn't around any more, but we did awesome scenes. She is my favorite blowjob partner of all times. She gives sloppy blowjobs like I do and is very hot. I also like Tina Tyler. I love her eyes. We did a quick scene in a Star Trek movie.

Is there anyone you haven't worked with yet, but want to?

I've worked with all of the guys. Girls? I would like to do something with the top girls. Maybe something with Jenna or Tera. I don't really know them and their companies are a little different than the ones I've worked for.

Are you working with a different set of guys now that you're doing more features? You don't see Lex ad Mandingo in that many features.

That's true. Most of the top black male talent are exclusive to West Coast. The black talent is getting limited for other companies.

Do you prefer working with black guys?

I wouldn't say I prefer it. If a scene calls for it that's great.

Is there anything you want to say before we're done?

Look out for "Sex in the Studio" the movie and the web site, as well as my site www.clubobsession.com

Thanks a lot.

Have a great day Roger.

Obsession's Bio & Movies