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Natasha Nice Interview 2007

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Natasha Nice 2007 (: What is it like to be young, beautiful and have amazing natural tits? Why did everyone make fun of her school? Why did parents think she was "skanky?" What is it like to fuck a hot chick from Fat Burger? These are a few of the questions I asked Natasha Nice during a breif interview we did during AEE 2007. We didn't have much time, but we did the best we could. This young woman is truly an upcoming star. Great eyes, great tits, great personality. Check her out in Boob Bangers 4, Destination Tolsils and POV Pervert 8. Also check her out with Whitney Stevens on www.BigTitPatrol.com

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INTERVIEW: Natasha Nice 2007

Alright, I'm on the last day, at the Anabolic Booth with who?

Natasha Nice.

Who is absolutely gorgeous, in the face and everywhere else.

Thank you.

Now, we've got to do this quick. You've worked with Anabolic before, right?


In what?

Teens with Tits Number 9.

That means you are 18.

I am 18.

18 and how many months?

Almost six.

18 and a half, very sweet, very fresh.

Thank you.

And you obviously do have tits. Two of them, apparently!

Yes, yes I do! I have a left one, and a right one. Would you like to make sure?

I'm just double-checking that there are two. And from the amazing outfit we'll take a picture of in a moment, they appear to be completely and totally natural.

They are. (She laughs)

Wow. And what size are they?

They are 36Ds. (She laughs)

And when did they start to sprout?

When I was 11.

Did you absolutely hate them back then?

I absolutely loved them, but I was the only one. Everybody in my class made fun of me, parents thought I looked skanky. But I loved them, I thought they were great. (She laughs)

Isn't that horrible? You're skanky just because you've got big breasts.

Yes, well, I am in porn. (She laughs)

Were you skanky before porn?

No, I always liked sex. I never had sex before I was 16, but before I was 16, I always masturbated and thought about sex. So I don't know, maybe I was skanky.

No, you were by yourself and just having a good time.

Yeah. (She laughs)

And you had those to play with, come on.

Yeah, I did! (She laughs)

How could you not masturbate all day?

Honestly. (She laughs) Natasha Nice

So, you got into porn at 18. Do you remember your first movie?

My first movie? Oh, shit. I don't know the title, but it was with John Strong from Red Light District.

And how was that?

It was alright. It was a little more than I expected, but it still turned out fine. If I were to do the scene now, it would be great.

More how? More a little rougher or what?

Yeah. A little rougher than I expected.

But it was okay.

Yeah, it was fine.

Now the Teens with Tits, we have to plug that movie. Who did you work with?

I can't say I remember. But I know that Ashley Jensen, who is signing right now, she was also in that movie.

Okay. She's hot.

Isn't she?

She has much smaller breasts than you.

But they're nice breasts.

They're very nice, and she's very cute.

Yeah, she is.

Yeah, I interviewed her yesterday, and Whitney Stevens. Whitney also has large breasts.

Big huge breasts!

The two of you should work together.

We have worked together.

You have worked together? Which movie would that be?

It was actually www.BigTitPatrol.com

Nice. The two of you together, or was there a guy?

The two of us together with a guy. I still don't remember the name, because I am skanky. (She laughs)

We'll just call him Lucky Motherfucker #1.

Okay. (She laughs)

Alright, now, obviously, men love your breasts.

Yes. (She laughs)

You must be getting great response from people who like breasts. Other than the boobs, because we're guessing that's what you get the most compliments on, what do men compliment you on?

On my eyes. As for my body, it's pretty much always just been my boobs. The rest is compliments on my face, my hair, my pussy. (She laughs)

Having not seen your pussy, I can tell you that you have a beautiful face.

Thanks. (She laughs)

I was watching you sign earlier, you have really nice legs too.

Well, thank you. (She laughs)

So, how tall are you?

I'm 5'2. Natasha Nice

You're a rather small girl. So 5'2 with 36D breasts. How do you stand up straight?

I don't! I only do it when people slap me on the back and tell me to stand up straight. (She laughs)

Measurements over all?

36 for my breasts, 27 for my waist, and my hips, I'm not sure. I'm guessing 37.

So you've got a nice little curve there. Later on, I'm going to check it out, you probably have a nice butt too. Oh yeah.

I know people listening can't see that, but it's there. (She laughs)

Trust me, it's nice. So do you have a website yet?

Yes. I do have a website, it's NatashaNice.com, and we just started building it, so if you want to see more recent pictures you can go there. If not, you can go to number1models.com, that's my agency's website.

And your last name is spelled N-I-C-E?

Yeah, like a 'nice, little 18-year-old girl.'

Now, where do you come from?

I was actually born in France, but I moved to LA when I was like 3., and I've been there ever since.

So you were close to the center of the porn world all the time. It was beckoning to you.

Yeah, I never even knew it was there. But apparently, it was.

What were you doing before you got in?

Before I got into porn, I was at a little private French school in Hollywood. And then while I was there, I was working at Fat Burger, where the burgers are fat. Then I just graduated, and I was trying to go to Santa Monica College, but I didn't want to. School is not for me, so I started looking into porn and modeling. Then I got into porn and I left everything else.

Do you like porn better than Fat Burger?

Yes! Abso-fucking-lutely. Yes.

Did you ever have sex at Fat Burger?

At Fat Burger? I had sex with people I met at Fat Burger.

Did you really?

Yes, I did. (She laughs)

What, like the first time they order fries?

Ugh! I'm not a slut! The second time they order a burger! Come on, Rog. (She laughs)

Really, it would just be some guy that would catch your eye?

Yeah. I would find him attractive, he would find me attractive somehow in my little Fat Burger get-up.

No uniform could hide how hot you are.

Thank you.

So, wow, that's really hot. I like that. Any of the guys you met at Fat Burger in porn?

Yeah, one of the guys I met knows that I'm doing porn and I told him about it and he thinks it's great. He's actually going to try to get in starting the month of February. You should look for him as the name Samples or Jay Hero.

Are you going to break his porn cherry?

Maybe. I hope so! (She laughs)

Nice. Now, is there someone special in your life?

Yes, it's actually that person. Samples, that I met at Fat Burger.

Nice. A romance created over the fryer.

Actually, our one-year is in two days.


And we'll go to Fat Burger and eat!

Well, big congratulations to him, and congratulations to you.

Thank you very much. Natasha Nice

Any favorite guys to work with?

Mark Ashley, LT, and Manuel Ferrara.

Why those three?

Well, first of all, they have great penises. And it feels great, and they're so easy to work with. They don't ever hurt me. They're the best if you want to cum.

Anything to tell the fans who are listening?

Yeah-go visit my website! (She laughs)

www.NatashaNice.com, right?


Okay, well, thank you very much.

Thank you.


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