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Mick Blue 2007: Mick Blue, star over more than 300 adult movies and director of 23 (And counting) sits down with Roger during the 2007 Adult Entertainment Expo. He talks about his favorite line, Meet the Fuckers, his highly successful foot fetish line Tic Tac Toes and his latest creation Whore De France. He also talks about what it's like being the second most famous Austrian in California, but avoids telling us which Digital Playground contract girl he would most like to fuck.

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Okay, I'm here with performer, actor, director Mick Blue. Thanks for doing the interview.

Hi, Roger. Thanks to you too.

You have an accent. Where are you from?

I'm from Austria. I'm sure you know Schwarzenegger.


The governor of California?

Can you do a Schwarzenegger impression?

Hasta la Vista, baby!

Can you say California?

California. (He laughs)

Yeah. (He laughs) You must get tired of doing that, huh?

Oh, I like it.

So, are you the second-most popular Austrian in America?

I don't know. The popularity of my person raises in Austria because of America and all I'm doing. But the porn industry is different from the mainstream, these days. And the people who are in the PR side, they just see it a different way. I'm making mainstream product, feature movies last year. In August, I made a cinema movie released in 2007 in Austria. Hopefully, it's going to be fine. But it's kind of difficult. For sure, I'm not that popular there.

Not yet. But maybe soon, yeah?

We'll see.

Now how long have you been in this industry?

2007 is my seventh year. Six years, this starts out my seventh year.

Did you start in Europe first, and then come to America? Or did you come right over to America and start shooting?

No, I started in Europe as a performer. I was performing for three years in Europe. And then three years ago, I went over to America.

How is it different over here than over there?

The main one is, in America, they're more comfortable shooting the same thing at the same time. So it's like, you don't need as much time to make your business, but back home, in Europe, you need all the time for travel. They have everything split. You have locations in Budapest, you have locations in the Czech Republic, then in France and Italy. So it's not really easy. You always lose like a day to traveling.

And in California, it's eight square miles.

Yeah, in California, it's back to back. You can perform for two different companies in the same day. That's impossible in Europe.

So you can do more work.

Yeah, you can do more work. You can work here everyday without any travel problems or killing yourself. As a male performer, from the time you arrive on set to the time you shoot the scene, it takes between two and three hours. You know, it depends on the company. And situations like that, you don't have in Europe. The other thing is, the American companies, even the feature companies, they shoot different from the European companies. The American companies shoot me, they shoot more to focus on what they need, and the European companies will shoot seven hours a day for one scene for the feature companies. The director had an idea and he had to shoot ten positions, and from the ten positions, he's going to pick three positions to put in the movie once he gets into the editing phase. It's really tough on the performer and also on the actress to keep that level up. My point is, it's kind of useless, because what do you want to catch? You want to catch the energy.

Yeah, ten positions, seven of which are no energy.

Yeah. It's not what I would like to see, you know? Other people may think the same.

Now, you're directing movies also?


For? Zero Tolerance, right?

Right. I started in 2005 to direct in Zero Tolerance, and once in a while for 3rd Degree. I now have two years, and I finished a few days ago the 23rd movie I did.

For people who haven't seen, what are some titles you've directed that they should watch?

Titles I directed? I recommend the line Meet the Fuckers. I have right now five releases in that line. The best ones in that, I will say, is number one. Number five I liked a lot. Four and three were fine, too. Number two I didn't like so much.


And then, for people who like to watch feet fetish, like barefoot and stuff like that, I can highly recommend http://www.ztod.com/movie.php?link_id=3700&dvd_id=155 target="_new">Tic Tac Toes Number Three. I have a feet fetish fan base right now, and they're write me, 'Oh, can you shoot this girl? We love the licking of toes.' So I can recommend that. And my POV lines. My POVs Centerfolds, I like all of them. I've done three so far, and I like them. Number three is the best one of them, and what else? And for French people, I shot the movie Whore De France in France. It really caught the mentality of the French girls, because they just work so different than American girls, or other European girls. I want to make a movie with just French girls, and it was a pretty strong movie. Lots of anal there, because French girls prefer to have it in the ass there. And for sure I can recommend a movie which hasn't been released yet, not until May. But I finished it two days ago. I had a vision to shoot a movie. You have everything in the scene, the girl and the scene, to jerk off to it. Most of the time, you have a DVD and you have like three scenes in movies from five scenes that you can jerk off in, and the other two scenes are just like fillers, and that bothers me. So I went to my boss, and I said to him, 'Look, I want to make a movie, and everything is something special.' So he said, 'Okay, go ahead.' I shot this movie with Jenna Haze, Hannah Harper, Nikki Benz, Paulina James and Holly Morgan. It's a simple boy-girl. There's no anal because I didn't feel necessary to make it anal, just vag. Nice, beautiful and natural. From my personal opinion, I think it came out really nice. Somebody needed to have that. It's going to be released in May.

Okay, so we'll look for that in May. What else should we be looking for from you?

What else? I'm working on Meet the Fuckers Number 6 right now, and I think it's a good project. It has lots of American scenes and lots of European scenes. We plan to shoot three scenes here and then finish the movie up in Europe. I'm planning to have Angel Dark star in it again. It didn't work for two years. So she's going to come back, so the plan is we're going to DP her, make a really strong DP scene. Then, I'm planning on having Gina Lynn with Nikki Benz in the movie with Mia Rose. Great performance, I was really surprised. That, for sure, is going to be a strong scene.


So, what else? You can check out the movies and stuff that I'm doing by going to MySpace. I've created a MySpace. If you search for me there, you'll find me. I think it's myspace.com/mickblue.com or something. You're going to find all the movies that I did there. Just check the reviews from Roger. You're going to know whether they're good or not. (He laughs)

Right. They're all good stuff. Anything else? You said you've directed 23 movies, right?

Yes, so far.

How many movies have you performed in, do you think?

How many movies have I performed in? Okay. I have right now about 310 DVDs released. And there's probably at least 90 more from when I was living in Germany and Europe, which they never made it to America. So, somewhere around 400, probably.

Wow. You're a busy guy.

Yeah, I'm trying to.

We're in the Digital Playground booth. So do you do a lot of work for Robby D?


Your name was mention as one of the guys girls work with two or three times, and that's not a bad place to be.

That's-how can I say it in English? That's a pleasure for me.

Pleasure is a good word. Okay, how many of the girls have you worked with? Have you worked with Jesse Jane?

I've worked with Jesse and I've worked with Teagan, before she got pregnant.

Right. I worked with Shay Jordan and Katsuni.

Okay, so those four, because Jana Cova and Sophia Santi don't do boys. Yet. Sophia said that she might, and your name came up, so you might.

Maybe I'm one of the guys who could pleasure her, you know?

So, I'm going to put you on the spot. Out of Jesse, Shay, Teagan and Katsuni, you can only fuck one of them. Who would you choose to fuck?

Me, personally?

You, personally. You get to do a scene with one of them today. Who would you choose, and why?

Uh, do I need to answer that? (He laughs)

You would take all four of them at once, right?

Right. I would take all four at once. If I am doing a scene, I would take all four at once.

That's a good answer! Well, thank you, we'll look for you on MySpace and we look forward to your movies coming out.

Yeah, thank you.

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