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Micah Moore Interview 2007

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What happens when a girl goes from working at Starbucks to "swimsuit modeling" at nineteen? She ends up in porn of course. Such is the tale of young Micah Moore, a painfully cute brunette who gave up making coffee for taking cream for a living. From her first scene with Ramon for MonstersofCock.com Micah has shown that she has what it takes to be a star. In just a short time in the industry, Micah has developed a strong following among fans thanks to her fresh looks and spectacular backside. This former honor student and all around jock lives a healthy lifestyle that includes being a Vegan. Sorry guys, no swallowing of any animal fluids for this cutie. Swallowing isn't the only thing she doesn't do. We go over that list during this short interview. Check out Micah's First scene on www/MonstersOfCock.com

Micah Moore INTERVIEW: Micah Moore

Micah's Movies


Alright, we're doing two in a row. Right next to Miko(Miko Sinz) is?

Micah Moore.

And you may mispronounce it but it is Micah?

I get a lot of Mikas.

How old are you?

I am freshly 19.

How long have you been in the business?

Since I graduated high school in June.

So you were 18 and a half, and got into porn.

I did, yeah.

How does that happen?

It happens when you're working at Starbuck's and you and your manager move into together and you say, 'Fuck Starbucks, let's do some swimsuit modeling.' And then on thing leads to another and you're right in the middle of porn.

Cautionary tale for girls in swimsuit modeling, be careful.

Yeah, you don't know where you could end up. (She laughs)

Right, you could end up in porn. About how many movies have you done?

I'd say about 15.

So in nine months, 15 or 20? That's not many. But you haven't done 200, so you've been pretty selective. Do you remember your first?

My first anything was in Florida. It was Monsters of Cock with Ramon.

Were you impressed by the Monster?

I was! I was a little scared by the name. But it plopped out and it didn't treat me wrong.

Was that the largest such appendage you had seen?

That I had seen? Yes, because I was used to inexperienced high school boys.

Have you seen bigger since?

Yes, but it's still up there.

Any favorite movies you've done that people should see?

My roommate and best friend Mackenzie Miles, her and I did a little girl-girl called Muff Bumpers and it was pretty hot. And then we did one for Combat Zone called Naughty Amateurs.

So you're starting to get some of the big companies. Any favorite that you like to work with?

I love New Sensations, I love Evil Angeland Elegant Angel, Red Light District was awesome. I seriously have no complaints about any company I have worked with. I have had some bad days, but the companies are great.

Any favorite performers?

I have a lot of fun working with Van Damage, because he's so silly and a lot of fun. And I worked with James Deen. Where are you, James, baby?

He's walking around here somewhere. I think you're taller than he is. Any favorite girls?

Vanessa Lane, I want to work with her. I love working with Mackenzie. Daisy's pretty hot.

So you just kind of like everything! What's your favorite thing to do?

Get eaten out. (She laughs)

Most girls don't say that.


That's an honest answer. Most girls say suck cock, but I think yours' is much more honest.

Yeah, I know. They're like, I want to give. I like sucking cock, but it feels a lot better when they're sucking my clit. (She laughs)

It's a give-and-take kind of thing, right? I will if you will.


Okay, good. Do you have a website yet?

I have a domain, I have content shot but I just need to get to the in-between stages. I have a MySpace. I'm the second MicahMoore that comes up--the first is a Christian guitarist.

You wouldn't want to send a fan mail about how much you enjoy the blowjobs to the wrong person.

Right, it could be the wrong one. (She laughs)

How tall are you? Micah Moore


Dark hair, brown eyes, measurements?

24, 36, 36.

Looks like natural breasts.

I just had a breast reduction. They're natural. (She laughs)

They were EEEs before, right?


I remember seeing a picture of you, and we couldn't see your navel because they were in the way.

Right. (She laughs)

They look amazing now. They look almost perfect.

Thank you.

She's not a busty girl, we'll take a picture, but they look firm and natural.


Are you going to--

Get my titties done? I want to, but everyone says, "No, don't do it." I want to play with them. I really like my nipples.

Would you ever get any work done if you had big boobs and played with them all day? You probably would just stay home and squeeze them all day.

I would probably have to do solo shit.

You would have to get a camera in your house and say, 'You know what, I'm just going to stay home and play with my boobs all day.' They don't need to be redone, but if you want to, more power to you.

Thank you.

Anything you don't do on camera at this point?

Anal, gangbang, interracial, anything more than one guy, swallow, creampie.

There's a lot of stuff you don't do. What's the reason for all that?

I don't want to.

No anal in your private life?


And creampie we're assuming is just not a particularly healthy thing?

Yeah, and swallowing, I'm vegan, so I don't digest anything from human or animals. (She laughs)

That's a good excuse. I've heard lots of excuses not to swallow, and that's the first I've heard about being a vegan. You can suck me, but not eat the juice.

Exactly. (She laughs)

Why no interracial? Micah Moore

I am not objected to it in my personal life. It's not like I go around and do it all the time. In a work perspective, I know it's fucked up, I just haven't got around to it yet. They're so big, I'm scared.

So it's not that you won't do it, it's that you haven't done it yet.

Yeah, I don't know what I'll be doing tomorrow.

Anything else we should know about you? So we know you're a vegan.

Vegetarian for five years, vegan for two. I love my kitty cat.

Now, here's a question. You're a vegan, but you go down on girls. There is fluid secreted there is well. How do you get around that?

Spit! I've never been in a position to swallow.

I think you're bluffing. The logic unravels. What else should we know?

I'm into making love, not war.

What were you like growing up? Were you a smart kid, a tomboy?

I was in the high honor roll. Soccer, track, volleyball, basketball. Catholic school until I got to high school. Then I went to public school and learned,

Did you go wild?

Yeah, stepped out of the bubble. (She laughs)

Do you still have any of your Catholic school uniforms?

Yeah! It fits a little differently now, but it still fits! (She laughs)

Do you ever break it out?

Yeah. (She laughs)

And let me guess, it's never your idea to break it out, it's the guys.

Actually, you know what's funny, when I was living at home, and I wasn't even into it, I would try it on secretly in my room, trying to be all sexy.

Did you realize at the time it was a really hot uniform?

No. (She laughs)

She's laughing like she knows. Did you have a uniform too, Miko?

MIKO: I had a uniform all through out junior high. I tried to make it as sexy as I could, because it was navy blue. I'd get the little skorts that were just a little too short. You do what you can because it was so ugly.

Do you still have it? Micah Moore

MIKO: I don't. I wanted to burn it after three years!

So you should get a new one then. It would probably fit you better.

I just got a cute little Catholic school girl slutty skit.

Do the people you went to school with know you're in porn?

Let's just say I am rather known in my small town in Oregon.

So people know.


Were they surprised or just go 'Yeah, that's where we expected her to end up.'

Some people were like, 'Holy fucking shit! That's a lot more than I'd ever thought I'd see of you' and then they think about it for five minutes and say, 'Yeah, I can see it.'

Anything else people should know?

I want people to check out Mackenzie Miles, because I love her.

We should talk to her. Is she here?

No, she's in Japan for a Pokemon convention. (She laughs)

Would that qualify her as a super-geek?

A super-freak! (She laughs)

Have you two worked together on camera together?

Many times.

Do you work together at home?

Let's just say you have to get in character somehow! (She laughs)

You know you aren't supposed to bring your work home with you, right?

MIKO: They live together.

I know! Tainted. (She laughs)

Have you worked with Miko yet?


Would you like to work with her now?


MIKO: We're really good friends. Once I become really good friends with a girl, I can't work with her. It becomes really awkward. Her and Mackenzie are best friends.

Is it awkward when you're friends with a guy, too? Or just girls?

MIKO: Not guys, for some reason. It's weird, now that I think about it. Not so much weird.

It could be weird, but I see so many of them around here that I could have gone to high school with.

MIKO: We're partners in crime. We have the same birthday, but I'm three years older.

October 5.

Well, happy belated birthday.

MIKO: Thank you.

We're Libras.

And thank you Hundies for letting us interview these two beautiful women. Thank you Micah, not Mika. How many different ways have they spelled it?

At this one pornville party it was, M-I-C-H-A.

MIKO: Yeah, that's wrong. Micha! (She laughs) Micah Moore

Well, so you only have two spellings of your name, some girls aren't so lucky. Thank you both. Micah's Movies

Check out Micah's First scene on www/MonstersOfCock.com

NEW: Audio Inerview With Micah Moore now available! Listen to interview