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Mary Carey Interview 2004 - Mary Carey's Bio & Movies

Thank you for joining us today Mary Carey. Mary Carey

My pleasure.

I understand you're out of state so we're doing this interview over the phone.

Yes. I am in Florida right now and I'm talking to you from poolside.

The though of you in a bikini aside, is this a good time for you?

Sure, I can do an interview while I tan.

You are the Kick Ass Pictures contract girl.

Yes I am.

How long have you been with Kick Ass?

I have been with Kick Ass since March of 2003 so about a year and a half.

You did a few movies before signing with them as I recall.

I did about thirty movies, but they were all girl/girl scenes.

What brought you to Kick Ass?

I met Mark Kulkis after he saw some pictures of me on a web site. I was only doing girl/girl at the time so I did a smoking video for him. He told me that if I ever decided to do boy/girl that he would sign me to a contract.

Just that simple huh?

He liked my boobs.

Doesn't everyone?

Most people do. Mark is really good with PR and I think he liked my personality. I talk a lot and love the camera so I think that he saw the potential in me.

Since you mentioned your boobs, let's talk about them. How big are they?

It depends on the bra I'm wearing. They are either 36DD or 38D or even 38DD. Those are the three sizes I wear.

So they are very big.

Yes they are.

And are they real?

Of course. Kick Ass only uses real boobs.

I think you are doing a phone interview with me to avoid the rule that all girls must be topless and to keep me from feeling them.

That is not true at all. Are you in California?

Of course.

I would have been happy to do the interview in person.

My loss.

No, you can feel them next time I see you.


Of course. You have to prove that they're real right? Mary Carey

That's true.

You have to be a responsible journalist.

That is also true.

OK, so next time I see you, you can check for yourself.

When did you start growing those wonderful breasts?

Not until I was older. I didn't get my period until I was 16. I was this skinny, scrawny girl. I did ballet and people thought that I had an eating disorder I was so thin.

Did you?

No, I was just really physically active with dance and cheerleading. They had to give me hormone shots to help me get my period. All of a sudden they started growing. They were a full C by the time I was a senior. I quit ballet when I was nineteen, gained some weight and that is when they finally became a D. At around 21 they hit DD and that is when I started porn.

How old are you now?

I'm 24. I started porn three weeks before I turned 22.

How many movies have you done?

I have done 38 different titles, but if you count all of the compilations there are about 50 movies out there.

You've done some signature stuff for Kick Ass like the Mary Carey Rules movies. Tell us about those.

That is my own series. I'm goofy and like to do silly stuff. It's kind of like Saturday Night Live skits with sex. I play five different characters. I love doing things where I can make fun of myself and other people. There is a character I do making fun of Eminem. I play Skittles the rapper and have fun with it. I met Marshall on set so it's fun to make fun of him.

Does he think it's funny?

I don't know. He found out about me and watned to meet up after the AVN show. I couldn't go and it hasn't worked out for us to meet up since. I talk to his managers and stuff. I gave them some movies, and I guess they think it's funny.

We'll see if he has a sense of humor because it's pretty funny.

Thank you. I love being a rapper.

I don't know if you should quit your day job yet though.

No, I'm not that good of a rapper yet, but maybe I could be the next Britney Spears.

That doesn't take a lot of talent. Where did you grow up?

I moved to Florida from Ohio when I was seven. I grew up in Florida and still have a house here. I was here until I moved to California.

You said you were in dance and cheerleading so you were a very active girl.

That was always really important to me.

Were you a real girlie girl?

I would always dress girlie girl and do ballet, but I'm like a guy. I fart, I drink, I burp, I hate to sit with my legs closed, I'm loud. I am really like a guy.

You said you were a cheerleader and you do a cheerleader character in your Mary Carey Rules movies.

I play Bonnie the cheerleader and that's fun.

It's very sexy.

Thank you. I'm glad you like it.

Do you still have your original uniforms?

I don't. They make you return them at the end of the season.

How often does someone ask you to put one on?

No one really does.

What's up with these people?

I guess they don't have dirty minds like you Roger. Mary Carey

When I meet you, you can wear it for me.

OK. What's with you and the cheerleader thing?

You'll find out.

Oh, goodie.

We should probably mention your political career. You ran for Governor of California last year.

Yes I did. It was so much fun.

For those people who don't know, we had a recall election in California last year and over a hundred candidates ran. I believe you finished in the top ten didn't you?

I finished tenth.

That's pretty good.

Yeah, I got 11,169 votes.

Did you beat Larry Flynt?

No, he finished seventh.

You still beat some big names.

I beat some real politicians. I think I beat Bill Simon.

I don't know if he's a real politician or not, but it's good that you beat him.

I think so.

What led you to run?

The owner of Kick Ass Pictures, Mark Kulkis, called me and asked if I wanted to run. It sounded like fun so I agreed.

How serious were you about it?

To me it was funny and it was great publicity. I got to go on TV and meet a lot of cool people. Now I get recognized wherever I go. Even in a bar in Ft. Lauderdale a guy recognized me and bought my friend and I drinks all night. I was walking down the street and this guy rolled down his window to shout "Mary Carey I love you."

Is it something you would do again?

Oh yeah I think it will become my thing now. I'll probably always do it. The media can't wait for me to run again. We can use the Arnold line "she's back."

Do you think that the current Governor is doing a good job?

I do. He's doing a good job. He's handling it well and listening to his advistors. That is what I would have done.

Maybe when he is done you can get his endorsement and take his place.

That would be great. He is going to move on to President anyway.

Would you ever want to be President?

I have to wait a while until I'm thirty-five, but it might be fun. That might be a little stressful though.

How about Vice-President, that's not very stressful?

I was Vice-President of my high school. You don't have the responsibility, but you still get lots of power. I like that idea.

You were not exposed in the recent HIV outbreak. What is your position on condoms?

It's a tough call. I see why people don't like to watch a sex scene with condoms, it ruins the fantasy. Still I can understand why performers want to use them. I don't think anyone should tell a performer they have to use them. It should be the performer's choice. I think that we should do testing every ten days instead of every thirty days. I think that the window is too large and we should move it every ten days.

What else do you think should be done?

I think that if a performer leaves the country to work, they should be on a sixty-day quarantine. It's not fair that someone goes to work in a country that doesn't have the same protocol as we have here. They work in a place that doesn't have PRC-DNA and then come back here. If I were to come to a set without my PCR-DNA test here, they wouldn't let me work. We all have to use the same testing. If you work in a country that doesn't have the US standards, then you should have to wait sixty days. That would pretty much keep it safe. If everyone was tested every ten days and you quarantine people how work out of the country. I think that we've done pretty well over the past few years overall.

Do you have a web site?

I have a new one up. This is my third site and it's my favorite. It's www.marycarey.com or you can go to www.clubmary.com Right now it is just 9.99. For the rest of the month it is only 9.99 to join. I will be having live chats every other week. People who join later will be paying 15.99, but if you sign up now it will be 9.99 for as long as you're a member.

What else are you working on?

I do a monthly column for High Society magazine and I'm on the cover of the current issue. You can read my monthly column.

Do you have favorite guys to work with?

Magnus Peterson who I worked with in Mary Carey Rules 4 and Lee Stone are my favorites.


They are both big guys. Magnus is like 6'3" and lifts weights, so does Lee. I'm 5'9" so I need a big guy to handle me.

What about dick size?

I actually don't like them too big, they hurt me. I like an average-sized penis.

Is Lee too big?

He's a little big for me. Barrett Blade has a nice sized cock.

Mary Carey Do you have any guys who you want to work with?

I would like to work with Randy Spears.

He does a lot of comedy. He will fit well with you.

We could have fun. He's the only guy I can think of.

What about girls?

There are some girls I would like to work with. I think Tera Patrick and I would look good together. She is tall too. I would like to work with Jesse Jane, but she is so little. I would love to work with Jill Kelly. Even though she isn't in the business anymore I think we would look good together. I've met Jenna, but never worked with her. I'd love to do that. I did a chat with Brianna and she is great. I would love to work with her again. It just sucks that she is with Vivid so we don't get to work together.

Do you have any favorite girls you have worked with?

Brianna was great in the chat. I used to work with Tanya Danielle a lot when I was new and I always liked her. Hannah Harper and I did a chat together and a photo shoot. I liked working with her. I have also worked with a lot of girls who weren't very nice.

What about anal?

I haven't done that yet. I tried it once when I was really drunk in my personal life. It hurt to go poopie the next day and I enjoy my pooping.

No anal on the horizon for you.

Never say never. When people get sick of me maybe I will have to do it.

What about interracial?

I haven't yet, but I have a thing for black guys. I would like to do it one day. I love rappers and basketball players. If I could get some Lakers or Pistons to do movies, I would love to.

So you just need to find the right black guy?

Yeah. I'm really into hip-hop right now.

What is coming up for you?

Mary Carey Rules 4 is out in a week and Mary Carey Rules 5 is coming up at the end of August. We shot a virtual sex movie, but I'm not sure when that comes out.

When does the Mary Carey Rules movie with you fucking a movie critic get shot?

That's a good idea. How about number six? Come to my set and we can get it done. But wait, do you give my movies good reviews?

Don't you read them?

Of course I do. I read a lot of reviews though.

The reviews are pretty good because your movies are good.

And I talk a lot, you like that.

Plus you wear a cheer uniform and that counts for a lot. Mary Carey

Just for you. I don't think you like me as much as Dr. J does though.

I'll have to check.

You're a nice reviewer.

Do you have a boyfriend right now?

I have a husband, but we split up a lot. I have too many celebrities calling me. Eminem, Jamie Kennedy, Kid Rock's DJ. It's hard to have all these people wanting to meet me.

Is your husband in the business?

Not really. He helps me direct though.

You mentioned celebrities. Have you had sex with anyone famous?

I can't say because I'll get in trouble.

That's a yes.

Yes, but I won't say who.

That's fine.

I can talk about Tom Greene because I talked about him on Howard Stern.

What was like that?

When I was with him I just kept thinking that Drew Berrymore had done him.

How was he?

I just gave him a blowjob a few times, but he wouldn't show me his ball. He's only got one.

Are there any tapes of you with celebrities?

No, but I need to get one.

Have you see the Paris Hilton tape?

No, but I want to. Have you?

Yes. I just reviewed it two weeks ago.

Is it good?

It's interesting, but she could learn a lot from you in terms of enthusiasm and blowjob technique. Do you dance?

I do a lot of feature dancing. I love meeting my fans on the road. I will be in Illinois and then will be taking a few months off. In October and November I will be at a different club every week. All of the appearances are on my web site.

How did you get into the industry?

I was a regular stripper and did adult web sites. I wanted to be like the feature dancers and they were all porn stars. I went out to LA and got hooked up with Playboy TV. I just got lucky to hook up with good people.

How long is your contract with Kick Ass?

Five years.

So you're going to be around for a while?

Oh yeah. I won't be leaving this industry for a long time. I love it. It's fun.

Is this your dream job?

I think so. Actually, being Britney Spears would be my dream job. I can't sing very well though so porn was the next best thing.

You have the chest for it though and that matters more than your singing voice.

I can dance around and bounce my boobs really well.

When did you have sex for the first time? Mary Carey

When I was sixteen my boyfriend put it in me for a second. He didn't have a condom so I said no. When I was seventeen we had sex for real, on Valentine's Day.

How romantic.

It was exciting.

Was it a good experience?

I don't remember too much about it. I was pretty drunk.

How often did you have sex in your cheerleader uniform?

What is with you and the uniform? Let's see, I was a cheerleader my senior year so I had sex a lot. In college I was on my dance team and I gave a male cheerleader a blowjob on the bus.

That's great. When did you try girls for the first time?

I kissed girls a lot when I danced, but I didn't have sex with one until my first porno.

Who was it?

Tanya Danielle. It was great. I had always wanted to try, but didn't know what to do.

She was probably a good teacher.

I love her. I love blondes with big boobs.

Don't we all?

I hope so.

Do you know that you stole the catch phrase my web site?

I did?

Yes, I've been putting girls in Rog Rules T-Shirts for years, you stole it.

I didn't, I swear. I do rule.

And I don't?

Well yes, you rule.

I think we need Mary Carey in a Rog Rules T-Shirt.

That would be great. Bring one to the set.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Everyone visit www.marycarey.com it's a great site.

Thank you.

Thanks Roger it has been great talking to you.

Mary Carey

Mary Carey's Bio & Movies