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Layla Jade Interview - Layla Jade's Movies
Nov 1999

We are doing a pre-scene interview with Layla Jade and will finish when we're done. Layla, what are we doing today?

We are shooting a scene that you're doing between me and a supposedly gorgeous Chinese girl who I haven't met yet.

Now this is a fantasy scene for you right?

Yes, it actually started at Disneyland of all places. There were all these Asian schoolgirls running around in these uniforms. Well, obviously, they are all too young, but I got this idea to put a cute eighteen year old girl in one and give it a try. I'm going to get my hands on her and it's going to be really horny. She's not doing any anal, I'll handle that, but I'm going to have some fun with her.

You also shot a couple of scenes over here with couples. There was one with Kayla Fox and Alan Johnson. Did you like Kayla?

Yes, she's gorgeous with lovely boobs.

He had a pretty big cock.

Yeah he did, it was a great cock.

What did you do with it?

I took it up my ass of course. And I got to lick her pussy, get fucked by her, watch him fuck her.

I hear you had a really special effect on the camera guy in that scene.

I think I did. He had a big hard on, but I sent him home.

The other scene you shot was with Alyssa Haven and her boyfriend. She doesn't do anal and he had never had anal sex with anyone, so you got his cherry.

Yeah, that was wild. I took his virginity.

How was he?

He was good, but the thing that made me super horny was taking his anal virginity. And she is so pretty.

That same day, you shot a spanking and enema video for Bold New Visions.

I was a naughty English schoolgirl in that one. It was a case of try everything once. I won't try that again, at least not the enema. The spanking was fine and the dialog was funny as fuck, and that's not me being stuck up, it was just funny. The enema itself was pretty strange, I've never seen so much shit come out of my ass.

Have you done anything wild and adventurous so far in America?

I try and make everything wild and adventurous.

I heard you almost got kicked out of Disneyland.

You mean for trying to have sex with Mickey? I was just rubbing up against his leg, but I don't think they appreciated it.

OK, enough warm up, let’s do the scene.

Long break while Layla takes on gorgeous newcomer Skylar Knight in a lesbian scene.

Now it's time to get down to the real interview with Layla Jade.


How are you doing?

I'm great. I just got fucked by this totally gorgeous girl.

Where were you born?

I was born in England, a small town in South Devin.

When's your birthday?

October first, nineteen eighty.

You're still a youngster.

Yeah I am, but I'm old enough to play with mister.

(We both laugh, but Layla puts an exclamation point onto her statement by playing peek-a-book with her skirt.)

How long have you been in the business?

It's been a little over a year now. I got started on the first of October 1999.

On your eighteenth birthday, how did that happen?

Well, I didn't actually do a shoot on my birthday, but I went down and got into the industry as soon as I was legal. My first video shoot was a few days later.

Who was that for?

The first one was for Ben Dover. 

Which one?

Ben Dover's Butt Bangers Bonanza.

And did you get your little butt banged?

Of course I did.

Who did you work with?

With Ben and a guy called Mario.

Were you nervous at all?

No, not at all. I had wanted to do it for so long, that I was looking forward to it.

So you already knew before you did that scene that you wanted this to be more than a one time thing? 

Oh no. I knew I wanted to get into the business for a long time, so when I was able to, I went in with everything I had.

About how many movies have you made so far?

In America I've made about fifty so far. Then there are about twenty I've made in England as well.

Do any of them stand out as favorites you would like fans to see?

Yeah, there are a few. 'Up Your Ass 10' was a really good one. 'YA 14' is one I think will be good, though I haven't seen it yet. I loved the sex in that one. I've done some good work for Elegant Angel. 'Back Door Passes 5' was great.

Do you have any favorite men to work with?

Pretty much all the guys I've worked with have been really cool, so I've liked fucking them all. Mickey Ray and Steve Hatcher both stand out for me. I've done good scenes with both of them.

What about women, any favorites?

Yeah, Teri Starr, she was very good. Again, pretty much all the girls have been a lot of fun. I did the 'Violation of Jewel Valmont' and we were mostly just violating her, but it was great fun.

Do you like women?

Yes, big time.

Do you prefer men or women?

I'm bi-sexual so it doesn't really matter, but I mainly get fucked by guys because I just love cock.

This is your third trip to America?


How long have you been here this time?

Nearly two months now. We started out in Tampa for the Night Moves show with people like Ron Jeremy, Jewel De'Nyle Anna Malle and Serenity. It was really cool. Then came out here to shoot for a while. I'm actually here on my honeymoon as well.

You got married?

Yes, in September.

Nice way to celebrate.

Yes, I get to come to America and get fucked up the ass by large black men it's perfect.

So you do interracial scenes.

Yeah, no problem. I like them actually.

Do you think that has hurt you at all in your career so far?

No, not at all. One of the first anal scenes I did in America was with Jake Steed. Everyone loves it.

He's a big guy and you are a very little lady.

Yeah, it did hurt a little, but he was good and you can't really see any problems on the tape. He made my eyes water.

You're working on your own line of videos back home is that right?

Yes I am. We don't have a distribution deal in America yet so I'm not sure when that's going to happen. I will have my own web site with all the information as well.

What were you like growing up?

I grew up quite quickly I suppose. I was always mature for my years. I had my first pissing experience at about age seven.

How did that happen?

This boy who was older than me took me into the bushes with his younger brother and asked me if I wanted a drink. I said 'all right' so he had me open my mouth. Then he pissed in my mouth and called it a golden rainbow. Then my father at the time came along and caught us and went absolutely ape shit.

When did you have sex for the first time?

When I was fifteen.

What was that like?

Interesting. It was at night, at a primary school behind a shed. I remember he used a chocolate flavored condom. It was pretty good.

You were saying you wanted to get into movies long before you were able?

Yeah, since I was about sixteen or so. I used to work with old people, cleaning bedpans and stuff. My husband Bill has always wanted to get into the industry behind the camera and I love to fuck, so it seemed like a nice fit. We practiced for two years, making loads of horny homemade tapes. By the time I was eighteen I had even learned to talk dirty.

Oh, you know how to talk dirty? Really, I hadn't noticed?

Yes you did. I am very good at it because I'm such a dirty girl. Want a sample?

Well, when you first got to Los Angeles this time, I got a call at about seven in the morning and you said something that woke me up right away. Do you remember?

Of course I remember. Come closer, I'll say it again. (Of course I lean closer.) I said, "Good morning Roger, I came five thousand miles to suck your big cock."

That's it, I need to go get some cold water, but while I'm gone, just keep saying that into the tape recorder so I can listen to it on the way home.

(Personal messages from Layla snipped from the tape as I go get a cool rag and a cold drink.)

Would you say that your experiences in the business have been positive so far?

Yeah, they have been great.

Are there any men or women who you haven't worked with, but want to?

Nici Sterling, but I don't think she's in the business any more. I would love to do a scene with her.

If she's around, someone get this interview to her. What a scene that would be.

Let me think of some other people. Montana Gunn, she's lovely, I’d love to work with her.

You said earlier that you were doing a Vivid shoot?

Yeah, I did one yesterday.

How did that go?

It was really good. I was really, really pleased about that. It was a doctors and nurses set up.

Were you a doctor or a nurse?

I was neither actually. I was a patient and got to wear a nice dress. The scene went really well I think. I asked them if I could see my gape since I haven't seen one in a while and it was pretty disgusting actually. I've seen it in still photographs, but to see it on camera where the muscles are moving is just too much.

Do you have any favorite thing to do on camera?

Not gaping. I've done that once and don't think I'll be trying it again any time soon. What do I like to do? Pretty much everything. I like fucking, don't get me wrong, but I love to be able to look at the camera, try to look right at the guy who is going to be watching the film and make it personal. I love to just look right at him and say "If you were here, I would give you such a good sucking and make you cum everywhere baby." I love that. DP's are actually quite good as well.

Is there anything you won't do on camera?

I can't be fisted because I'm just too small. I tried it and don't intend to let anyone try it again because I know that they will end up hurting me.

Oh, well there goes the rest of the interview.

What, you were going to fist me? Get off me you bastard. I also don't intend to go for double anal. My ass is stretched a bit already and I really don't want it dropping to the floor, you know what I mean? Double vaginal would never work. My bone structure is just too small.

Do you have any fantasies that you would like to live out on camera?

On camera, no I don't think so. I do have something I've never done while being tape recorded though. I'd like to live that fantasy out if you don't mind.

Anything I can do to help?

Well, it involves touching the dick of the guy who is interviewing me. Is that something that you don't do, or would it be all right?

I'll let you do that if you want. It will make it hard for me to concentrate on the questions though.

Hard is good, and wow this is nice and hard.

We have you to blame for that. What your plans for the future?

I want to take this nice big cock and suck it….oh, sorry you mean with the business. I plan to make a name for myself, make great movies, have fun, make a lot of money and quite the business on my twenty fifth birthday. Your shorts are getting tight, can I just undo them?

Sure, go ahead. Earlier, you were telling me that the first time you came to work here in the States, you came by yourself?

That's right.

You were eighteen years old and came all the way over here to work in porn on your own?

Yes, I'll admit, I was pretty terrified.

But you got work.

Oh yeah. I had help from Dick Nasty. He got me loads of work. I did a gang bang, the works.

All of the producers and directors I've talked to have had great things to say about you.

They all seem to like working with me and I've only ready one bad review. Oh God, that's getting big. I mean it, that's lovely. Anyway, the review didn't like my talking. They told me to talk a lot and the review said that ‘Layla Jade keeps looking at the camera and making stupid faces.’ But they put music over the talking. I wasn't making faces, I was talking dirty.

You can't please everyone.

True. It looks like I'm pleasing you though.

Definitely, but you realize that no one is going to believe you're actually playing with my dick.

I don't care what they believe, this is too much fun to worry about other people.

So far, you've done mostly gonzo and wall to wall sex scenes. Have you done any acting?

I did a feature film for David Bret at Passion Pictures, 'Ally McFeel.' I also did one for Wildlife. I have no idea what it's called, but I played a maid who was also a spy. It was pretty cool.

Do you like the acting, or do you prefer just to fuck?

Are you offering? The acting is OK, but mostly I just like to get fucked. I don't have major desire to get into mainstream movies or anything like that.

What are you general impressions of the business so far?

I think it's a business filled with a lot of hardworking people. It's not everyone's cup of tea certainly, but if you like sex it's a great way to make a living. I like the business a lot.

Do you think that the industry and the people in it are doing enough to protect everyone from HIV?

I think that organizations like AIM are really helpful and that most people are being very careful with their tests and everything. I think it comes down to what people do, not in the movies, but how they protect themselves in their private lives. I think most people do a fine job of keeping themselves safe and that helps keep everyone safe. You have to rely on other people not to go out and do things that could fuck you up.

Do you work with condoms at all?

If I lived over here, I might. I don't use them at all back home when I work. There isn't a lot of work over there anyway. Since I'm only here for a limited time, it would be really hard for me to switch and say that I only work with condoms now. It would cost me too much work, so I can't, no matter what I want to do.

OK, enough serious stuff, let's get to some fun stuff. It looks like you have real breasts, is that true?

Yes they are real.

Do you plan to keep them that way?

That's the plan. In a few years I suppose I might think about it. Who knows, I might move over here and get into feature dancing and need them. I don't plan to get silicone boobs, but I won't say that I would never get them.

Well, they look perfect, so don't change them.

Thank you, but don't you even want to feel them to make sure they are real?

Ahh, certainly. Wow, those are nice, what size are they?

32B. They used to be a D, but they seem to be shrinking.

For anyone who hasn't seen you, let's give them the visuals.

Are you going to include your hands on my boobs and mine on your cock?

They would just accuse me of making it up if I did.

Well, they can believe me. I've got a nice cock in my hand right now.

I know, but they will never believe it. How tall are you?

About five foot four.

With short blonde hair.

Yes, but it's growing, thank the Lord.

Do you want to tell the story of how you ended up with such a distinct looking haircut? Was that a style choice you made?

No, it wasn't. I had bleached hair for two years and I didn't take care of it very well. When I was eighteen it started to fall out so bad it looked ridiculous. I had long hair in the back and these short little tufts in the front. I had to go get the whole fucking lot chopped off. It's a nice style in person, but it wasn't flattering on box covers at all. I think it looks better longer.

Any stories from the set you want to share?

Sure, I'll tell you a funny story that happened to me on a Playboy set. My word is cunt. I love saying cunt. I say pussy a bit more now, but it always used to be cunt. We were on a soft core simulated shoot, which was the worst shoot I've ever done I think. It was so difficult to get into and they shot the script line by line. I asked them if there was any word they didn't want me to say. They told me not to say cunt because Playboy Cannel doesn't like it. We are doing our simulated sex and every word I said was cunt. I had it in my head and I just couldn't stop. I ended up saying things like 'Yeah, stick your cock in my cu-pussy.' Because I couldn't get it out of my head. Hey, do you like hearing me say cunt and pussy?

How can you tell?

I think I'll just keep stroking and tell you another story. One time, on a set over here on a Mike Hott shoot. He told me to say cunt over and over because that fits with his line. So of course, I went on a mental block and kept saying pussy over and over. Near the end of the scene, Richard is on top of me and I said 'Stick it in my pussy.' He yelled 'Cunt!' so I screamed back at him, 'Wanker!' The whole crew just burst into laugher.

How do you feel about the fact that there are thousands of guys out there watching you and jerking off to you in movies?

Oh God, I fucking love it, it's brilliant. That really gets me off. I love turning people on and getting them off. Letting them watch me get fucked and taking those big creamy loads in my mouth. You know, I'll bet if I keep stroking, you'll shoot your creamy load for me.

Let's be careful. I do have to maintain certain journalistic standards. Is there a way for fans to get in touch with you?

Not at the moment. I am working on a web site though.

When you get that one, we'll plug it in here. I really think that about covers it. Any final words?

Just that people will be seeing a lot of me. I plan to be around for a while.

OK, last question. Once you get a dick big and hard, what do you do with it?

I suck it.

Perfect place to stop this interview.