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Kylie Ireland Interview 2004

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Kylie Ireland


I'm sitting with Kylie Ireland at Erotica LA in the Platinum X Pictures booth. That's kind of big news. You are with PXP now.

Yes I am. As of June 1st I am exclusive with Platinum X for directing as well as performing.

And is this your first time behind the camera?

Yes, first time.

After how many years of performing?


Do you feel that you're ready to direct now?

I always said that I didn't want to do it so I held off for a long time. After talking to Jewel I decided that I would give it a shot and you know what? It was fun.

So you have already directed your first movie.

I did my first one already. I signed the contract on the first and shot the movie on the second, third and fourth.

Today is June 18th by the way. This is all very new.

I'm still picking out chromes for the box cover.

What is the movie called? "Defiled in Style." It is a departure from the Kylie Ireland we all know and love.

How so?

Well I have three hundred movies under my belt and about three hundred of them are features. Well, maybe two hundred and ninety-five. This is a whole new category for me and it's like having a whole new lease on my career. It's a place I haven't gone before and it is even more fun. I get to think up these kinky scenarios in my head and then make people do them. Then I get to throw myself into one every now and then.

So you save the best talent for yourself?

That is the way it should work, but I realized that when I cast my movie, I cast all the best guys and then hadn't cast my own scene.

Kylie Ireland I don't imagine you will make that mistake again.

It all worked out. I just switched some guys around. I have that power.

It's good to be the queen.

It is good to be in charge.

You have had ten years in the business, three hundred movies, that is an illustrious career.

It's a long time.

Three hundred movies in ten years though, that isn't a lot.

No. I started out and did a hundred in my first eight months. I slowed down a bit and then signed with VCA. That left me doing about four or five a year. I came out of the contract and did a bunch again.

How long were you between contracts?

I left VCA in the summer of 2000 so it's been four years.

Have there been other offers or have you been happy as a free agent?

I have been a free agent. I was happy that way.

What did Jewel put on the table that you couldn't resist?

You know what happens to a girl when she turns 30. She gets a little wild. When that happened to me I wanted to do things I hadn't done before. I had been married for ten years and things were getting vanilla for me. VCA doesn't really allow you to get crazy. Even if you do something kinky it gets cut out. If someone tries to choke you or something it gets cut out immediately. That is the product that they make and there's nothing wrong with that. I wanted to experience some nastier things. I started talking to Jewel on www.adultdvdtalk.com looking for someone who might want to shoot my first gang bang, my first DP and I couldn't get anyone to bite. No one wanted to shoot it. Tommy Byron who I've known for years wouldn't even nibble. I guess people thought that I was vanilla or very fluffy because that is what they see in the movies. After talking a lot, Jewel said "I'll bite. I've had sex with you in my personal life. I know that you can be a dirty little whore." That's it; she decided to make it happen.

For the record, you never asked me. I would have jumped all over that.

You would have found someone for me?


Kylie Ireland You wouldn't believe how many people I talked to. I even talked to Mason who works for us. She wouldn't even do it.

No one wants to defile you.

I don't know if that's the case.

Yeah, that can't be it, because all I've thought about for ten years is defiling you.

I think everyone thought that I couldn't do what they wanted or that they couldn't afford me.

You made it ten years without a DP.

Can you believe that? I did a lot of anal with VCA. Back in 94 when I started, you didn't have to do anal to make it in this business. It wasn't that I didn't want to, but I didn't have to at the start. I was working seven days a week just doing vag.

Not any more.

Times have changed a lot. These days if you don't do anal and DP, you aren't going to work much.

You have to be all-access.

Yes you do,

With all that anal, how did you avoid DP?

It just never came up.

VCA does DP's in their movies. It's usually not the A Girls I guess.

Juli Ashton did some when she was there. They had me painted more as the girl next door. That is the image that I can't seem to break free of.

Did you do a DP in your movie?

No, it wasn't for that movie.

What have you done for PXP so far?

The first scene I did was "Fire Bush" for Jewel. She directed that and had just signed me to the contract. I was doing a scene with Michael Stefano and John Strong. On the way to the scene the guys were talking about how I probably wouldn't let them pull my hair or slap me because I was a feature chick. Well, I took everything they had to dish out in the scene and I loved every minute of it. They were blown away.

You proved Jewel right. Kylie Ireland

I proved her right and proved everyone else wrong. In "Defiled in Style" I did a technical DP. I'm saving the real thing for my big movie.

What is a technical DP?

A technical DP is with one guy and one girl with a strap-on. I did it with Lauren Phoenix and John Strong. It was a hot scene. I have a dungeon in my downtown warehouse so we strung me up with my hands over my head. Lauren was kissing me and kissed off all of my lipstick. She drew on big lips and wrote "Fuck me" on my chest and "Fuck Hole" on my ass. They left me hanging while they went off to fuck.

You do realize that all these gonzo performers are acting out their revenge fantasies about contract girls on you.

I agree and I'm letting them. I kind of like it.

Do we think that all the contract girls need this?

I think it's what all the contract girls secretly want.

I will take this tape to Vivid and ask.

I'll bet they deny it.

Let's talk about the big movie.

The big movie will be called "The Whore Next Door." It will be five scenes of all the things I haven't done before. My first DP, first gang bang and then I have to come up with three more things I haven't done yet.

You haven't done me yet.

There you go; I will do you and come up with two more things. Some double vag and some double anal. I know I can do this in my private life, but we will see how much harder it is on film. I will of course have it for sale, autographed, in my online store on my website www.kylieireland.com (Due out January 27th)

That is going to be a whole lot of fun.

I certainly hope so.

In your ten years, who are your favorite performers?

That is hard. I can tell you my favorite movie.


My favorite movie is "Raw: Rise & Fall of a Porn Star" with Joel Lawrence, directed by Antonio Passolini.

Kylie Ireland That was a great movie. Good sex and a great acting job by both of you.

And it has ten or eleven sex scenes.

(We have to break for a moment when a fan asks Kylie and Jewel to give him an "ass sandwich.")

Will you excuse me a moment?

If you sit on my lap when you come back.

(Kylie poses and returns to Rog's waiting lap.)

Oh that's nice.

Thank you. I've been waiting for this for ten years.

All you had to do was ask.

You have a toy deal as well, right?

Yes, I have been with Las Vegas Novelties for several years.

And do they have a mold of you?

We do have the Kylie pocket buttie.

Has anyone tried the toy and the real thing for comparison?

No. I did get Wankus from www.ksexradio.com to try out the buttie for my KSEX show. I told him that if he did it I would let him try the real thing, but he didn't do it.

I will.

(She laughs) Wankus tried it. I watched with his girlfriend Daisy and we ended up blowing him instead.

Wankus has a really tough life.

Why don't you have a show? You would be great. Kylie Ireland

Wankus and I have a running joke. I will be the last person in porn to get a show. When everyone else has had their turn, then I get to try. Besides I don't have these on my chest.

You just need to get a sexy co-ho to take care of that.

As long as she sits in front of me so no one has to look at me.

You would be good on a radio show.

Well thank you. Was Wankus at least impressed by the buttie?

He is kind of spoiled by his girlfriend, so it's hard to judge.

I have only tried one of those toys. I tried out the Tera Patrick cherry lips mouth.

How was it?

Way too small, I ripped the hell out of it.

That isn't a good thing.

Mrs. Rog helped with that and we decided that it needed to be bigger.

You're married?

Yes, for twelve years.


Scary huh?

No, I just never thought you were. Kylie Ireland

I'm actually not. It is just a good excuse for when I get turned down. I can say that I wouldn't do it anyway.

Actually it makes you more approachable because you're safe.

And impotent and hung like a cat.

You are so hard on yourself. I don't buy any of it.

Yeah, it's reverse psychology. I'm actually huge.

You are Mandingo's photo opposite.

Yeah right.

Hey I'm sitting on it, don't try and tell me that it's small.

Let's get back to you.

Do we have to? I am having fun just kind of rocking here in your lap.

Well don't stop, let's just see if I can come up with some questions while you do. Over the years, who have been your favorite directors?

Antonio Passolini. I love him.

Is he the weirdest guy in porn?

I don't know if he is the weirdest, but he is pretty weird. He has this thing with the JFK bust that is in every movie.

It's in every movie like Bill Margold's teddy bear.

But I prefer the bust, it's less creepy. Antonio is much kinkier than he is allowed to be at VCA. If they ever let him loose it might be scary.

Kind of like Mason at PXP, that could be something.

Kylie Ireland I reviewed "Riot Sluts" for my show. She creates a fantasy and makes it come true. That is what I'm trying to do. The set up is cool and it is different from what the other directors here do. My movie has a bondage theme so I have the girls tied up and then the guys tease them. We have to untie them before the sex which is unfortunate, but I like the tease.

You have seen Mason without all the garb on.

Yes, she is actually cute.

I saw her last year and yeah, she is cute. Have you had sex with her yet?

No. I tried, but to no avail. I even tried getting her drunk, but she wasn't even drinking.

If you make movies like she does, it's probably not a good idea to get drunk around people. You might wake up with something painful stuck someplace it doesn't belong.

She would like that. She is very submissive. Her little fantasy scenes all come from her desire to have them done to her. We were out the other night playing darts. I discovered that I am a very bad darts player. I would miss and the darts would bounce off and hit the floor. I found that if I told Mason to go get it, she would run over, get the dart and I could whack her with a ping pong paddle. I kept missing on purpose. It was an interesting ritual.

We have just outed Mason.

So no sex, but I am conditioning her. I want her so much because I can't have her.

No you know how I feel around all women.

You are terrible.

Most women wait to sleep with me before saying that.

Stop that. You know Mason loves to use Katrina Kraven.


She actually got into the business through me. She was working at the Hustler store in San Diego. My ex-husband in charge of all the stores so when she mentioned that she wanted to do porn he sent her up here to live with me for a while. I took Katrina to Mason and she wasn't interested. Here is fluffy contract girl Kylie trying to push a new girl. I finally sold Mason on Katrina and now she is one of her favorites because she is a filthy little whore.

Any horrible directors?

I can't remember his name, but he had a huge wart on his face with a hair growing out of it.

Is that why we has bad? Kylie Ireland

No, but it is the only thing I remember about him. He made me cry.

How did he do that?

He was just saying really mean things and he didn't make me comfortable. I was really new and called Jim South to tell him I was pissed off.

You worked in some Veronica Hart movies. What was it like working for a female director who had been a performer herself?

Long. (She laughs) I'm kidding. I love Veronica, but runs long shoots. She is a visionary and has carved out her niche. She has it down and is very careful with what she shoots. It's pretty stuff and it comes out gorgeous. Because of her I got to work with Ginger Lynn.

How was that?

It was great, too short but great. I worked with Ginger and Keisha. We only had like twenty minutes.

That isn't long enough.

No, but I had Keisha over to shoot content.

That much have been fun.

Oh yeah. She can bend herself into the craziest positions. She is amazing. I remember watching her when I wasn't old enough to watch.

You said you were married for ten years.

Yes I was. Most people wouldn't know him. It wasn't the business that broke us up, but we weren't taking enough time for ourselves. When you don't do that and you don't communicate, it just breaks down. We are still pretty good friends.

You are single now?

I am in a relationship now with a director. His name is Eli Cross. We don't do well on sets together, but things are going well otherwise.

How long are you signed with PXP?

Jewel said that my contract lasts until she buries me.

Do you plan to be around for a while?

Yeah. I was looking for a place to call home and now I've found it. Kylie Ireland

Well congratulations and we're all looking forward to seeing the new Kyle Ireland.

Thank you Roger.

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