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Janine Interview 2004 - Janine's Bio & Movies


Thank you so much for doing this today.

You are absolutely welcome.

Let's talk a little bit about your current status. The hot rumor on the internet is that you are no longer with Vivid. Is that true?

That is true.

Word is that you have signed with Digital Playground?

That is also true.

We're beating the press releases.

I don't know how they are going to handle it. I know that Samantha at Digital Playground has spoken with Paul Fishbein. I'm eager to get it out there.

I'll get this up as quickly as possible.


So you are now a Digital Playground Girl after a lot of years with Vivid.

I am. When it happened it was sad day and it was a happy day at the same time. I have been with Vivid since 1993 and I thought that I was going to die a Vivid Girl. It just came to the point where we couldn't agree on the next contract. We parted ways, but it was totally cool, respectful and mature. Steve Hirsch and I talked. He knew my situation and is aware of my concerns. I've only got a couple more years in this business. Hell, in November I will be 37. I don't have all that much time so I want to make the most of it. I told Steve that I might have to venture out and see what else is out there. He was cool about it. I don't know, maybe there will be a day when I go back to Vivid. Maybe I will just be so extremely happy at Digital that I will stay there. I left on good terms and that was the most important thing for me.

You worked with Digital Playground on your Virtual Sex DVD a few years back.

Hence the bee-line I made for them. I like what they have going on over there.

You join some very hot women at DP. Devon, Teagan Presley and Jesse Jane are already there. That's quite a nice stable of women they have over there.

(She laughs.) Yeah I'm not complaining about that at all.

From 1993 until last year you performed only with women.

That's right.

Why did you make the switch to doing boy/girl.

At the time I was coming back into the industry and I knew that I was bored…No, bored is a bad word, there is nothing boring about having sex with gorgeous women. I knew that I wanted something more though. The whole time that I was working with women only I would take a peek at a boy/girl scene and think "damn that looks like fun." This time around I was ready for something different. I am at a different point in my life and the thought of boy/girl agreed with me. I knew that the majority of the people watching my movies wanted something else and it was due time. I didn't feel like I had to, it just felt right, like something I could do with all my heart.

As I recall your first boy/girl scene was set to shoot right in the middle of the HIV outbreak.

It was on THE day actually. I was on set with TT Boy and right in the middle of the afternoon, they shut down production. We had to put it off. :Luckily we were able to re-cast and shoot it later.

So TT lost his chance to be your first?

Yes, we shot with Nick Manning.

How was it?

It was great.

It must have been a little scary to go to boy/girl right in the middle of that.

It was a little scary yes. They were afraid that I would get spooked and change my mind. I understand in this business that there is a risk. Each of take that risk and it's part of it. It is up to us to handle it as best we can and we did.

The obvious question now is whether you plan to continue with boy/girl at Digital Playground.

Yes. I am hooked. I should have done boy/girl a long time ago. The guys are great and I have had no complaints. I'm having some of the best sex I've had in my life. I am a very happy girl right now.

I am sure you wish you had a dollar for every time someone asked you to do boy/girl during the last eleven years.

Yeah, it was a lot. It just wasn't in the cards at that time. It probably would have happened a lot sooner than it did if there hadn't been so much hype about it. It kind of spooked me a little. Once I had done only girls for so many years it almost felt like I couldn't switch to boys. I don't know. I'm just glad that I have started doing them now.

How many boy/girls movies did you make a Vivid?

I think eight.

They have only released a couple I believe.

They have only released one so far, "Man-eater." I know that "The Villa" is due out any day now.

With their release schedule you could be on your tenth movie with Digital before the next one comes out.

Yes. That is another reason why I needed to check out Digital Playground. Having one movie come out every six months would absolutely bury me. By the time the movies all came out, I would have been well into my forties and would have wasted a lot of precious time. With Digital I hope to hit it hard. I would just as soon have people get sick of seeing me.

Might we see another Virtual Sex DVD, with a guy this time?

I hope so. I am all for that.

You are the most well-known girls-only performer. Did you meet a lot of resistance to that in the beginning?

Absolutely zero. I went in to Vivid in 93 knowing exactly what I was willing to do and I never faltered from that. I said, this is it, take it or leave it. They would joke around from time to time, but it was never up for negotiation. I wasn't trying to be a hard-ass, but I was clear that I didn't want people trying to persuade me into something I wasn't ready to do. They always knew that when I was ready I would come to them and that is exactly what I did.

Now you're ready for more apparently.


I know you have limited on-camera experience with guys, but have any emerged as early favorites?

They have all been great and are all so different in their own ways. The one scene that I will remember until the day that I die is the three-way with Mr. Marcus and Sean Michaels.

Which movie was that in?

I don't know. It was just a scene that we put together. It had no rhyme or reason to any of the movies. It was a scene that caught me off guard. Sean showed up late that day and we were all nervous that he might not show up. There was some miscommunication and he didn't realize that they had set him up to work with me. Finally we all showed up and the scene just happened really quickly at around ten-thirty in the morning. I didn't have a chance to brace myself or get my thoughts together and they just rocked my world. It was fantastic. It was a fantasy that I had thought about since my teenage years and it was a scene that I really wanted. I went into Steve's office and told him that this was something I wanted. There was a little hesitation because I don't think it had been done before. It's not the norm for a Vivid Girl, but I am not trying to be one certain way to be the way a company is. I just want to live out my fantasies. They let me do it and I'm very grateful for that.

Can't wait to see that scene. That brings up the interracial issue. Conventional wisdom says that contract girls don't do interracial.

Is that true? That is news to me. Why the hell not? Go back to the old days of porn. I wish I could have experienced porn in the 70's when it was just about fucking and feeling good with different people. I guess that's kind of hypocritical of me to say since I was the girl who did only girls for a decade. I have a whole different outlook now and want to try what is out there.

Would you like to shoot more interracial scenes at Digital Playground?

Yes. I have no problem at all. I don't care if the guy is green as long as he gets me off. I don't go looking for interracial just to shock people, but if I find someone who floats my boat and is very passionate, that is who I want to work with.

All those years when you were performing with women on camera, you were with men in your private life.

Oh yeah. I was married. I have always had a fondness for females. I started exploring with women when I was like twelve or thirteen. I have always been interested in women., but as far as my private life goes, I have only had relationships with men. I was married at eighteen for about ten years. During the time when I signed with Vivid I was married. That was one of the reasons I only did women. It was partially out of respect for my husband.

I'm sure he didn't mind you doing girls.

He didn't mind, but it's funny. It was never something that was a big part of our lives. I have been asked if I ever brought women home for him. We never had that in our home life. We were very normal. We made a beautiful son together who is thirteen now. That marriage fizzled after ten years and I have had boyfriends since then. I got married and divorced again since then. My personal life and my porno life have always been two very different things.

Having interviewed young porn performers for eight years, I have heard you name come up countless times. Girls have seen you and been either so attracted to you or so inspired by you that they wanted to get into porn.

I've heard that myself. I love talking to new girls coming into the business. I try to give them some insight into some of the things I have gone through. I am one who favors girls not getting into this business in their teens. I know there is a big market for it, but they need to have something to fall back on. Porn is great, porn has given me an incredible life , freedom and ample time to spend with my kids, but at the same time it is a little terrifying to think that after your porn career is over, what do you have? So many girls get into it without anything to fall back on. I always tell them to have something to fall back on before getting in.

I know of one girl in particular who was in love with you before she got into the business.

Oh really? Who?

Haven, who was with Jill Kelly. I knew here before she was in the business and she had the biggest crush on you. I keep hoping to see the two of you in a scene together because it was her fantasy for so long.

I would be all over that.

There you go. She should call Digital Playground for her chance to work with Janine.


You have worked with so many girls, can you even pick out a few favorites?

Favorite girls? The first name that comes to mind is Jill Kelly. She has always been at the top of my list. I have always felt that we really connected in our scenes. I just finished the "Janine Loves Jenna" this year and Jenna is amazing. I can see why she is the queen. She exudes so much. She is smart and sexual. She has the entire package. Jenna and Jill are the no-brainers for me, but there have been so many girls in this business.

Have there been any that you didn't get work with, but wanted to?

I am sure there were tons, but no one is coming to mind. I would love to go back in time into the 70's and do Seka in her prime. I would love to see how we would mingle. That would be my fantasy.

You have quite a tattoo on your right arm.

Yes I do.

How long did that take?

It started in 93 with a little heart on my neck and a tiny Scorpio on my tailbone. It has grown over the years. Overall I would say I have fifty or sixty hours on me. I never intended to get a full sleeve, but one morning I woke up and went "holy shit, what did I do?" I am an extreme person and I don't always think about what things are going to look like when I'm seventy. It works for me now and gets me a little charge. I can't even really explain it and it's probably best if I don't even try. I enjoy them, let's leave it at that.

In case people don't know, you were a Penthouse Pet before you were in porn.

Yes back in 1987.

That is about the time I met you. You were signing for Penthouse at a CES show and I got a signed picture of you that hangs in my office to this day.

Thank you. Did I have my little boobies then?

The pictures don't show the boobs, but I believe this was in the tiny boobie days. You came in as one of the most beautiful women in the business at a time when there were several gorgeous women performing, Victoria Paris, Jennifer Stewart, April West, Tori Wells and others.

Tori, now there is someone I would love to do a scene with. She and I are friends and I think that she would just tear me a new one.

If you had to pick one or two movies to show someone who hasn't seen your work, what would they be?

I would steer them towards my first movie, 'Hidden Obsessions" by Andrew Blake. That one is so nicely shot and pretty. I would show that one to my grandma. The other one would be the new one "Man-eater." I'm not big on plots and dialog. I would rather get inside of the actor's head and find out where they are coming from. I think that "Man-eater" shows a little bit of that. There is Q&A between the scenes. The other that was similar to that was "Janine: Close Up." I am all about the interviews because they let you see how I tick and I like that.

Have any of the boy/girl scenes been anal?

No. I'm not opposed to it. It works for me and makes me cum harder than anything else, but I am a little nervous. I have only done it in my private life. I think it that it is just a matter of time until I take that step.

Something else for us to look forward to. I have to ask because I know you are good friends with my friend April Storm.


You are with Digital Playground and Adella is and awesome PR person, we can't leave her out, but isn't April just the coolest person?

April is the coolest. I will know her forever. I love her with all my heart. She adores my kids and they adore her back, she adores my family, she knows my grandma, and she is a part of my family. I would do anything for her.

I always have to give her love because she is so cool.

She really is.

And so hot.

So very hot.

I am disappointed that you're not with Vivid actually.

You are?

Well you were going to be my first Vivid Girl interview, but I guess that will have to wait. I am still zero for Vivid. They have me shut out.

Oh no, why?

I have no idea.

I am so over companies telling us who we should talk to and who we shouldn't. The only way I knew about you wanting to interview me was by reading on www.adultdvdtalk.com that you would like to talk to me. I saw that and decided to call you. What's the big fucking deal?

I don't know. Maybe the requests just get lost over there. You guys are very busy at the shows, but other people get through.

I would have interviewed with you any time. All you had to do was ask me.

Well it was worth the wait.

Thank you very much.

Before you go, do you have a web site?

Yes, www.realjanine.com Club Jenna is running that for me so that I going really well.

There you go, Haven is a Club Jenna girl so you can get her.

I am going to be her stalker now.

If she tries to play coy, call me, I will spill the beans on her. Anything else you want to say?

No, I think we covered it all fine.

Thank you for your time and congratulations.

Thank you Roger.

Janine's Bio & Movies