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At the end of the first day of AEE, I'm sitting here with Gina Lynn. What are you doing these days?

I've got Gina Lynn Productions and have a contract with Club Magazine.

How long have you had Gina Lynn Productions?

It will be a year in September.

And how long have you been in the business?

It's been about five years.

How many movies have you made?

I don't have the exact number, but it can't be over fifty.

In five years that isn't too many.

Which is good.

Is that what you wanted?

Yeah. I don't want to be over-exposed.

You did most of those movies for Pleasure.

I was under contract with Pleasure for three years. I did an average of eight to ten movies per year.

Why did you open your own production company?

That was actually my husband's doing. He realized that having the name Gina Lynn was a draw. We knew that I was going to be doing my own movies when the contract was over so opened Gina Lynn Productions.

So we will be seeing more of you in front of and behind the camera.

Yes you will.

I've got a sampler here for your "Virtual Blackjack" DVD. Tell us a little about this.

It's a game where I am the prize. You have to win hands to get me naked, have me strip whatever you want. There is spanking, tickling and of course hard core sex.

So it's a virtual sex disc with a game twist.

Yes. It also has save codes so you can stop playing, enter your code and come back later in the spot. I believe there are also codes where you can cheat to skip to higher levels. You shouldn't do that though. People should earn it.

And that comes out in February?

Yes it does.

So just about the time this goes up it should be available. Gina Lynn

They can pick it up at www.expxxx.com or www.ginalynn.com or www.dvdblackjack.com

Lots of companies have virtual sex discs, but this is something different. Whose idea was this?

This guy Evan approached me. He's patenting the idea and he's worked out all of the bugs.

There used to be some CD-Rom porn where we could play games and then see girls strip.

This goes farther. I am the dealer and interact with the players.

How long did this take to shoot?

It took about four days, but they were twelve hour days.

Is your husband the lucky guy who gets to work with you?

Yes he is.

Do you work exclusively with him these days?

No, we both work with other people.

Where are you from?

I am from Jackson, New Jersey. That's where I grew up. I live in Pennsylvania now.

So you haven't moved to the Valley yet?


You have to do more than ten movies a year to live out here.

You have to work every week to make it worth it.

What were you like growing up?

Quiet and shy. I went to a Catholic school all of my life. My senior year in Catholic high school I danced.

Danced for the school?

No, as a stripper.

So you were a high school stripper?

Yes I was, probably about twenty minutes from my school.

Did anyone find out? Gina Lynn

Yeah. Some kids who had graduated before me saw me. Everyone was talking about it at prom. I didn't care. I was with this gorgeous older guy.

How did you make the jump from dancing to porn?

I started dancing in this club in Pennsylvania, Al's Diamond Cabaret. They had feature dancers come in. In New Jersey we never had any features. At Al's we would have features come in, porn stars or magazine models and they would tell me that I needed to go model. I started doing magazines, single girl and girl/girl. Then I did a Hot Bodies International shoot. They flew me to LA. That was my first big trip. It was a dance competition, kind of a Playboy-TV type thing. Topless and naked running around the beach. They asked me to do a solo video. I did that and then did my first boy/girl with my husband for Australian Penthouse. My first video was shot here in Vegas. It was called "18 in Vegas" It was easy and we had fun.

It must have been a little easier shooting your first scene with your husband, but were you nervous?

I had a little drink beforehand so I just got wild. We were still kind of new in our relationship.

Was that his first scene as well?

Yes it was.

You got into the industry together. At what point did you discuss working with other people?

I was offered contracts from different companies and they all included doing scenes with other guys. We knew we would have to face that. He did his first boy/girl scene and I was a little iffy about it.

You weren't sure about him working with other girls?

I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first, but I got over it. Then I did my first boy/girl.

Was he OK with that?

He is a lot stronger than I am when it comes to hiding his feelings.

But you're still together.

We are still together. We occasionally have our jealous moments.

If anyone hasn't seen your work, what are some titles they should look for?

Gina Lynn's Darkside from Jules Jordan. "An Intimate Affair with Gina Lynn" is my regular interactive DVD from Pleasure. "Top Notch Bitches" is the first title out through my production company and "Gina Lynn Reinvented" which is my first title from Club.

You mentioned Darkside which won several awards for Jules and everyone involved. That was a big step because contract girls usually aren't big on the interracial.

You know what? I am so glad that I was one of the first ones to take that step. I don't care. I thought that Lex was hot and why not do it with the biggest star out there. Now I look around and everyone is doing it. Janine is doing it so I feel like I started it.

I hear Jules is doing another Darkside movie.

Yeah, with Jenna Haze. I'm not sure what she is doing, but it should be interesting.

One theory is that doing interracial hurts a dance career or even a movie career. Is that true in your case?

Not at all. I gained a whole new fan base. It hasn't hurt me at all. I've had all these white guys coming up to me with Darkside. They loved the scene with Lex. It doesn't matter any more.

So you think that it's ridiculous? Gina Lynn

I think it's completely ridiculous. It was one of the best I've ever shot. We had great chemistry.

Other than your husband, do you have any other favorite guys to work with?

I liked working with Michael Stefano, but that wasn't a full-on sex scene. It was for a magazine. I did a good scene with Mr. Pete. He was easy to work with. Pretty much any guy who can keep his dick hard.

Do you have a type of guy you like or is it more about chemistry?

I don't have a particular type. Not too pretty. I don't want them to be prettier than me.

You worked with Jean Val Jean though.

Yeah I did. He is pretty, but he put on a really hard core scene. I like him, but he's not one of my favorites.

Do you have a dick-size preference?

I like the seven inchers, average to above average.

So not generally the 11 inch tools?

No. I really have to prepare for those.

Was Lex the biggest guy you've had sex with?

Yes he is.

Is it really that much bigger than others?

Yeah it is. It's the girth too. It was so big I could barely get my mouth around it. I had to try really hard. Lex is really good putting a lot of lube on it. I also had to put a lot of lube inside of me to make it work.

I've seen the Lex toy. It's big enough to kill someone with.

It's huge. I think the next biggest guy is Ben English. That one scared me because I wasn't prepared for him. They just paired me up with him. I was giving him a blowjob and took it out of his pants. The director loved the look on my face. He actually hurt me. I needed time to prepare for something that big.

So it's possible for a cock to be too big?

Oh yeah. How can you enjoy it if you're in pain?

Can a dick be too small?


How small is too small?

Less than five. Most guys like that try to compensate by doing other things.

So if six is average, you like slightly bigger.

Yeah, six and a half works fine. Gina Lynn

When does it start to be two big?

At about eight inches. Eight is big.

Do you have any favorite girls to work with?

My absolute favorite is Belladonna.


She is a sexual predator with women. When she's doing a scene she gets so excited that you know she wants you. We had a lot of chemistry. I believe that any woman who works with Bella will have better chemistry with her because she is so intense.

Have you done a scene with a girl who just doesn't like women?

Yeah a few times.

I would guess that it isn't a great experience.

It's kind of dry and boring. When that happens I get rough with the girls.

Have you worked with any who didn't seem to like girls, but by the end, were having fun?

I haven't worked with too many like that. I was on Strap-On Sally 17-22 and all he wanted me to do was strap it on and hurt the girls. I had a great time with Lanny Barbie though. At one point me and Tawny Roberts had fun together, but that was outside of the business.

Do you have more fun with girls outside of the business?

In the past I had more fun with girls outside of the business. Right now I like guys more.

Are you and your husband open to playing outside of the business?

No, it's strictly within the business. Once or twice before we tired, but it didn't work out well. The reason it didn't work was that the guy or the girl or both of them got possessive. Now we just keep it in the industry.

If you could call up anyone in the industry and tell them you want to do a scene with them tomorrow, who would you call?

Sandy Westgate. I would love to do a scene with her. I see her all the time in Club and I think we would look hot together.

Any guys?

Not really. Any guy who can keep his dick hard. I haven't done guys for a while. I haven't made any movies for Club because they aren't shooting.

Why not?

They aren't sure if they are going to be doing movies or just sticking with the magazine. They are basically paying me not to do anything.

That is the American dream. What do you want to do with Gina Lynn Productions?

I have to go over and do scenes. The two titles that I put out with me in them have had triple the sales of the other titles.

Obviously people want to see you.

Gina Lynn Some of them have been disappointed when I'm not in the movie. I am always behind the scenes and the DVDs always have a photo gallery of me. People want to see me having sex though. I have some scenes saved up, but I have to decide when I'm going to be done with my other contract. I don't want to disrespect my contract with Club, but they know I'm not happy. They are paying me and that's great, but it's been so long that people think I've retired. Thank God for Jules' movie winning gonzo DVD of the year last year.

So you aren't retired, we're just waiting for Club to decide about their future in movies?

I am sure they will keep me on as a magazine contract girl. I love the people from Club. They are like family and I don't want to screw anyone.

Is there anything you haven't done on screen?

I haven't done anal.

Do you do anal in your private life?

No. I'm freaked out by it. I'm not scared of anal in general. I stuck my hands up Belladonna's ass, but the idea of having something stuck up my ass freaks me out and the pain factor is a slight issue, you know?

I understand completely. The idea of having something shoved up my ass freaks me out and the pain factor is a major issue.

When I do a scene I want to enjoy it. I want to be able to relax.

Is that something that you might work into?

Maybe. I would have to try at home. I have had a dildo up my ass before. My husband says that I didn't even know at the time.

How often does he ask for anal at home?

All the time. It's his dream.

That's every guy's dream.

I always tell him that he gets to do all the other girls so he's taken care of, but he wants my ass.

It's a mighty fine ass if I may say so.

Thank you.

Do you get asked more often for anal scenes from fans or for anal sex from your husband?

It's about equal. Fans ask all the time for my first anal scene, but my husband always tries when he thinks I'm drunk.

Have you tried the "I will when you do" thing?

I have yes. He has this thing where he makes all the girls eat the guys' asses out. We have a scene we shot together and he told me to eat his ass. I told him that he let me stick my finger in his ass then I would eat it.

Do we have a web site to promote?

We just launched www.topnotchbitches.com I also have my own site, www.ginalynn.com

Tell us something that nobody knows about Gina Lynn.

I'm shy and I'm just a normal person at home. Gina Lynn is a mode and a character I turn into. When the camera goes on, I become Gina Lynn, but at home I'm quite the opposite. I'm not prudish, but I don't stick my boobs out and show off.

You have probably done a lot of interviews during your career. What is the stupidest question anyone has ever asked you?

Are you related to Ginger Lynn? That's the stupidest questions anyone ever asks.

You don't even look like Ginger Lynn. Are you related to Cindy Crawford? Gina Lynn

No, why would you ask that?

You look more like Cindy than Ginger.

It's just a stupid question from fans.

What is the nicest thing a fan has ever said to you?

They say so many nice things. I can tell you the nicest thing a fan has done for me. When I didn't win an award that a fan thought I should have won, he made up his own award for me.

What a sweet thing.

It really was.

What award didn't you win?

Best oral scene for the 5 guy blowjob in Darkside.

That movie won so many awards that they were looking for ways not to give it more.

I worked my butt off on that scene.

How is it different behind the camera?

I am focusing on getting good shots. I want to make sure that everything looks good, the lighting is good and that we get enough footage. I just wish that the cameras were a little bit lighter because my arms start shaking. We just bought a new HD camera.

Do you think that being a performer has made the transition to director easier?

Yes. I keep thinking in my head of the things that camera guys said to me.

Have you shot a scene with your husband performing with another girl?

I have, several times. I don't do that any more. I'm at a mode where I just don't want to see it any more. There have been times where I needed to do it because we had no other camera operators or no other talent to do it. At that point I focus on getting the good shots and nothing else.

Has he shot you with another guy?

I think one time with Rich Roberts.

Was it fun to have him watching?

No, I felt a little uncomfortable. Gina Lynn

For those who haven't seen you, how tall are you?

I'm five-two.



Blonde hair, beautiful big eyes, implants?

Yes, but very natural looking implants.

Did you get those before you got into the business?

Yes. I got my implants in 1995.

Did you get them for dancing?

I am known for my butt so back in the day I felt the need to even things out.

Everything looks nicely even now. Any tattoos?

I have no tattoos.

Any desire to get any?

No. My husband has a tattoo of me.

Where is his tattoo of you?

It covers his whole arm. You have to see it.

Did he talk to you about it before he did it?

He talked about it. I thought he was crazy. He went and did it on his own which surprised me.

Are you happy with it?

It's really nice. Everyone who has seen it thinks it's great.

Is there anything we didn't cover?

No, I think we talked about everything that we need to.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you in front of the camera soon. Gina Lynn

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