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Gen Padova Interview 2004 - Gen's Movies


We're at Erotica LA with some big news. Gen Padova is back.

Yes I am. And I have never been interviewed by you.

We have tried in the past, but it never quite worked out.

This time it will.

This isn't your first interview though.


Damn, I can't be first.

But you could be the best.

That works. How long have you been back?

Today is June 18th so I have been back for almost a month after a four or five month break.

Why did you take a break?

Because I was sick.

Tell us more about that.

The cancer came back after a nine-month remission. Because I am smart and very lucky I see my doctor regularly, we were able to catch it early. It is not life-threatening right now and I'm OK. I can still function normally. Some days I wake up in the morning tired and achy, but it's not a big deal. I am a survivor.

I am sure that I speak for us all when I say that that we are happy to hear that you are doing well.

Thank you.

Have you run into any resistance since you've been back or run into anyone who doesn't want to work with you?

I haven't had a problem like that. I get a lot of questions from people asking if I'm worried about giving cancer to the people I work with. People need to educate themselves that you can't give cancer to another person. If there really are that many people out there who believe that you can get cancer from another person then I'm scared. I don't want someone to come and kill me because they think I'm spreading cancer.

For the record you can't get it that way.

No one can catch abnormal blood cells.

Have you run into any performers who are afraid to really give you all they have? You are petite to begin with, and I wonder if people think that you might break.

I won't break and I haven't had much of that reaction. People seem somewhat cautious at times, but once they see that I'm fine we can work together. The only thing that people have to worry about is my butt.

Your butt? Gen Padova

I can't have anal sex right now because my ass kind of leaks in soup form and it ain't pretty.


Yes. Be careful, I have a big fascination with poop and will talk about it freely if you let me.

Perhaps we can return to that topic later, but let's go back a bit. This is our first interview so I want to know about you. Where are you from?

I am from California, Chatsworth and Thousand Oaks. I grew up in those places.

So you are a Valley Girl.

I am a Valley Girl even though I don't really act like one.

You really didn't have to go anywhere to get into porn, it was all around you.

It was all around me, but it never even occurred to me to get into it.

What were you like growing up?

I was the biggest dork in the world. I was very into school and hardly ever had friend. I was mommy and daddy's girl, very family oriented. Both sides are Italian so how can you not be family oriented with that? I did have a lot of deep dark fantasies when I was growing up. I always wanted to be the high school slut even though I was never anything close to that. I had a very wild imagination.

You still look like you could be the high school slut.

I have had a lot of people lately tell me that I'm a veteran. I still want to be a rookie.

How old were you when you got in?

I was twenty. I did some adult modeling right before I turned twenty.

How do you go from being a big dork to being a hot porn chick?

I started to realize that I was an exhibitionist. I got a digital camera right before I was ready to finish college and started using that camera to take pictures of myself. After six months of doing that, I was first diagnosed with Leukemia. I was told at that time that I had three to four years to live. I thought, screw the world, I am going to go buck wild and be the biggest whore in the world. I was still a virgin.

You were a virgin when you got into porn?

No I had lost my virginity about a month before to my first love. We had broken up, but were still good friends. A few months after that I got into the adult business.

Do you remember what your first movie was?

I do. It was Extreme Teen 26.

Who was the guy? Gen Padova

Mickey G.

He is much older than you.

Yes he is. He is old enough to be my father.

Was that the biggest age difference you had experienced in a sexual partner?

At that time, yes. Before him I had only been with one person.

Mickey was the second guy you had been with?

Yes he was and it was only the third time I had ever had sex.

Would you like to be the second person I have had sex with?

Sure. Wouldn't we have to go back in time?

Maybe. Perhaps I have only had sex with one person.

No, really?

I was only able to pool that much cash once in my life.

(She laughs) Come on, you can get laid without forking out cash.

Anyone who reads this knows that that isn't true. The closest I get to sex is when I interview girls like you.

Come on, I don't believe that.

How many movies have you done?

My baseball card says 151, but I have done four more so it is 155 now.

Any that stand out as your favorites?

I haven't done as much anal as I would like to, but a lot of the anal movies I have done have been for JM Productions. DP Virgins 15, Young and Anal 30, Perverted Stories the Movie all of those are really insane. Babysitters 16 by Notorious was also very sick, twisted and hot.

Why was that twisted?

Technically I was fucking a father and son. I had to take care of this twenty-something year old son and read a porno bedtime story to him.

That was always your fantasy growing up wasn't it?

Yeah it was. Gen Padova

Back to the Mickey G scene. Were you nervous?

I was nervous afterwards. I was just excited that I was going to get laid. Afterwards I was nervous that I had fucked wearing a San Fernando Girl Scout's uniform.

Did you keep it?

No, it wasn't mine. I had to give it back.

Any favorite guys to work with?

Mark Wood has always been a favorite, Jay Ashley, Rick Masters, Devlin Weed, J Monti and so many others. There really haven't been any guys I haven't enjoyed working with. All 56 have been wonderful.

You know the exact number?

I keep track.

All but one of them were porn guys?

Fifty six porn guys, my first lover and one other non-porn guy.

So basically you only have sex on camera?

My whole sex life has been documented on film.

Are there any guys you haven't worked with, but want to?

I haven't worked with Nick Manning. The only reason I want to work with him is to crush his ego. I want to fuck him so hard that I make him cry like a little girl.

If you had sex in a room with Nick Manning and a mirror do you think he would even know that you were there?

No. I could probably hand him a fake pussy and he wouldn't know the difference. That's OK though if I were as hot as he is, I would probably look at myself too.

How about girls?

I like girls. I love working with girls, but I have never been with one in my personal life.

Why? Gen Padova

I am too shy to make a move. There is this really hot girl though, Bianca Pureheart who is from Oklahoma. She is staying with me at my house. She is sleeping in the same bed and nothing has happened, but I keep hoping.

Would you like me to come over and facilitate a little lesbian action?

Could you?

Sure. I could have sex with her and it would be so dis-satisfying that she would have no choice but to jump into bed with you.

No, no. How about if you come over, have sex with me, have sex with her and then we all have a threesome. It will be so hot.

Are there any girls in the business you want to do a scene with?

I want to do at least one scene with Jenna Jameson just so I can say that I nailed her. It's not because she's attractive, but because she's Jenna.

For the record, Gen just said that Jenna wasn't attractive.

(She laughs) No, no, she's cute, but the idea of working with Jenna. It is a must. I would also like to work with Brittney Skye. There are lots of girls and I would like to do them all eventually.

You have done interracial scenes. Some girls don't and say that it could hurt their careers. What do you think of that?

Anyone and everyone who says that interracial will ruin a girl's career in the adult industry does not know what they are talking about. I didn't do interracial for the first year I was in the business. As soon as I did, my name was out there and everyone was talking about how I did this and that. People were talking about this itty bitty white girl took a big black cock. Interracial has done nothing but good things for my career.

During the first year was someone advising you against it?

No, I am a tease so when I first started I was only doing solo and girl/girl. I slowly started doing boy/girl and took little steps.

So you don't buy into the idea that it's bad for a career?

Of course not. Hell no.

Do you have a web site?

I do have one, but I don't own it. I gave my site away to my number one fan. He is building a site for me. I like to be personal with my fans through my Yahoo group. I don't believe in charging someone for that.

I see you posting on www.xxxporntalk.com quite a bit.

Yes I do. People can reach me there and they often do. Sometimes they antagonize me as well.

As I recall I said something nice about you and still caught hell for it for a month.

There is a lot of hostility on that web site.

I think I said something about you being much hotter than another girl in a movie and that was the end of it.

Was it Five Guy Cream Pie? You were the one who gave me that great review.

Gen Padova I said something about how you have one of the best bodies in all of porn.

Awww, thank you.

Let's talk about that body for a bit. How tall are you?

I am exactly 4'11 and .




All natural.

For anyone who hasn't seen Gen naked, oh my gosh she is awesome.

I will never get boobs.

You don't need them, you are prefect.

Thank you. You're going to make me blush.

You said that you don't have a lot of sex off camera, but would you say that your on-screen sexual energy matches how you are in real life?

I do have a boyfriend and we have a lot of sex. I would say that over the last few years our sex life has become a bit rougher and that it is quite similar to how it is on camera. When I am on camera I am having as much fun and cumming as often as I do in real life. I do not believe that it is right to hold yourself back when you're having sex.

You said that Mickey was the oldest guy you had been with at that time. Have you been with anyone older since then?

I think so. I think that Rod Fontana is probably older.

Are you turned on by older guys?

I am turned on by everything. I am not easily turned off. I'm a very vulgar and graphic person so it takes a lot to disgust me. If I really had to I could probably make myself believe that scat is sexy.

For the record Gen is not turned on at the moment so we have found the one thing that doesn't turn her off. It's me my friends.

Not at all, shut up. Don't lie to people like that.

Let's go back to something you said earlier. You said you were having leakage? What the hell are you talking about?

Gen Padova I have this huge fascination with poop and let me tell you about mine. Since I have been taking anti-cancer medications my bowel movements have been a little off. Some of them are thicker than usual some of them are runnier than usual. Having anal sex just isn't the thing to do. If I did, I would be shitting all over the guys. Sometimes my stomach doesn't digest the food all the way and I shit out full pieces of food. That is not the greatest thing in the world.

As soon as this interview hits the web a half dozen director are going to call you up for a whole new genre of porn.

Hey, I would totally do it.

There are also a few thousand porn fans who are writing out emails right now asking you to do it.

They are writing in to request a bucket of my shit.

Is there anything that you will not do on camera?

I will not do double anal.

Do you think that double anal is gay?

No. It depends. If two guys are solely secure with their sexuality then they know that rubbing their dicks together isn't necessarily gay.

What if they really like it?

Then of course it's gay. Do you like it?

I have never done it and have no desire to share any orifice with another guy.

I don't think I would be capable of taking two dicks in my ass. I have a hard time taking really big ones in the ass already.

Who is the biggest guy you have had in your ass?

Sledge Hammer.

His dick is bigger than your arm?

When I did White Trash Whore 28 that was the only movie I have had to double shoot and do a scene in the morning as well as night. In the morning I did a DP with Dave Hardman and Craig Moore. I came back for the gang bang with four black guys who went from small to large to largest and then there was Sledge Hammer. I had a BJ at the end of the day.

You were nominated for awards on my site, were you also nominated by AVN?

I was nominated for Best Girl/Girl scene with Felix Vicious for a Nicole London movies. I didn't win and I'm not surprised. That was not my best girl/girl scene ever. I was a little surprised that of all the crazy things that I have done, that was the only thing I was nominated for. That's OK though.

Are you still very close to your family?

Very close. My mom is my best friend.

And they know what you do? Gen Padova

They know everything. My mom knows all of the details, right down to when I've had leakage on set.

Would you ever want to get your mom into the business?

I have talked to her about, but she is married. My step-father works for the government so that wouldn't work very well. She says she is very self-conscious so I don't think she is ready for it.

You did a mother/daughter scene in a movie once.

In Young & Anal. The woman who played my mother looks nothing like my mother.

She wasn't very attractive.

And she was drunk. She was sucking dicks and groping me even when the cameras weren't rolling.

Have you seen the Paris Hilton movie?

No, is it any good?

It is hard for her to compete with porn girls.

Does she do it well?

She does it like a spoiled rich girl. At one point she tells him she is tired of sucking his dick and tells him to go jerk off.

Oh my God, she does not. Really? Holy shit. What a bitch.

She could learn a few things from you.

Well thank you.

Do you have any tattoos?

I have one tattoo around my ankle that I have had since I was eighteen.

Any plans for more?


So all natural boobs, one tattoo and a very short skirt that I keep avoiding.

Whoooo. Rog come on, I'm flashing you. Look.

Gen Padova And my camera was out of position.

Try it again, click away.

This will make for great photos, but I believe you already have a Rog Rules T-Shirt.

I do, you sent me one already.

So when are we going to see you in it?

Soon. I will send you pictures I promise.

Do you have anything to say to the fans before we go?

I love you all and you are downright awesome. Even though this won't come out for a long time, you should have been at Erotica LA to see me.

Welcome back. It is good to see you healthy and ready to go.

Thank you Rog.

Gen Padova

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