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Francesca Le Interview 2004 - Francesca's Movies


We are finishing up the day at Erotica LA with Francesca Le.

Hello there.

You are here promoting some of your new movies for your own production company.

Yes. LeWood Productions.

You are partnered with Mark Wood in this.

Yes, I'm the Le and he's the Wood.

People can play with those words all they want. You were away from porn for a while.

For ten years. I retired in 93 and came back in 2003.

What brought you back?

As we were talking about a few minutes ago, you met me at the Extreme offices. I was doing sales for them, house dancing around town. I wasn't doing any sex, just bondage, wrestling, foot fetish movies and such for ten years. I was still friends with Tommy and he asked me to help in the office. I did sales and also produced and directed their bondage line. I did about six movies for them and met my husband Mark Wood while I was there. He was doing talent in a Blowbang or something like that.

Of all the guys in the business you picked that one?

(She laughs) I know huh?

He got the better of the deal.

Of course he did. We dated for three months and then got married. I decided that the only way I would ever come back to the business was if I owned my own movies. We started our own company, financed it ourselves and distributed our first title through Elite. We could see that that it wasn't going to be very profitable going through them, shopped it around and landed with JM Productions. Jeff is great, Mark knew him from Legend so they had a good relationship already.

How many movies have you guys done?

We are at twenty-one right now.

Other than bondage stuff, had you directed before?

I worked for a mistress and shot a little for her. They were a really small company that did strictly mail order. Extreme let me learn on the job.

Did you do those Nicole Bass movies?

No, I came in right after that.

How long had you been performing when you retired in 93?

Three years.

Anyone who is old like me remembers you would quite well. You had a good fan base going back then.

Thank you.

You did some stuff for Anabolic.

Not that much actually, but people know me from that. I was their one and only contract girl.

And back then, that was as hard as it got.

If you did the Gang Bang Girl, you were bottom of the barrel scum.

No, no

Yes. You were Debi Diamond or Trixie Tyler. The C level girls were doing the gang bangs.

But you weren't C level.

I know. That is why it worked so well. When I do a gang bang for LeWood, it will be my last hurrah. That will be my last movie.

Is that in the works?

No. I'm not done yet.

Since you've been back, what do you think is the best movie you have put out?

My new release, "Overload" is a great movie. There is anal, girls eating cum, it's great.

You are in front of the camera for this one as well right?

Yes. I generally have one in each movie.

The problem is that you are usually the hottest girl in the movie.

I haven't done a scene in the last six. It had been six months since I had worked. Then the HIV scare happened.

How much did this outbreak scare you?

Not at all. I'm friends with Darren. He is the main guy in my "Negro Problem" line, he's a great performer and it could have been any of us. It's crazy with some of the young people getting into the business. I don't think they are aware of the consequences of what they are doing. They think it's all fun and games and it isn't.

Have you changed your testing patterns at all?

No. I still do everything the same.

You still shoot no-condom.

No-condom, all-all, we do internals too.

Some companies aren't going to do internals any more.

We will.

Other than Mark, who are your favorite guys to work with?

Darren James. He has always been a favorite. I don't really work with too many guys. I am very choosy. I have only really worked with Byron Long who is really good and really big, Anthony Hardwood and then six faceless cocks in "Cum Swallowing Whores 2."

Do you still work with girls?

Oh yes. I love girls.

Who is your favorite?

Gia Paloma is my favorite girl. She is the nastiest, filthiest whore on the planet. She is very responsible, never takes a bad picture and always gives a great scene. I love to shoot her, love to work with her and do her.

Is she as nasty as you are?

Yep. Absolutely and that's saying a lot. In Mark's new release, "Overload" she eats an internal cumshot out of my ass.

Is that something you guys do at home or just for the camera?

We do everything at home. As much as we can.

Do you take other girls home?

Yeah. We had a couple of girls for Mark's birthday and played with them. I have to get him something. He is still waiting on the reverse gang bang, but I don't know if we can afford that scene.

Sometimes you have to take a loss just for the art. How many guys did you do in your Anabolic gang bang?

Thirteen. I tried to get sixteen, but that was a lot for then.

What about for yours?

I would probably go with about the same number.

Would you want the same guys?

I probably could. Max is still around, Julian St. Jox, Tommy and a lot of the old timers are doing their own stuff though.

Who is a better director, you or Mark?

I am, but don't tell him I said that. (She laughs) Actually I am a better producer and sometimes he is a better director.

Would you guys ever co-direct?

We do that anyway. He shoots camera for me, I produce his stuff. We work well together.

You have shot him with other women and he has shot you with other men right?

Oh yeah. He was shooting an anal scene in Overload with Anthony Hardwood fucking me and got too excited. You get a bonus POV popshot at the end from Mark.

I guess that is one time when it's OK for the director to whip it out and be a perv.

Yeah, but he actually gets a blowjob. Most directors wouldn't.

Do you have a web site?

www.lewood.com and www.clubfrancesca.com

Why did you leave originally?

I was over it. It wasn't fun and I wanted to go on to do something else.

Three years was a good amount of time.

Back then you could last three years.

How many movies did you shoot the first time?

Way over a hundred.

That is three month span for girls now.

We used to shoot maybe seven times a month because we were working on features.

Did you like working on features?

I did. I loved working with PT (Paul Thomas), John Leslie, Andrew Blake. Alex DeRenzy was my favorite and he's gone now.

Is that something you would want to do now?

Features are hard. They are so much work. Mark and I are very gorilla style. It's just a two man crew. If I had the people to help I wouldn't mind it.

Anything else you would like to cover?

No, that about does it. Thank you Rog.

Thank you and let's turn the mike over to Mr. Wood.

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