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It's 2004 and time for the first interview of the new year.

You're my second interview.

You're my first.

Yay, I love being your first.

We're here with Devon, contract girl for Digital Playground. How long have you been with DP?

This is my second year.

What have you been up to this year?

This year we did "No Limits" which is my most recent movie. It's up for a number of awards. I was really surprised how many nominations it got. It was a difficult movie to shoot, but a lot of fun. I had a great time with it and even got to jump off of a five story building five times in a row at 4 in the morning.


Yeah. I got to jump into an air bag with a full stunt crew and everything.

What else have you been up to?

After "No Limits" I took about four months off.

What were you doing?

I went on the road dancing. Devon

But you are back shooting movies?

Yes. Right after Christmas I just shot for the first time in eight months.

Was that for another feature?

No it was for Robby D's "Jack's Playground." I shot a scene with Ben Harper (English). He's a very strong performer and it was the best scene that I've ever done.

When will we see that?

It is going to be in "Jack's Playground 13." Lucky number 13.

Are you still doing a lot of dancing?

I usually go out on the road about once a month. Lately I've done a bunch of layouts with Earl Miller for Club, Club International and High Society.

You've done a lot of magazines.

I always try to keep myself busy with photo shoots.

Anything else?

I've been shooting a lot of content for my web site.

What is the web site address?

It is www.devonxxx.com Devon

So you've been shooting a lot of exclusive content for that?

Yes, between the site and the magazines I have been very busy.

When you were shooting "No Limits" how did they approach you with the idea of jumping off of a five story building?

They just told me I needed to do it.

Were you hesitant?

Not at all. I'm not afraid of heights. The only thing that scared me was the landing. When you jump into the air bag, you have to land correctly on the bag or you can break a rib. I had to do it so many times because they needed the right shot. The scariest part wasn't jumping off the building. When you land on the air bag, it immediately deflates. You can feel the ground really quickly. All of the dirt comes up in your face so it was messy. Hitting was a little scary, but it was exciting and a lot of fun.

Is it something you would do again?

Absolutely. The next time I want to do it off of a ten story building.

Not a lot of porn girls do their own stunts.

I know. I just love adventure.

You don't look like a big, tough girl.

Believe it or not I am. Here check out my arm.

(She flexes her bicep.)

Look at that.

Do you want to feel? Devon

Wow, very good. This girl has a great set of guns.

(She laughs) I think that is the first time anyone has ever referred to any of my body parts other than my boobs as guns.

Well you have serious guns and serious boobs.

Thank you.

What, I don't get feel the boobs?

Maybe later, there are too many people watching.

OK. Last year you were in a relationship with someone in the business.

Yes, Barrett Blade. We were engaged for a little over two years. It was a very difficult break up. That's why I took a break from movies for so long. It's very difficult when you bring someone into the business and then break up.

Were you working exclusively with him?

No, but he was picking my talent and I was picking his. He was the only one I was doing non-condom scenes with. In fact, he is the only one I have ever done non-condom scenes with.

Are you guys ever going to work together again?

No. Not a chance. Devon

You said you worked with Ben Harper?

Yes. He is married to Hannah Harper and he has a huge dick. I saw that thing and said "You guys should have warned me."

But it was OK?

Oh yeah, the scene was great. He's a very strong performer which I appreciate a lot. I know that people talk a lot of shit of me, but no one can say that I'm not a strong performer. I have always made a point of giving my best in every scene. When you put two strong performers together, you get a great scene. He is added to my list now.

Is he the biggest guy you've worked with?

Dick wise? I thought that Julian was. I would say it's between Ben and Julian. Julian might be a little bigger.

They are both about as big as your forearm.

At least.

You said that people talk a lot of shit about you?

Oh yeah, it's like elementary school sometimes.

What kind of stuff do people say about you?

I've heard it all. They have said that I'm a drug addict, that I've been in rehab, that I was hooking, just ridiculous things. I have no respect for people who judge me and write gossip from third-party sources. They aren't there; they have no idea what I'm doing.

One of the things I have read is that you won't do interracial. You haven't done an interracial scene yet right?


Is it something you are going to do?

No. I really have no plans to any. I'm not prejudiced in any way against anyone.

Is there a reason for that? Devon

I have a good friend who did an interracial scene and wished she hadn't. She ended up getting death threats from people who didn't want to see a white girl with a black man. I don't think it would do much for me. It wouldn't be a benefit.

Now that you've had Ben and Julian are you leaning towards bigger guys?

Well I've done a lot of scenes with Barrett and he's pretty big.

Are you a size queen?

I have always been with bigger guys because I like to be dominated. I kind of like pain. You know, maybe I am a size queen.

Is that a scoop? Devon is a size queen.

(She laughs) No, not totally.

You said you like to be dominated.

Yes. When a guy has a really big dick, it gives me that 'hurts to good' feeling. I can feel more dominated than I would with a guy with a five inch dick.

What else can we talk about?

I don't know. Ask me anything?

Who is going to win the Super Bowl? Devon

You have to ask Jesse that. I love sports, but I only go to them live. I love to go to Laker games, Kings games, but I don't like to watch it on TV.

You go to Laker games. Have you ever been with Kobe Bryant?

No. I haven't been with Kobe.

Have you seen the Paris Hilton video?

No I haven't, but I heard a funny story about it. I guess at some point in the middle of having sex, her cell phone rings and she picks it up.

I saw that.

Have you seen it?

I saw the short version.

Was it good?

It was night-vision so it looked strange.

Well that sucks.

You could probably teach her a few things.

I see her at out at Joseph's all the time so maybe I will teach her a few things.

Do you like working with girls?

As I've gotten older, I have enjoyed them more.

How old are you?

Twenty six. I can't believe it.

So you are learning to like girls even more?

Oh yeah. I am to the point where I don't even like guys going down on me. I only want girls to go down on me.

Me too. I don't know why, but I only like girls to go down on me. Devon

That's good to know. I am more into women now than I've ever been.

Do they do it better?

Yeah. I hate to say it, but most of them do.

You need to teach us.

Some guys really need to be taught.

You would be a good teacher.

You know I have vowed to be single, but I haven't vowed not to have sex. I've been banging my phone boy. I just moved to a new house and had my phone hooked up. The guy came over and he was really cute. The second time he came over we started getting it on. It's been going on for two months.

Did you get anything hooked up for free?

Yeah, he hooked up my DSL for free.

Hot girls get everything for free.

He went down on me the other night and he wasn't very good at it. I couldn't help it, but I started humming. He totally lost wood and was so upset with me.

There will be a letter to Penthouse in a few months that starts out "I am a phone boy and you will never believe what happened to me."

(She laughs) It's true though.

A phone boy got Devon and she got free DSL.

And free phone service.

I have free T-Shirts, does that count?

Sure. That might be worth a turn.

This year you are going to be back doing movies?

Yes, I am coming back full-force. I took a break after my engagement ended and it was very hard. Now I am back and I want to do it better than ever.

I don't think I've ever seen you do anal. Devon

I never have. For me, when someone touches my asshole it is not a sexual feeling. I know that there are girls who orgasm from it and that's great. For me, it doesn't turn me on to have something in my butt. I don't do it because it wouldn't be a good scene. You could tell that I wasn't interested.

Since you said that girls eat the best pussy, who is the best in the business?


She is pretty.

She is very pretty and she is great.

What movie was that in?

We have never done a movie together.

Nice. What about guys? Do any of them eat pussy well?

No one comes to mind.

She just shot all of the guys down.

That's OK, because I love to give head to guys so that makes up for it.

That sounds great. Let's end this so we can get to that.

OK, there is a little room here in the back.

Anything you want to add?

Check out the magazines and "Jack's Playground 13" and of course www.devonxxx.com

Thank you Devon.

Thank you.

Devon's Bio & Movies