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Christy Canyon Interview 2004

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Let's start with what's going on with you today. Fill us in on what you've been doing for the past few years.

Since I quit dancing in 2001, I wrote my autobiography "Lights, Camera, Sex!" which was released in 2003. After a 6 month book tour, I guest hosted a show on Playboy radio. A few months after that, Juli Ashton got married and quit and I got her job!!! So for the past year, I have been a co-host on Sirius satellite radio for Playboy! VERY fun stuff!!! My co-host is Ginger Lynn on channel 198.

How did Paradise Visuals get you to come back and do the interviews for your classic movies?

Jason called me and asked! And since Paradise Visuals was the first company I did a feature film for, how could I refuse! PLUS it was with Ron Jeremy whom I adore.

And now you've signed on to direct for them?

Yes! I love doing new things in the porn biz! And I swear with all the films I have made, I was a NATURAL at directing! I know JUST what the viewer wants....and NEEDS!!!

Will this be a one-time project or are you going to be shooting others?

For now I just want to direct for Paradise Visuals as my schedule is so crazy busy. But down the road I might direct for more companies. With a radio show 5 days a week, my time is somewhat limited!

Any chance we'll be seeing you in front of the camera again?

Only in cameo's.

Do you know that you were the star of the first adult movie I ever watched? (WPINK)

Ahhhh!!! Now you can watch it on the anniversary re-release edition with new bonus footage of ME!

As my first porn crush I always credit you for being the genesis of an obsession that would one day become www.rogreviews.com How does it feel to know that you launched not only countless sexual fantasies, but also my career?

Where is my commission??

Is it true that we are doing this interview via email to prevent me from drooling all over your shoes?

Right now I am not even wearing shoes! Just my bare feet with fire engine red toe nail polish!

Or have you heard about the rules we have for in-person interviews? (That all interview subjects must either be topless or blow Rog at the end?)

I am sitting here naked at my computer. Does that count???

Are you just trying to avoid those rules?

I have no rules! I go with what feels gooooooood!

Do you have a web site?

Of course I do! www.christycanyon.com And a TRUE fan such as yourself should know that and be a member already!!!

You wrote a book a few years back. What prompted you to do that?

After I quit stripping on the road for ten years, I really felt I wanted to get my brain working again. My sister suggested a writing class she took. So I enrolled and suddenly I realized all my homework assignments on writing, were stories about the business. So my teacher (I was the teacher's pet of course) said I had the beginning of a fascinating book. I took the next level in the class and voila! I had a good book started. Then I spent another 6 months finishing it up.

Where can people buy a copy?

Since it has been out for a few years, the best place to get it is on www.Amazon.com

You mentioned working on another book. Is that in the works now?

I got about half way thru it and then with my new job I just do not have TIME!!!!! It will one day down the road be done.

It was a great read and everyone should check it out. For those who haven't, let's cover a little of the basics. Where are you from?

Los Angeles. I am a total valley girl for sure!

When did you first get into the business?

September 1984 (yikes that sounds too long ago!)

You have to be the comeback queen. Give us a basic timeline for your time in and out of the biz.

Began 9/84 quit in April 85 returned in June 89 quit in 1993 came back in 1995 quit again in 1997 whew!

How many movies have you made?

I never counted really but maybe 50??? NOT including the compilations.

If you could pick one or two titles as the best examples of your work, what would they be?

The Show by Vivid, Comeback by Vivid and W-Pink by Paradise Visuals. I like them because besides hot sex there are great funny story lines.

What were you doing when you got into the industry?

Working as a hostess at a restaurant at night and selling cheap clothes by day.

How did you get in?

I met a guy named Greg Rome, an actor in the biz.

What was your first movie?

One of the Swedish Erotica loops (MAYBE #57???) by Caballero. My first feature film was for Paradise Visuals Night of Loving Dangerously.

Were you nervous?

FUCK yes! on the first loop but not much by the movie for Paradise. It was a scene with Ginger Lynn and she was so hot!

Why did you leave after such a short time?

Burned out mixed with a boyfriend who hated me in the business.

What brought you back?

I wasn't finished with that path in my life. I just needed a break. I didn't plan on such a long break but oh well.

It was during that comeback that I met you for the first time and I have to say were one of the nicest performers I had ever met. I waited in line for nearly two years to get your autograph and it was worth it.

Only two hours?? It must have been a slow day for me!!! HA HA

How was it different the second time around?

Better. I went directly under contract. I loved only checking in with one company and making two films a month. No burning out qt that pace.

Why did you leave us again?

I got so into dancing on the road. And after so much time in the business I just wanted a change of pace. Now I'll leave it up to the 18 year olds!

Do you have any favorite guys to work with?

Peter North, John Doe and Randy West

How about favorite girls?

Racquel Darrian, Ginger Lynn and Jamie Sommers....hummmmm all Vivid girls!

Was there anyone you didn't get to work with, but always wanted to?

Keisha! I think she is hot and if we had ever done a scene together....WATCH OT!!! So much boobage flying around the set!

What were you like growing up?

A typical teen I suppose. Loved teasing the boys and shopping at the malls. VERY valley girl.

How do you think you stack up against the other legends of the industry?

I NEVER compare myself! I am totally unique.

What did you think of the Ginger Lynn and Marilyn Chambers comebacks?

Ginger is still SEXY! Marilyn should find another career. She has never been nice to me so I have nothing nice to say about her.

How tall are you?


And exactly how big are the most famous breasts in porn history?

36D or 36DD if I gain 5 lbs.

How did you stay natural for all those years when everyone else pumped up?

I hate hospitals and surgery! I am too hyper to be laid up in bed!

And how on earth did you make it through so many years without doing anal?

VIVID!!! They NEVER insisted on it. And in the 80's era it was so NOT a big to-do in a sex scene.

Any Tattoos?

NO WAY! I am such a fickle Gemini I would hate it before it dried.

Do you have a man in your life?

Several in the stable at all times.

What do you look for in a guy?

He must have a job, a car and his own place.

Does size matter to you?

I do not like huge ones or wee ones. 6 or 7 inches is good by me.

How is the person we see on screen different from the real you?

I don't always wear high heels and garter belts to bed.

When did you first become sexually active?


Did you have any favorite directors to work for?

Paul Thomas was always the best to me. Now it is me!

Do you watch your own movies? If so, what are you looking for?

Once in a while I'll look just to see what I looked like at 18! I get it now why I became so popular! I was sweet!!! And oh so innocent looking with these huge natural knockers!

What is the shortest amount of time you have waited to have sex with someone you weren't working with?

A dinner.

Tell us something that no one knows about you?

You pretty much know it all! Got to keep SOMETHING to myself!

In all your years in the business what is the dumbest question anyone has ever asked you?

This question. No seriously, nothing in porn is dumb to me.

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