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Cheyenne Silver (aka Wildcat) Interview - Cheyenne Silver's Bio & Movies
Jan 1999

We are here on the floor of the CES show, actually standing in the aisle as people pass by, taking photos of the lovely Cheyenne Silver. Thanks for doing this interview for all your fans on the Internet.

No problem.

Where were you born?

San Clemente, California. I lived there two years, then moved up to the mountains and have lived there ever since.

You still live in the mountains?

No, I live in LA now, but I still go back a lot.

When did you move to LA?

About a year ago.

Did you move back to model, dance, or to do movies?

First I was in Vegas dancing. I would drive over every other weekend. Then I went over to Los Angeles and started doing movies and moved there to be closer.

When is your birthday?

July 18th, 1978 which makes me twenty years old.

You can’t even go anywhere and fun in Vegas.

I know, next year. Next year I’ll have more fun.

How long were you making the drive over to Vegas to dance?

I did that for seven months. Every other weekend, I would drive over.

Do you like LA better than Vegas?

I never danced in LA. I only danced here because I have friends here. I danced at Cheetah’s under the name Wildcat.

There’s a good topic. You did numerous movies under the name Wildcat, but you now go by Cheyenne Silver. Why the name change.

Wildcat was a great name for dancing that I made up because I was a mountain girl and pretty wild. The companies were saying that my nickname wasn’t good enough, that I needed a real name so Cheyenne just seemed to fit.

Are people still confused?

People are getting the idea. I still get a lot of fan letters to Wildcat, so either one is fine.

Do the people you grew up with know what you’re doing?

All of my high school friends do because our high school was like 250 people. I graduated in a class of thirty so everyone knows. My family doesn’t really know.

What do you think your high school friends think of what you’re doing? Do you think they are surprised at all?

They all think it’s really cool. I have to guy friends from high school who were seniors when I was a freshman and they have their whole wall covered in Wildcat pictures. They are the ultimate fans.

What were you like growing up?

I was very shy. I think I just did a total flip when I got into the business.

So, you’re parents don’t know?

No. My dad is going to be a pastor in a few years, I don’t think he would understand. We are complete opposites.

When did you do your first movie?

CES last year. I did it in a hotel room at the Luxor.

Who was that for?

Vince Voyeur. It was called Fresh Meat or Fresh Flesh I can’t remember which.

How did that come about?

I was just up there to party and they asked if I wanted to do a scene. I jumped right in and did an anal scene with Vince and Mark Davis.

What was it like?

It was fun. It wasn’t as hard as I imagined it would be.

When you were finished with that scene, did you know right away you wanted to do more, or did you have to take some time to think about it?

You know, that was actually my second scene. I forgot, I worked for Vivid in LA before I came out to the show. It was a girl/girl/girl and I just blocked out the camera and was fine.

Who were the girls?

Bobbi Bliss and Elle Divine.

How many movies have you done?

Almost a hundred.

You’ve been busy.

Not really. I pace myself. I like to take a few weeks off, go back to San Diego and enjoy my life.

Are there any that you are particularly proud of?

I am really proud of most of the Elegant Angel titles I’ve done. I’ve worked for them so many times and had five or six box covers, Filthy Attitudes, Wet Spots, Cumback Pussy a bunch of good ones. The one I am really proud of is for Bud Lee. It’s called The Watcher and I am the lead in the feature.

Have you done a lot of acting roles?

Some small parts, but this is my first main role. I was nervous about that, but it actually fits the character. They wanted a young, nervous character so it worked.

Would you like to do more acting?

Oh yeah. I am working on getting more roles like that. That’s my favorite part, getting to play a part and have fun.

Any favorite males to work with?

I like working with Andre Madness, Dr. Fellatio. I have done three videos with him. He is my favorite, we have a great chemistry. Chris Cannon is really good, Mark Davis and others I can’t think of right now.

Any favorite females?

I liked working with Dee and Gina Ryder. My best girl/girl scene was No Man’s Land 23 with Gina, Heaven Leigh and one other girl.

Do you prefer girl/girl or boy/girl scenes?

It’s fun to switch back and forth, get a little of both.

Before you got into films, had you been with girls before?


So the Vivid scene was you first time on camera and you first time with a girl?

Yeah. Growing up in a small town, everyone is really careful and straight. I came back and they found out I did movies with girls and they thought something was wrong with me.

In a small town like that, were you very sexual in school?

I started when I was 13 and in four years of high school I only had three partners. But I was sexual with one boyfriend for five years.

How tall are you?

Five Eight.



All natural?

All natural and always will be.

Good for you. Do you watch your own movies?

You know, I still have a stack at home and haven’t watched one yet. I need to do that.

At this point, what are you impressions of the business?

I think it’s a very professional business. You find out who isn’t and stay away from them and you’re fine. I’m very happy with it. When I went to Florida to do straight modeling, in order to get to this company or that company you had to screw this person or that person. In this business it’s not like that.

Is there anything you particularly like to do on camera?

No specific acts. I just always try to make it as hot and wild as possible.

How does your on screen persona reflect or differ from your real life personality?

On camera I open up a little more. In real life I still a little shy. I tend to keep to myself. I don’t walk down the street and flash everyone. I’ve been with performers who do that, but it’s just not me.

Is there anything you won’t do on camera?

No. It just depends on my mood. Sometimes they want me to do more nasty stuff than I feel like on that day, but generally, I’ll do anything they want.

Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet, but want to?

I did a still shoot with Julian, who is contracted with Metro I guess. I wanted to work with him, but we didn’t have a good still shoot. I don’t know if it would make for a good scene now if we’re still edgy about that. But I would like to work with him and see if we can have a really hot scene together.

Do you have a fan club?

Yes I do, the address is,

PO BOX 9898, Canoga Park, CA 91309.

Do you have a web site yet?

No, I am still trying to get that set up, but soon.

So fans can contact you through the fan club.

Right, I have info, lists of movies, 8x10s and all that stuff.

Are you doing any feature dancing yet?

Not yet. Still dancing, but not featuring yet. I just got a dance agent, so with any luck, it will be very soon.

Any tattoos or body piercing?

Just this belly button ring.

Any plans for more?

No. I want to keep my body really natural and clean. I am not going to get tattooed until I am out of the business. I do Native American ceremonies so I want to get a big one on my back of my pipe and my medicine animal.

What are your career goals within the industry?

I came in with a long term dream. I want to own a horse ranch. Sort of a resort get away, where people can come, learn to ride and enjoy the mountains. I know I need a lot of money, so I am working hard, putting money away to some day get what I want.

So we’ll be seeing you in movies for a while?

You’ll be seeing me for quite a while, and then you can come out to my ranch and ride with me.

So your outside interests obviously include horses.

Training and riding horses, I work with a lot of animals, always have, always will.

Do you have a boyfriend now?

No, I almost married the guy I was with for five years, and I do have a daughter, but I am lucky I didn’t get married. I plan to wait, because I know the right guy is out there for me. So I’m just at the point of dating, nothing serious.

What do you look for in a guy?

You know it’s weird, I look for the heart. The heart, the spirit and something beyond the gorgeous, stereotypical body.

Any unfulfilled fantasies you want to act out on camera?

I have always had the fantasy of running through a field on a horse naked. I actually already had sex on a horse, but it would be great to do that again?

You had sex on a horse?

I was just on a trail with a friend I met at a horse camp. We went off on a trail and kind of didn’t really have sex, but just played around.

And you’re taking me riding when?

When I have my ranch.

No fantasies about porn critics?

Um, no.

Anything you want to add?

No, you covered everything.

Well then thank you for your time, we all look forward to seeing you on film very soon.

Thank you.