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Brooke Haven Interview 2004 - Brooke's Movies


We are on the floor during day one of AEE with…

Brooke Haven.

You are here at the Acid Rain booth. Have you done a lot of work for them?

I have and I like it.

Any particular titles we should look for?

If you look behind me you will see, "Jam it All the Way Up My Ass 2." Be on the lookout for that one. Also "2 Girls for Every Guy." You can't go wrong with that one right?

That's a personal favorite of every guy, in the business and in real life.

There is also "Filthy Anal POV."

Does the filthy in that title refer to how nasty you are or is it really filthy anal?

It's really filthy anal. There is a lot of stuff going on in the anal.

That sounds lovely.

My ass was definitely violated and I loved it.

Let's get a little background. Where are you from?

I'm from Northern California. I'm kind of a country girl, not so much a big city girl. I never though I would be living in LA, but that is where I need to be to make movies and I love it.

What were you like growing up?

Let's just say that if people could see me now they would never believe that it's the same person.

So if someone were to go back to your high school and show them some of your movies, they wouldn't believe it was you?

No. There is no way.

That is the best kind of girl.

It really is the best kind.

Were you always hiding this side of yourself or did it develop over time?

I think I always had a freaky side. It just needed some time to blossom.

What caused it to blossom?

I guess when I started dancing at the age of 19. I just had my 19th birthday and started dancing.

Did you like dancing?

I loved it.

Did you dance in Northern California?

I danced in Northern California, Paris, Hawaii..

Paris France, or Paris, California?

France. Where is Paris, California?

It's out near Lake Elsinore, below Riverside. I don't know if they have strip clubs out there and if they do, I doubt if they have beautiful women like you dancing there.

Maybe they are just underground. We will have to get to the bottom of that.

How long did you dance?

I danced for about five and a half years.

What caused you to make the jump to porn?

I had worked one of these conventions. I had a great time and the next step was basically this.

You were a little older than a lot of the girls who get into the industry.

Yes. Most girls get into the business at eighteen. Unfortunately I didn't have any thoughts of getting into the industry at eighteen. I thought it was a lot harder to get in than it is. You only hear about girls like Jenna Jameson. Somehow I made it in. I'm twenty-six. I am hoping I get three to five good years out of it.

Do you think that being a little older gives you an advantage in that you are more mature and know what you want?

In that sense, I guess so. I am not in the party stage, I did all of that when I was younger. I have my head on and I've lived through a lot. On the other hand I have to make sure that my looks don't start aging me. Right now they are on my side.

You look great.

I look a lot younger than I am right now.

You are less likely to decide in three months that porn is horrible and get out.


What was your first movie?

The very first thing I did was for the internet. It was also my first girl/girl experience with Nyomi Marcella.

Was that your first time with a girl?


So it was your first scene, but not your first lesbian experience?

No it wasn't.

When did your experience with girls start?

Since high school. I have always thought that girls were attractive. I would never marry a girl though. I love my boys, don't get me wrong.

You just like both.

Yes I do.

That makes you perfect for this business.

You get the best of both worlds. It's just never good to do a scene with a girl who doesn't like other girls.

Has that happened to you?


Will you tell us who it was?

No, but I will tell you that it was a painful experience. She didn't know where to put that toy. She did not know the meaning of the word gentle.

And you weren't able to win her over to the girl/girl side of the fence?

I didn't even care enough to try.

Have you done any scenes with guys who don't like girls?

I don't know. That would be interesting to find out.

It is probably more common for you to work with girls who don't like girls. What guy isn't going to like you?

I don't know. I can tell you what guy did my first boy/girl and my first anal scene, not on the same day, was Kurt Lockwood.

What was it like working with Kurt? Were you nervous?


Were you more nervous for your first girl/girl or your first boy/girl?

For the boy/girl. It's a longer shoot. Girl/Girl shoots are shorter. I knew how to have sex with boys, but I didn't know the camera angels. Luckily Kurt is so experienced that he was able to walk us straight through.

So it was a good scene?

Yeah, definitely.

About how many movies have you done?

I would say over 250.

In how long?

A year.

That's a lot of work. Obviously the age thing hasn't hurt you.

No. I haven't been booked for any MILF stuff.

Is this your first show?

I came to AVN last year, but I was just walking around and checking things out.

And this year you have a big picture of you up behind you.

Yeah, I love it. I love working for Acid Rain. I'm not just saying that because I'm here. I honestly couldn't be happier with who I'm signing for.

Is it a little weird knowing that most of the guys getting autographs have masturbated to you?

No. I love it. I think that's so hot. I wouldn't want to be the same room with half of these men while they masturbate over me, but it's still cool.

So you would like to be in a room with the other half?

Yes, some of the women especially. Brooke Haven

Have you signed a lot of autographs for women?

A couple of wives have come up with their husbands, but no women have come up alone yet.

It's probably intimidating for non-industry women.

Right, they get a little intimidated.

Do you have any favorite guys to work with?

Ben English, Kurt Lockwood, Lee Stone, Scott Nails, Dave Hardman and that's always a big surprise to everyone. He says that most girls who are younger don't want to work with him.

What do you like about working with Dave?

He knows what he's doing, he gets the job done.

Ben and Lee are really big guys. Do you have a preference for big guys?

It really doesn't matter. Either way it's going to go in there. I just might need a little more warming up for the big ones in the butt.

I've heard that some women have trouble working with Ben because he is so big and so aggressive.

I loved it.

So it was a good scene for you?

It was. And I dated him for a year and a half. I got used to the aggressiveness.

Are you dating anyone now?

No. I'm on the market.

So fans can email you for a date.

(She laughs) Sure. They can send pictures to www.brookehaven.com

But no nude pictures, right?

Right. No masturbating pictures please.

You'll ask them if you really want to see a cock shot.

Exactly, thank you.

You see enough of that at work.

I see a million of those a day.

So you would like to see a face now and then.


How about some favorite girls to work with?

Cherokee is at the top of my girl/girl list. She really knows what she is doing. Tyler Faith. I have yet to work with two women on my wish list. Eva Angelina. I think we would do a great scene. I would give anything to work with Jesse Jane.

I am going to talk to Jesse on Saturday morning and I am going to talk to her about this.


Jesse owes me blowjobs…

Dammit, why do you get all the fun?

I was thinking that maybe I could trade one of those in to make sure you get your scene with her.

Thank you. I think she has the greatest attitude and she's totally hot.

Are there any guys on your wish list?

Billy Glide.

Another big guy. You say it doesn't matter, but you keep mentioning all these huge guys.

That's true. I do remember a time when I was making out with this guy in the dark and reached down and thought "This can't be real." Maybe I do have a thing for bigger cocks.

Have you ever had a guy outside of the business who is bigger than Ben or Lee?

No, never. When I first got into the business and saw their penises I thought "No, that's going where?"

Now you've changed your mind.

Yes I have.

We know that you do girls and according to that poster you do dirty filthy anal, what about two guys at once?

I have done two DP's. The first was with Ben English and Manuel Ferrara.

That is a lot of penis for one girl.

I'm a trooper.

Was that your first DP ever?

Yes it was.

So you weren't doing that in your private life?

No. I can't imagine saying "hey, honey. Want to invite a friend over?"

Most guys are more likely to want another girl to come over.

I asked a boyfriend once that since I was willing to bring girls home, would he bring a guy home. He said he didn't want to mess with guys. He said he would be OK with it, but did it ever happen? No.

That's a tough thing to bring up to your friends though.

It's not a problem for Annie Cruz and Jack. He has no problem saying "I'm going to the gym, would you come over and fuck my wife."

Yeah, but that guy is on another planet sexually.

(She laughs) He's not playing the same hockey game?

Definitely not. It's a good thing though. How many interviews have you done?

I could probably count them on two hands.

What is the dumbest question you have been asked?

When I was dancing someone asked if I get off when giving a lap dance.

Is that a dumb question because girls just don't get off on that?

It was a non-contact lap dance. How am I getting off on air?

Did you get turned on dancing for certain guys?

Maybe, in that sense yeah. I might get turned on, but not get off.

Did you ever fake getting off to make the audience happy?

So many times. More times than I could even begin to count.

What about in movies? Do you always fake or is it sometimes real?

I would be lying if I said I get off in ever movie. I enjoy all of my scenes even if I don't get off every time.

It isn't exactly an environment conducive to female orgasm.

Right. If you've had a rough shoot the day before you might be irritated down there, you know?

No, I don't know. But I understand the concept.

(She laughs) Come on, guys' penises can get irritated.

Only if they actually have sex. I write about porn, therefore I have no sex.

You're at a porn convention, you need to have some sex. Ladies, got a cute guy here. Who wants some sex?

Notice how you didn't volunteer yourself. Pawn me off on other people. Nice.

Well I'm working.

You said you have a web site.


How long has that been up?

I've had a splash page up for about six months, but the content has really kicked in during the last two months.

How many web masters have you gone through?

Just one.

So you found a good one?

So far yeah.

What do you like to do when you aren't being a porn star?

Does it have to be sexy?


My favorite thing to do is lie on my couch with my puppy, watch movies and light my fireplace.

What would the sexy answer have been?

I would have said that when I am home alone I watch porn and masturbate all day.

The honest answer is better.

I will say that when I masturbate, which is about three times a week, I do have to watch porn.

Other than Acid Rain movies, what porn do you watch when you masturbate?

It has to be dirty with a lot of nasty talk.

Who do prefer to hear talking dirty, girls or guys?

Guys. I want to pretend they are talking to me.

Are you nominated for any awards?

I'm nominated for Best New Starlet. I am not looking to win. It would be nice, but I am honestly happy just being nominated.

Who are you up against?

Sunny Lane, McKenzie Lee, Jasmine Byrne, Hillary Scott.

You're in good company. If it can't be you, who would you want to win?

I don't know if I could pick just one. I think we all should win. I think that all of us who don't win should get a big bag of goodies.

I'll tell you what. You get all of the nominees to come to my hotel room after the show and I'll make sure you get a bag of goodies. We can have a big slumber party and pillow fight.

I am so there.

I see a tattoo on your arm, any more?

I have four total.

Any more planned?

No. In fact I might get a few removed.

How tall are you?




Real or Implant.

They are really inside me, how's that?

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Keep your eyes because you never know what you might miss if you close them.

Thanks Brooke.

Thank you Rog.

Brooke Haven

Brooke's Movies