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Brea Bennett Interview 2008

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BreaBennett Former Club Jenna contract star Brea Benett is now a contract star for Ninn Worx. The beautiful blonde sat down with me for an interview during the 2008 Adult Entertainment Expo in front of a huge screen that running a non-stop loop of Ninn's latest epic "The Four." Dressed in her costume from the movie, Brea was quite striking. The star of Pink Visuals Before They Were Stars 1 and My Plaything Brea Bennett is looking forward to even bigger and better things with Ninn Worx. With a body and face like she has, the sky would certainly seem to be the limit.

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INTERVIEW: Brea Bennett

Wow, the legendary Brea Bennett.

(She laughs)

Now, Brea, or Bre?


Brea. I work in Brea. The city.

Oh yeah? Right on. I used to.

Really? Are you from there?


But you worked there.


Where are you from?


BreaBennett Brea Bennett, from Arizona.


And you worked or lived in Brea?

I worked there.

Doing what?

I used to work in a real-estate office. I was a receptionist.

Is that what you did before you became a legendary adult film performer?

Legendary? Hardly. I was a high school student, then I was a beauty consultant, then I did the real estate thing, and now I do this.

So, fairly short time from high school student to porn star. How does that happen?

It just does. I really don't know. For me, it's not like I chose it. It kind of chose me. I just did it. It wasn't like I went out of my way. It just happened.

Okay. About how long have you been in the business?

It will be three years in September.

And about how many movies?

Probably about a hundred.

That's a lot, for three years.

Um, well, I did a lot of girl-girl, gonzo. And that's the majority of it. As far as features, I've probably done 10.

Mostly for Ninn-Worx?

Well, I used to be with Club Jenna. I was with Club Jenna for about a year and a half, and then it was time for me to move on. I wasn't planning on signing a new contract. And, as usual, it just kind of fell into my lap. I don't usually like to chase things. If something is meant to be, it's going to happen, whatever it is. And it happened.

Looks like it worked out. What was it like, being a Club Jenna girl?

It was good, for the time being. It was a good stepping stone for my career.

It certainly made you well-known.

Yeah, it was great. Absolutely.

Now, we're looking here at the new Ninn movie, which is the Four. It looks like a special project.

Yes, it's extremely extravagant. I'm the main character. I'm Queen Gorgo, and we did our own stunts. There are special effects, obviously. We had a panther, a couple of horses, we did fight scenes. I mean, we went all the way.

Cool. Now, I understand that you had some weapons training.


What was your weapon?

The sword. But see, I did a little bit of everything.

Because you're the queen.

Yeah! And I threw a spear. I slit throats. That's basically it.

Did you have any funny weapon injuries on set?

No. Although I did fall down the stairs once.

Did you do your own stunts on that?

No. (She laughs) That was an accident.

Oh, that wasn't in the script.

No. (She laughs)

Alright. Do you have any favorite people to work with?

My all-time favorite, she isn't in the industry anymore. Her name is Cody Milo. She's my favorite. I like Celeste Star. I like working with Steve St. Croix, Charles Dera.

So you do some boy-girl as well.


But a lot of people know you for your girl-girl work.


Now, off-camera: girls, guys, both?

I'm married, my fans know that. Obviously, my husband. But I love women. I can't live without women. Every now and then, I bring a girl home.

So, if you had to categorize yourself, would you say that you're a heterosexual woman who likes to play with other women?


So, if you weren't married, would you have a relationship with a woman?

I have.

Okay, yeah, so bisexual. Alright. And he's obviously okay with what you do on camera.


BreaBennett Have we ever seen him on camera?

Yes. He's been on my website, but that's it. We might do a feature together, but I don't know yet. I don't know if he wants to. I don't mind, but he's gotta be able to handle the crew and everything.

He's got to want to do it, otherwise it's going to be tough on him.


What would you say your favorite movie of yours is?

Probably the upcoming one is going to surpass everything. 'The Four' is going to be amazing.

Yeah, the trailer keeps playing over and over, and it's hard not to watch it. Obviously, we don't get to see the sex on the floor here. But it looks like a really high-end, mainstream trailer.

It is. They're planning on releasing it to the mainstream market.

So, they'll pull the sex out of it and have it just be a regular movie?


You'll be a movie star!

I will be a movie star!

Would you want to make that cross-over?

I'm a singer. I sing. I've recorded my demo and handed it out to a couple of major people, and they definitely want to know what I can do. I think if I can use porn as a business tool, it can be very rewarding. I'm definitely looking for that next step.

What kind of music do you do?

I write my own. Some alternative, acoustic. Think an Alice-in-Chains, female version. Pretty cool.

Interesting. Is there anybody here who has gotten to listen to that music?

Not yet.


Not yet.

We can look for it in the future. Excellent. Have you worked with all the other NINN Girls?

No, I've only ever worked with Jana, and that's before she was contracted.

And nobody's worked with Cassidy, apparently.


Do you want to work with Cassidy?


So, you all want to work with Cassidy. How long are you all going to give Nin to set-up an on-screen tryst before you say, 'Screw it, I'm taking her home!'

Probably another week, because that girl is just irresistible.

So we've got one at one month, one at a week, and one at tonight, or she's taking her home. I think Cassidy's in for a good couple of months.

Oh, and she'll enjoy it. She's definitely down for that. I know that!

Okay, is there anybody else you haven't worked with but would go for in a second?

Kirsten Price, although she's contracted.

Well, let's pretend there's no contracts involved, they just get to work with you.

Well, okay, Kirsten Price. Sunny Leone. Let's see…that's it.

Sunny's great.

BreaBennett She's amazing.

She's really hot.

She's gorgeous! My type.

For those who may not have seen you, and I don't have my camera with me today because it was stolen, describe yourself a little.

Oh, nice! I'm blonde, I have green eyes, and really big horse teeth. (She laughs) I'm a 32B-22-32, 5'5, 100 pounds. And I'm wearing warrior gear right now!

It's a really hot costume. So, with you and Sunny, you would be the petite blonde and she'd be the statuesque brunette? That could be really hot.


Would that mean that she would be in charge?

I'll let her do whatever she wants! I don't care.

Whatever she wants to do?


Do you hear that, Sunny? Whatever you want to do!

(She laughs)

How often do we get to hear that?

Yeah, right!

Any guys that you want to work with?

No. I've worked with the guys that I wanted to. My scenes are great and they're wonderful, and it's my job and that's what I do. It's not like I go into work and say, 'Oh, I want to work with this person and that person.'

You just want to do a good scene.

Yeah. As long as they have good hygiene, they're good-looking, and that's it.

Do you think you work better with guys you've already worked with?

Yes. By far. That's why I only work with a certain group of people.

They already know what you like.

Exactly. Like Steven, Erik Masterson. It's easy. They're fun. The scenes are quick and easy. You're in and out in an hour, and that's it.

Sounds good.


What other titles should they look for besides 'The Four?' Because we can't see that quite yet.

Well, I know my first personal, solo feature from Ninn will be out in January, at the end of the month. It's called 'Meet Brea,' although you know me. That's the only thing I can think of. Everything else is from Club Jenna.

So, there are a couple of titles you can check out. I've seen some.


They're good ones, but obviously, we want to meet you.


So, 'Meet Brea' and then obviously in 'The Four.' That's with Marco Banderas?


Wow. This really looks like an amazing movie. How long did it take you to shoot?

Ten days, and we still have a week. But there were ten days of 21-hour days.

And were you shooting every day?


How many sex scenes did you have in the movie?


Two. Fights scenes, and looks like all kinds of costume changes and everything. Is it safe to say it's the biggest thing you've ever been involved in?


Wow. I'm really impressed. We could talk about this all day, but I am going to go ahead and say good-bye to you. Oh, what's the fan response been like this year?

You know, it's been pretty mellow this year. But a lot more people know who I am, which is great. They come up and they don't say my name wrong, which is cool. So, there hasn't been as many people as there have been the year before. But that's okay. Every year is different.

When you're in the Club Jenna booth, you have to kind of expect a mob scene whenever she walks into the room.


Here, it's a little more spread out, but you've got a nice line going.

I like it. I like it kind of mellow, you know? I'm a pretty normal girl.

You like to spend a little more time with each person, signing?


What would you say is the nicest thing a person has said to you during the show?

That I look better in person.

Do you think that's true?

BreaBennett I hope it is!

You don't look quite as fuzzy in person as you do on screen.

Or electric. Or pixilated. (She laughs)

(He laughs) You absolutely are. What's the strangest thing someone has said?

Someone wants to get a tattoo of me on them.

A guy or girl?

A girl. And, I don't know. I try not to remember those things.

Would that be weird? If someone showed you a tattoo of you on their bodies?

Yeah, because I'm very, very modest. I'm not like, 'Oh, I'm a big superstar!' I'm just me. That'd be kind of weird. What if I decide I want to become a nun? What happens after that?

Then they'll have Sister Bennett tattooed on their ass. That'd be weird.


Do you have any tattoos?

Yes. I have one on the back of my neck. It's the Tibetan Buddhist mantra. Everybody knows about my little lily, with my thorns, on my ankle. I'm planning on getting quite a few more.

What do you really want to get?

I want to get a full sleeve on my right arm, with the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism, mixed with my music and all that.



Well, we'll be looking for you in more movies, and your music, and some other projects in the future. Thank you very much.

Thank you.


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