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Axel Braun Interview 2004

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Let's talk about your deal with New Sensations. What lines are you working on for them?


Regarding Squirting 101, is it true that you can make any woman squirt?

Absolutely. Why, you don't believe me?

How did you discover this talent?

December 20th, 1982 I was in Paris, France researching for a History final at the Sorbonne Library. It's quite an amazing place, and I started wandering around looking at all these incredible books, when I happened upon the "Human Sexuality" section. One book caught my attention, it was called "Le Point G" and it was the French translation of an American text, "The G Spot", by Beverly Whipple and Alice Kahn Ladas. I started reading it on the spot and became so captivated that I read the whole thing. It explained that some women have the capability of expelling considerable amounts of fluid upon stimulation of their G Spot. It also explained in detail the exact location of the spot. I found it fascinating, and when I got home I told my girlfriend about it and we tried to find it. In about 15-20 minutes, she squirted like a fountain. Now, the book stated that just about 20% of the female population is known to have this particular ability…which made me think I was one lucky bastard, since my girl was one of them. Then the weekend came, and being only 16 I was not exactly a model of faithfulness…so I picked up a girl at a club, I took her home and during sex I tried to find her G Spot. Amazingly, she too squirted like crazy, thus becoming my official girl-on-the-side. Couple of days later, two girls I had met over the summer called me up and invited me for a game of tennis…which ended up in a nice threesome, with both chicks ejaculating almost non-stop. Let's just say that a couple of weeks later I started thinking:"Hmm…maybe it's ME". Since then, every girl I slept with has squirted…plus about 150 porn actresses. It's been now 23 years. I'd say we're in the thousands…but then I'd be bragging.

You have an interesting porn pedigree; tell us a bit about that?

My father, Lasse Braun, started producing and directing X-rated movies in Europe in1961. He single-handedly made pornography legal in Scandinavia, and basically started the whole porn-industry. He came from a rich, aristocratic family and was a rebel who believed in pornography as the ultimate form of revolution. His movies were shot in 8mm and had very big budgets. Also, keep in mind that at the time porn was illegal, so there were no limitations… it was pretty intense. One of his 35mm features opened at number four at the box-office in 1974, after "The Towering inferno", "Lenny" and "Chinatown".

He's quite a character, Lasse. Went into business with Reuben Sturman in the 70's, made a crapload of money with the peep-show machines, didn't adjust well to the transition to one-day-wonder videos in the 80's, spent most of the 90's making R-rated movies, then retired in Italy, where he now writes history books. Eccentric would be the right word.

What were you doing when got into the adult industry?

Raced cars for 4 years, managed clubs, played poker professionally, got a Ph.D. in Psychology…and other frivolous things.

How did you end up directing movies?

I graduated from Film School, and I wanted to make mainstream films. Then my dad called me.

When was you your first time behind the camera?

Officially? 1987 on a soft-core film that my father was shooting in Rome. But my directorial porn debut was an 8mm film I shot in 1982 and sold in school…while the first time that I got credit in one of my father's movies was in 1990 for "Fantasy Nights". Lasse and I wrote it and produced, Henri Pachard directed, and Alex De Renzy shot it. Three icons. An absolute mess. Great memories.

You worked for a few companies before New Sensations. How did this current deal come about?

After I left Elegant Angel, where I served as General Manager for over a year, I really wanted to shoot more. I got a deal with Private, and I shot a feature for them, but soon felt uncomfortable about the bureaucracy of the company, which is based out of Spain. I had known Scott Taylor (owner of New Sensations) for a while, and just really liked the guy and the way he ran his operations, plus my fiancé works there as a Post-Production Manager, so I got to be pretty familiar with the company. Last January one of his main directors left, and he offered me a deal. He is an honest man, very loyal and supportive. Seriously, I have never been so happy professionally.

What are you looking for from the women you cast?

Complete, utter whoreness.

You have been nominated for several awards and won a bunch this year. Which of the awards/Noms are you most proud of?

Of the ones I won, definitely Compulsion. It was a pivotal moment in my career, for many reasons. I shot it on Film, and it won top honors at every single Award Show throughout the world in 2004. A lot of hard work, passion and dedication went into that movie, and I will always be extremely proud of it. As far as the nominations for the upcoming show…Squirting 101 for best alternative video. It's a very personal crusade, you know? A different concept, a cross between a reality-show, porn, and me teaching people how to make girls squirt. It's funny, it's sexy and it's hot. Beside the fact that it's selling impossible numbers, I keep getting tons of mail every day from guys and girls thanking me for it. Even if it didn't win shit, it remains a very rewarding experience.

About how many movies have you done?

I really haven't kept count. Too many, I guess.

Which of your movies would you say is the best so far? The next one. Seriously.

Which performers do you like working with and why?

Lauren Phoenix, Missy Monroe, Ariana Jollee, Roxanne Hall…in no particular order. Why? They're all super whores. Don't get me wrong, I mean it as the highest form of compliment. They love sex, they have an incredible erotic charge, they will fuck anybody, anywhere, at any given moment…and then want more.

Is there anyone you won't work with again?

Absolutely. Anybody who flakes, gives me attitude, or just doesn't give me a good performance.

Who has surprised you most in terms of you getting something out of them that you hadn't seen before?

Gee, there's not much that I haven't seen before…

Anyone you haven't worked with yet, but want to?

Would love to shoot Aria Giovanni in an anal scene with Rocco. Not likely to happen.

Do you have a web site?


What will fans see there?

An exercise in self-absorbed egocentrism. Oh, and some squirting stuff too…

So you prefer shooting features or gonzo/all-sex?

What I do now works perfectly for me. Gonzo twice a week, a big feature once a year. I am a lucky bastard.

Is there any kind of scene you won't do on camera?

No. As long as it's legal, that is.

Do you have any favorite directors to watch when you aren't making your own movies?

I shoot 4 to 6 movies a month…don't really feel compelled to watch porn when I'm not shooting.

Do you think that the industry is doing enough to keep performers safe from STDs, especially HIV?

I think we can divide the industry in pre-AIM and post-AIM. Sharon Mitchell has done wonders for the performers and for the industry in general. Is it safe? Safer than before, that's for sure.

Do you have any plans to step in front of the camera and perform?

I am one of those guys that believe you should do one thing and do it right. Which is a politically correct way to say "I can't get wood in front of a camera"…

What about dating porn girls?

Never a good idea to mix business with pleasure.

Any good casting couch stories to tell?

Without getting sued? No.

Anything more you want to say to the fans?

I don't know if I will still have any fans after this interview…

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