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This is a little bit different for me. I've got two women on the line for a little three-way interview action. I hear you both just came in from the pool?

AM: Yeah the weather in Arizona is really nice so we are working on our tans.

Life is tough for you guys. So are we doing a three-way or do I get to do you one at a time.

H: A three-way of course.

That works for me. Let's let everyone know who I am talking to.

AM: This is Ashton Moore.

H: And this is Haven.

Welcome ladies. You are both associated with Club Jenna and are or have been Jill Kelly Contract Girls.

AM: That is correct.

You just did a big web thing didn't you?

AM: Yeah we just had a big party in Arizona on Thursday night. It was called "Next to Nothing" and the majority of the ClubJenna girls showed up. We did a big signing. We threw out some ClubJenna shirts and partied all night. It was rough.

Let's get a little background. Same questions to both of you. Where were are you from?

H: Whittier, California.

AM: Newport Beach, California.

You are both California girls. How did two pretty SoCal girls become big porn stars?

H: You know my story Rog. You shot my first movie.

I do know your story, but we need to fill in the details.

H: It's all your fault.

Let's hear Ashton's story and then Haven can rip me for ruining her life.

AM: I got in while I was house dancing here in Arizona. I submitted a few photos to the Hot Body International contest and a few days later they brought me out to California. I placed third in the contest and there were a bunch of agents swarming the girls. I got set up with one of them. He took me around to the photographers and Suze Randall kind of fell in love with me. She shot the heck out of me for all kinds of magazines. One night over dinner I heard my agent talking large sums of money with another girl he represented. When I asked him about he told me she was doing movies. I didn't think I could do it, but I met with several companies. I wanted to do girls only, but was told that I was too new and didn't have a name so that wouldn't work. I did boy/girl for about seven or eight months with Ultimate Pictures/Adam & Eve. I stepped back to take some time off because it was overwhelming. I took about a year off and came back full speed ahead. Now I am dancing, shooting movies and doing the website. I am really enjoying it.

You said you grew up in California, but you were dancing in Arizona.

AM: I was born in Southern California, but we moved to Arizona when I was very young. I spend a lot of time in both places now.

Haven, even though I know your story why don't you tell everyone else how you ended up in porn.

H: I don't like telling it.

Come on, how did a nice girl like you get into porn.

H: You, it was all you. I saw you a convention, shot a couple of movies and the next thing you know I'm a JKP Contract Girl. It isn't very interesting.

It is more interesting than that version of the story yes. For those people who haven't heard it, I will tell my side of the story. There was this girl I saw a comic book show. I was with a friend of mine Eric Allen who was doing some directing at the time. When she found out what I do and what Eric did she asked us "do you think I could do movies." After we checked her ID, we looked her over and thought, "hmmm, she is totally cute, has a great body and looks like a cheerleader." Being the geniuses that we are we figured out that yeah, this girl might have a future in porn. It was a really tough call for us.

H: That is pretty much the story.

I know what your first movie. It was a little thing with your then boyfriend.

H: Who is no longer my boyfriend. I'm single now.

Was that five years ago?

H: At least. I was eighteen then and I'm twenty-four now.

You shot a couple of movies before signing with JKP, but not many.

H: It took about a year before the contract came up. I think I did six movies before that. I did four girl/girl scenes for Jewel De'Nyle. Jewel wanted me to meet Jill and Jill signed me that day.

I just reviewed a Michael Raven movie you did for Sin City.

H: With Jessica Drake.

It was a great scene in a bad movie.

H: I know, the movie is bad but we had a great scene.

You started out doing mostly girl/girl. When you went to Jill Kelly was that your plan, to stick with girl/girl or were you ready to do everything?

H: Not everything, but I was ready to do boy/girl. I still haven't done anal.

Six years in the business and you still haven't done anal? How about you Ashton?

AM: I have always been a contract girl, but I started out doing boy/girl and switched over to girl/girl.

Are you all-girl now?

AM: I am all-girl now with the exception of one movie that I did last summer called "Erotic Focus." I did one boy/girl scene as a treat for my fans who have stayed loyal even though I only do girls now. I did a boy/girl scene with my husband.

So you're a married lady.

AM: Yes I am.

Does he do other scenes, or was that more of a one-time thing for him?

AM: That was a one-time thing for him. I keep him out of the business.

How did that experience compare to working with porno guys?

AM: It was more real. We knew what we were doing for each other. On a regular shoot you have rough days. Even the best performers have off days. We didn't have any complications and it was real. There was no pretending. I didn't have to pretend to like some guy I hate.

Do you think he was nervous?

AM: Oh yeah, guys are always nervous. It's a lot of pressure. I would be nervous if I was a guy.

Haven, you said you are single now. The guy you got into the business with was a long time ago, but you were dating someone else the last time I saw you.

H: I had a relationship with him for about three and a half years. We just recently broke up.

So you're out looking again.

H: Not really looking no. I am looking to make a return though. No one has anything of me with my new boobs.

Well you know where I live and since you're single it is OK for you to come over any time.

AM: She is at my house this week Rog, you have to take a number.

I know that when we were shooting Haven we were all hoping that her boyfriend would have trouble and we have to step in. Sadly for us, he did a great job.

H: Unfortunately he continued to do a nice job behind my back.

There is a scoop.

H: I'm sure everyone knows by now.

The guy you were most recently with, was he in the business?

H: No. He was very supportive though. He helped me on the road and was basically my body guard when we did signings. He was a great friend. People were talking about us recently spotted together and rumors are spreading that we are back together.

But that is not true.

H: It is not true, but at the same time it is nobody's business.

To both of you, what movie would you suggest for someone who hasn't seen your work?

H: I would point them to 100% Haven. That is the one that was reviewed on Ricky Lake and Entertainment Tonight. I spent two days doing five scenes back to back. If someone wants to see Ashton and I together, I would suggest "Blonde on Blonde."

AM: I would say "Erotic Focus" for obvious reasons. It's my most recent boy/girl, but it also has a good story. It is the only movie of mine that I have watched over and over. I would also suggest "When the Boys are Away the Girls Will Play 8." It's an all-girl movie, but it isn't boring or slow. It is very hard-core. I hand-picked all of the girls like Shayla LaVaux, Nicole Sheridan and Jessica Drake. There is anal, DP and I think it is the best all-girl movie I've done. I just started a new all-girl line called "Ashton's Auditions." It was my idea to bring in girls who are new to the business, give them a short interview and then try them out. It is a lot of new faces, cute girls and has been a lot of fun.

How about favorite performers? Let's start with girls.

H: I haven't been around for so long, but I really loved working with Jewel De'Nyle. She and Nicole Sheridan would be in a tie.

AM: I have to agree. Nicole is definitely one of my top girls. Brittney Skye is another. It is always a real scene with her. I don't know what it is, but she and I have great chemistry. Jessica Drake is another. She is just so beautiful and incredible. You can't take your eyes off of her and she is sweet. Shayla LaVaux as well. She has the most incredible body and when she does a scene she doesn't care about her hair and make up. She will sweat and get messy and it's the sexiest thing ever.

What about guys?

H: Mark Davis and Chyenne Collins.

AM: I agree again. When I was doing boy/girl, Mark was my favorite.

What is it about Mark Davis?

AM: He is respectful and nice. There are a lot of cheese balls in the business, but he makes it pleasant. The scenes are awesome.

H: I have never had him fail in any scene.

I doubt if either of you have that problem very often.

AM: You would be surprised.

How about a wish list? Do either of you have anyone you want to work with?

AM: Jenna Jameson.

H: Exactly. Jenna and my favorite, Janine,

Both under contract for the wrong company.

AM: We are so close, but so far. I spend a lot of time with Jenna at ClubJenna events and she lives so close to me.

Are you able to work with her for web projects?

AM: That is a real touchy thing. We could probably to photos, but not any video stuff even for a web site.

What about a private show at my house? The three of you can come over and I will just and watch.

H: That works for me.

AM: Me too. Let's do it.

You both have web sites so let's talk about hem.

H: Mine is www.havenxxx.com ClubJenna runs it now so there is a ton of content. Now that I am getting back into the business I am getting a lot of help from Ashton. She is really helping me get caught up on the diaries. Look for upcoming chats and other great things.

You went through a few different web sites.

H: I went through one I did myself to having Brittany O'Connell, to Jenteal and now with ClubJenna. When I came here I said that I was going to stay here forever.

How about you Ashton?

AM: My site is www.AshtonMoore.com I can't say enough great things about ClubJenna. Since they took over they have some amazing things with my site. I do a lot of hands-on stuff, updating my diaries. I was doing live chats at least once a month. Lately I have been dancing so much that it has been harder to schedule. I am going to try to increase those. When you go onto my site, there are pictures of other girls, all of the live chats are there. ClubJenna has been incredible.

I reviewed Haven's site years ago so we need to talk to someone in charge to get some new reviews done.

H: Definitely. There is so much more stuff now.

Let's give everyone some visuals. How tall are you?

H: I'm about five-eight. I have grown about an inch in the past few years.

AM: I'm short, almost five-three.


H: I'm a 34D-24-30.


H: I know I'm a D now, can you believe it?

AM: I know my chest is a 36C-24-35 I think.

We know that Haven has implants, how about you?

AM: Oh yes. I have had mine for eight years now.

So Haven has boobs now.

AM: She certainly does.

I read some people on the internet saying that JKP may have insisted or that Haven did this for a contract. I can say from personal conversations we had from the beginning that you wanted boobs long before you got into porn.

AM: A lot of us tried talking her out of it, but she was insistent.

H: That is really funny because I got them and I haven't made another movie. Anyone who says I did it for my contract is wrong because I haven't made a movie since.

Why is that?

H: I don't know. I was unhappy with a lot of thing at JKP. I was in a serious relationship and I needed a break. I was in it every day. I was on the road, dancing on the holidays and I needed to walk away for a while.

How long ago was the last movie?

H: I don't know, they release a new one with me every month. I think the last movie I made was two years ago.

You do plan to make movies again though right?

H: Yes.

Any idea when?

H: We are working on that now. It will be big when it happens. It will be my first movie back, my first with boobs and it will be pretty big. It won't be a little gonzo thing.

You shot some movies with a broken leg.

H: That was about the time I stopped. You can't tell in the movies, but if you watch the behind the scenes you can see.

What happened?

H: I damaged a tendon in my foot.

How did that happen?

H: I tripped.

That's it? Nothing glamorous? You need a better story.

H: I was having crazy sex and I kicked a fan.

That's much better.

AM: Work me in there too when you re-tell the story.

Do you both remember your first scene?

AM: My first scene way a boy/girl scene with Ian Daniels. It was for a movie called "The Naked Truth" for Ultimate Pictures and we broke the bed.

Broke the bed?

AM: Yeah, I thought that was pretty good for a first time.

Were you particularly nervous?

AM: No. He was a great guy to do a first scene with because he was no nice and gentle. It was kind of like doing a scene with your brother. It was kind of weird, but he was good. I was more worried about making it look like it wasn't my first scene. The bed broke and fell to the ground right in the middle.

How about you Haven, were you nervous?

H: Yeah I was. You were there.

Do you want me to tell all of the stories?

H: It was a long time ago. I did my first scene with my ex-boyfriend which made it that much easier and that much harder at the same time. If he couldn't perform it was all on me.

But he did a good job.

H: Yes he did.

As I recall we had loud music coming from the alley below the window during your solo scene.

H: That was kind of distracting.

Have you ever seen the finished product?

H: Yeah.

Are you happy with how it came out?

H: Oh yeah.

How about you Ashton?

AM: Oh yeah. Ultimate does mostly features and I was more nervous with my dialog. By the time we got to the sex it was cake. I was just worried about the dialog. I knew how to have sex.

You guys really entered the business at opposite ends of the spectrum. Ashton went for really high-class and Haven went as low-class as you could go.

(Ashton laughs)

H: Thanks a lot.

What do you mean? That was aimed at me, not at you.

H: It was not low class.

It could have been worse, you could have started with Ed Powers.

H: I would never go that low.

Haven you said you still haven't done anal.

H: I am not going to. There are lots of things I stopped doing. I stopped doing facials. I stopped kissing guys on camera. It is hard enough to have a relationship in this business. There are some things that I keep for my man. I'm sorry if someone doesn't like the fact that I don't take some guy's cum on my face or take some guy's dick up my ass, but that is the way it is. That is for home. I get crazy at home. I want to keep some things special.

How about you Ashton?

AM: I am the same way. I haven't done it on camera. I have tried anal in my private life and I'm not into it. I have read all of the advice and the steps to take, but it isn't something that I don't enjoy. I am more than willing to give it to someone who enjoys it.

What about with girls?

AM: I won't take it, but I will give it.

H: I don't know if I have taken it from a girl either. I have given it a lot.

You have both done features and gonzo work, which do you prefer?

AM: Features

H: Features.


AM: It is something to be proud of. When you do something with a story and dialog you can be more proud of it. When you shoot something that is just sex it isn't something that people will remember or win awards.

Have either of you done interracial?

H: No

AM: I haven't with guys. Alexis Amore was one of our contract girls. I have worked with Hispanic girls.

Is that something that you plan to do, plan not to do?

H: I have a list of guys I work with. It was only names long. I worked with all kinds of girls. If I think they are attractive I will work with them. If I don't I won't. I don't care if they are white, Asian, whatever.

AM: I will give any girl a shot once. Race doesn't matter. It has to do with the girl.

Who were the three guys on your list?

H: Cheyne Collins, Mark Davis and Dillon Day I can't remember. I worked with seven guys total, but a bunch of them I wouldn't work with again. I will be adding Eric Masterson when I come back. I like the way he treats girls.

Ashton has her line of all-girl movies. Are either of you doing anything behind the camera?

AM; No. Jill hasn't exactly allowed many of us to have that opportunity. Right now I haven't done any, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to.

H: Hopefully that is something that I will get to do as part of my comeback. A lot of that depends on what company I am with. In the last two years I have done some assistant directing and production manager for several companies. I know what goes on. Skye Blue helped me learn a lot so I am hope that I will get my own line as part of a comeback.

You said that it depends on which company you are with. Does that mean that there is a chance it won't be with JKP?

H: There is a very good chance that it will not be with JKP.

If you had your choice would you like to go back to JKP?

H: No, I don't want to come back to Jill Kelly Productions. They have done everything they could to get me to where I am. They helped get me out of my shell and I don't know if there is any benefit for either of us for me to go back. I don't think they have anything to offer me and I don't think that I have anything to offer them. I haven't spoken with them about it, but hopefully they feel the same way.

So that Jenna thing could happen?

H: We don't know. They might never let me out of contract, but I just feel that I can't work for JKP.

We will be looking for more news on that. In the meantime Ashton she is at your house so you can try and convince her to stay.

AM: She is one of my best friends so I hope she goes wherever she is happy.

I have some pictures on my site of Ashton in her Rog Rules T-Shirt. I don't have any of Haven. You know, for someone who has been my friend for years, no pictures and this is the first time we have interviewed. What is up with that?

AM: I can take care of half of that. Your shirt is upstairs, Haven is right here and I have a digital camera.

No more excuses Haven.

AM: I will put it on her in her sleep.

I must have done something horrible to her on those first few shoots because she has avoided me at every turn.

H: I am lazy. I avoid everyone, it's not you. Ashton is the one who kicks me in the ass and gets me to do things. We feature together and she is there to help push me.

Every year I go to Vegas with the promise of an interview and every year Haven turns me away daily.

H: That isn't true.

It is true. It doesn't help that I am not allowed inside of the JKP barrier. Ashton is probably going to get all kinds of hell for even talking to me.

AM: No, I'm sure they won't mind.

Let's talk about the feature stuff you guys do together. How long has this been going on?

AM: Two years. My first feature dance booking was with Haven. She took me by the hand and we went on the road together.

H: It was in Tampa.

AM: It is much more fun to have a partner. Even if the crowd is lame you can dance for each other and it helps the time pass more quickly. It is more fun to have your best friend with you.

H: I am much nicer when she is around. I interact with people more and just have a better time. I have been feature dancing for five years and it can get old.

AM: We both dance the same way so we are really in sync. We just know what each other is going to do on stage. People get us confused all the time. When you get us under the light we look the same.

Would the schedule be on the web sites?

H: More on Ashton's than on mine. I take forever to post things on mine. She always posts her stuff right away. Eventually I will have mine up to speed.

I want to be notified if you will be dancing near me. I need to get out of the house before I kill myself.

AM: Check my site, we'll get you out for a good show.

It has been a few months now, but this year we had a major HIV outbreak in the business. You both would be out of the line of fire since you've been away or doing girls for so long.

AM: That is one of the benefits of doing only girls. There were a lot of questions asked when it was going on. The way that AIM and the industry went about it was amazing. It was a matter of hours between the first test and an industry-wide awareness of the situation. Everyone stopped production, everyone had to be re-tested and it was kept under control. We are so particular about testing and no one will work with someone who isn't tested. That is how they were able to track people down so quickly. We didn't shoot for three months just to make sure that everyone had been re-tested and was cleared. It keeps us safer than people who aren't in the business. I could ask everyone in a club where I'm dancing who has ever been tested for HIV and very few have. We also test for other STDs and that is something that the average person just doesn't do. You are safer in the business in many respects.

If you were doing boy/girl would you insist on condoms?

AM: I would. I would need to do it for my safety and I would hope that anyone out there who is a fan would want me to be safe. I hope that they would appreciate the fact that I want to stay in the business and not lose my life. I enjoyed the scene with my husband because I didn't have to use a condom. He did have to be tested even for a scene with me. We were able to do a scene without one and take a facial.

And to emphasize, he was tested even for his one scene with you.

AM: Yes he was. It doesn't matter who you are. To my knowledge you can't even do a magazine layout without a current test.

What about you Haven. Will you insist on condoms?

H: I have always been condom-only and I won't change that. For the same reason Ashton listed. I am not going to lose my life over a sex scene.

I will run out to get a test and have condoms handy.

AM: We will be out in that area soon.

The Angels are in the playoffs though.

H: See, look at your priorities.

AM: We can help you celebrate.

It's a deal. Anything more we need to talk about?

AM: Just let everyone know that they can check out my dance schedule on www.ashtonmoore.com .

H: Yeah, check her web site to see where I'm dancing too.

Thank you both very much.

AM: Thank you Rog.

H: Thanks Rog, for everything.

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