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Platinum Edition: Personal Pleasurizer (Reviewed by Britney)

At first glance, this toy is a little odd looking. It’s kind of a super sized pocket rocket with a strange little hook thing. My first thought was that it looked like a rubber version of something I might see in a “Saw” or “Hostel” movie. Don’t let first glances fool you though.

Bound by Diamonds: 2 Piece Diamond Thigh Restraints (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

This is a really nice addition to the bondage-themed toys we have been reviewing lately. It is a simple set of thigh restraints that allow one to be bound in a number of positions. It is a set of comfortable and adjustable thigh straps clipped to adjustable wrist straps. They have nice crystal accents to make them look very pretty, but they hold pretty well.

First Time Love Balls: Duo Lover (Reviewed by Britney)

I have never tried insertable balls before and as a little apprehensive. The First Time Love Balls are nicely designed for girls like me. They are smooth, with that velvety feel that really goes well with lube. The two balls are not overly big, but certainly have enough size to let you feel them. They are weighted which helps with stimulation and Kegel workout.

Intimate Basics Mistress Kit (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

The Mistress Kit from California Exotic Novelties is a three piece set from their Intimate Basics line. That pretty well covers it. It is a basic mistress kit for some very gentle, beginner bondage and kink play. It consists of some fur-lined cuffs, a mask and a tickler. And by tickler, they don’t mean a euphemism for some naughty bits stimulator.

10 Function Charisma Tryst

Taking a break from the cock rings we have been reviewing, we gave the Charisma Tryst a try. This 10-Speed mini vibe is very comfortable and discreet. It’s about the same size as the Pocket Rocket which we have used in the past and enjoy.

Lia: Bounding Bunny

Nothing like a new twist on an old favorite to get my juices flowing. I am, have always been and always will be a huge fan of the classic Pocket Rocket vibrator. It packs a punch and is easy to use alone or with a partner. It’s also small enough to fit into a purse for goodies on the go.

10 Function Advanced Anal Explorer Kit (Reviewed by Paige Little)

This kit come with everything you need for a while anal session. The well-designed anal douche ball helps get everything off to a squeaky clean start. A super-smooth silicone butt plug comes with a remote control. It keeps going and going.

Lia: Love Ring (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

The Lia Love Ring features a nicely stretchy ring that fits comfortably around the base of the penis. It is a snug fit as it needs to be and easily holds the vibrator in place. It also serves as a cock ring which can be an added bonus.

Travel Gripper: BJ & Pussy (Reviewed by Pancho)

Since this toy is billed as a travel stroker, we can overlook the most obvious flaw. It’s small. The entire length of the toy is less than six inches and with openings at both ends, it can create a problem if deep stroking is your thing.

Muse Massager from NS Novelties (Reviewed by Paige Little)

This little toy is outrageously fun. It’s weebly-wobbly design is a lot of fun. The silky smooth texture is quite pleasing to the touch. The adorable eyes light up as you flip through speeds. Don’t let the cute stuff fool you though. This is the hottest clitoral vibe I have played with in quite some time.

Vanity by Jopen (Reviewed by Paige Little)

This is an absolutely amazing toy. It has an amazingly soft, velvety feel to the entire toy. The Vanity by Jopen comes with a sleek recharging base and an amazing battery that offers four hours of non-stop fun per charge.

Tantric 10-Function Aura Massager (Reviewed by Indigo)

Do you need your chakras adjusted? Is your aura feeling a little… flat? Never fear, the Tantric Ten Function Aurua Massager (in red or pink!) is here to help.

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