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Pick the Winners Contest: 2017 XRXO Awards The Winners Revealed

The votes are in and the ballots have been tabulated. The Pick the Winners Contest for the 2017 XRCO Awards has a winner.

2017 XRCO Awards Nominations: Reaction Podcast with Video

The 2017 XRCO Awards Nominations have been announced. (Full List Here)

This podcast takes a look at the full list of nominees, including the Hall of Fame class of 2017. It also breaks down some changes in the categories. It is mostly a reaction video and covers some thoughts on possible changes the XRCO can make in the future to keep it on the cutting edge of adult entertainment.

2017 AVN Awards Nominations: Pick the Winners Contest

2017 AVN Awards Pick the Winners Contest: With the podcast series done, we go through the Pick the Winners 2017 AVN Awards Contest ballot.

2017 AVN Awards Nominations: Part Ten

2017 AVN Awards Part Ten: In our final look at the 2017 AVN Awards Nominees, we take on the Male Performer of the Year, Best New Starlet and Female Performer of the Year categories. The big three deserve a nice long look so we break it all down and even cover at least one big exclusion. (Ahem ANGELA WHITE). Thank you all for joining me on this year’s journey through the long list of nominees.

2017 AVN Awards Nominations: Part Nine

2017 AVN Awards Part Nine: As we close in our final podcast of the series, all of the web categories get discussed including Best Web Director. We take a brief look at toys, lingerie and retail as well. Plus, the Pick the Winners Contest gets introduced. Good Luck.

2017 AVN Awards Nominations: Part Eight

2017 AVN Awards Part Eight: Writers, musicians and keyboard wizards get their chance to shine as we take a look at Best Screenplay. Best Soundtrack and Best Special Effects among other categories in this edition.

2017 AVN Awards Nominations: Part Seven

2017 AVN Awards Part Seven: In this episode we take a look at some great marketing campaigns, examine the Best Oral categories, Best Non Sex Performance and Best Parody. We also discuss one of my least favorite categories.

2017 AVN Awards Nominations: Part Six

2017 AVN Awards Part Six: This episode covers some big topics including Best Gonzo Movie, Best Interracial Movie and Best Group Scene As we near the halfway point on the ballot, details about the Pick the Winners contest are also a topic of discussion.

2017 AVN Awards Nominations: Part Five

2017 AVN Awards Part Five: Moving into the Best Foreign categories, we take a look as some of the best from overseas. Feedback aslo comes into play as my friend Houston Don has some comments on the Nikki Benz/Tony T/Brazzers situation.

2017 AVN Awards Nominations: Part Four

2017 AVN Awards Part Four: Five Best Director categories dominate this episode. We also take on Best DP Sex Scene (Possibly the strongest field of the list), Best Drama and the Best Ethnic vs Best Ethnic/Interracial categories and designation.

2017 AVN Awards Nominations: Part Three

2017 AVN Awards Part Three: Big body parts galore as we take on Best Big Boob and Best Big Butt titles. We also take on the ever-important Best Continuing Series. Moving into the C’s, Cinematography, Comedy and Continuing Series round out the categories. The first feedback of the year takes center stage as we discuss the Nikki Benz/Brazzers/Tony T situation and allegations. We discuss consent, contracts and what a company should do when someone they hire mistreats female talent. Don’t miss this one.

2017 AVN Awards Nominations: Part Two

2017 AVN Awards Part Two: Our second episode covers the A’s including Anal categories, Amateur series and movie, Art Direction and Best Anthology.

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