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Podcast: 2019 AVN Awards Part 2: Best All Girl, Best Anal, Best Art Direction

In this second podcast, we cover the All Girl and Anal movie/scene categories. We also cover Art Direction, pay tribute to the hard working folks at AVN who actually whittle the full field of scenes and movies into this long list and touch briefly on the concept of objectivity vs subjectivity when ranking performances.

Podcast: 2019 AVN Awards Part 1: Best All Girl Performer,

We kick off this year’s AVN Awards Podcast Series with a look at the Best All Girl Performer and the Best Actor/Actress categories for both Feature and Featurette.

Podcast: 5 Questions No One is Asking About Stormy Daniels & Donald Trump

Everyone has heard about the Stormy Daniels/Donald Trump and everyone has an opinion about. It is a 24/7 news story that has captured the attention of the nation. With all the media coverage and social media reaction to this story, there are still a few key questions that no one is asking. Here are Five Questions that No One is Asking About the Stormy Daniels/Donald Trump Affair. What do you guys think? Why aren’t these questions being asked? What are we missing from this huge story?

Podcast: Fresno State Prof & Free Speech

We shift gears a little with this one. No porn, but some free speech talk. Recently a Fresno State literature professor set off a firestorm with some controversial remarks about the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush. Or did she? Was this just the latest incident that the outrage industry has blown out of proportion to get us all arguing about something that ultimately means very little. This short podcast takes a look at that idea and covers the general idea of free speech in the face of offensive ideas.

Podcast: 2018 XRCO Award Nominations: Reaction

The 2018 XRCO Awards are coming on June 28th. The Nominees for the XRXO Awards have been announced. In this podcast I take a look at the entire nomination list and compare it to the names I submitted for my pre-nom process. All categories are covered here from Best Actress to Orgasmmic Oralist from Best Parody to Female Performer of the Year. We even take a look at the Hall of Fame with some suggestions for future inductees.

Podcast: 2018 AVN Awards Part 12: Best Director, Best Male Performer, Best New Starlet, Best Female Performer

Episode 12 is our big finale this year. In this one, we examine the Best Director category as well as the big performer awards. Best MILF Performer, Best Male Performer, Best New Starlet and of course, Best Female Performer. Good luck to all the nominees and thank you all for listening.

Podcast: 2018 AVN Awards Part 11: Best VR, Best Web Director, Mainstream Star of the Year and Clever Title of the Year

In the final episode before the big finale, we look at a new genre, VR porn. Also on the list this time is best Web Director and Mainstream Star of the Year. And one of the most fun categories of all, Clever Title of the Year.

Podcast: 2018 AVN Awards Part 10: Best Taboo Relations Movie, Best Threeways and all things Trans

Part 10 of our AVN series covers the Best Taboo Relations movie (Side topic, is Fauxcest your cup of tea?) Best Three way scenes get a lot of attention (B/B/G and B/G/G) with Angela White and Riley Reid getting plenty of play. The episode finishes up with all of the Trans categories including Transsexual Performer of the Year.

Podcast: 2018 AVN Awards Part 9: Best Screenplay, Best Solo/Tease, Best Star Showcase

As we hit the home stretch, part 9 covers Best Screenplay, Best Solo/Tease, Best Soundtrack, Best Special Effects and both Best Supporting Actor and Actress awards. We also look into one of my favorite categories, Best Star Showcase.

Podcast: 2018 AVN Awards Part 8: Best Oral Movie, Best Parody, Best Polyamory Movie

Part 8 Goes in depth on the Best Oral and Best Orgy categories. We also take a close look at the Best Parody Category and Best Polyamory Movie.

Podcast: 2018 AVN Awards Part 7: Best New Series, Best Niche Movie & Series and Best Non-Sex Performance

Part 7 covers Best New Imprint, Best New Series, Best Niche Movie, Best New Series, Best Non Sex Performance and more.

Podcast: 2018 AVN Awards Part 6: Best Interracial, Best Make Up, Best Marketing and More

Rog’s 2018 AVN Awards Podcast. Part 6 Explores a number of categories including Best Make Up, Best Interracial Series and Movie, Best Marketing and more.

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