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Tia Tanaka

Interview: Tia Tanaka

Tia Tanaka Interview Tia’s Movies INTERVIEW: Tia Tanaka INTERVIEW: TIA TANAKA It is the last day of the Adult Expo for 2006 and I am sitting next to Tia Tanaka You are in this lovely Diabolic calendar I believe. Yes, they misspelled my name though. They spelled it Tia Takana when it is really Tia […]

Interview: Van Styles

Van Styles Interview December/2004 – Van’s Movies INTERIVEW: VAN STYLES 9/5/05 UPDATE: I understand you have recently left Hustler? Yeah my contract expired on August. 31st 2005. Why did you leave? Well, from the time I signed on I went through 4 different bosses and the company just seemed to go from one direction to […]

Interview: Tom Zupko

Thomas Zupko Interview 2005 Zupko’s & Movies I have got Tom Zupko on the phone with some big news. I’m looking at a press release here that says you’re shooting for Mayhem. This is quite a change. What has happened is that I will be shooting for different companies. I won’t be exclusive to […]

Interview: William H

William H Interview January 2005 William’s Movies INTERVIEW: WILLIAM H We are will William H of Elegant Angel. Did you drop the last name completely? I lost my balls for a while, but I have them back. So are you known as William H. Nutsack, or just William H? Either or. I like the […]

Interview: Lucy Thai

Luci Thai Interview 2004 – Luci Thai’s Movies INTERVIEW: LUCI THAI I have with me the lovely Luci Thai. Good to see you again Roger. This is our second interview and you are looking great as always. Thank you. You have been working very hard for the last year. Absolutely. Very hard. Since we covered […]

Nautica Thorn

Interview: Nautica Thorn

Nautica Thorn Interview 2005 – Nautica’s Movies INTERVIEW: NAUTICA THORN 2005 Let’s flip to your page in the calendar. What’s wrong with my calendar? Nothing is wrong with it. I just want to see what movies you’ve been in for Anabolic and Diabolic. Oh OK. Artcore 1 and 3, I Wanna Get Face Fucked, Anabolic […]

Felix Vicious

Interview: Felix Vicious

Felix Vicious Interview 2004 – Felix Vicious Movies INTERVIEW: FELIX VICIOUS We are here in Vegas with Felix Vicious who looks fantastic. Thank you. You are taller than you look on film. I have eight inch heels on today. How long have you been in the business? I’ve been in the business for three years. […]

Bryan Xin

Interview: Bryan Xin

Bryan Xin Interview December/2004 – Bryan’s Movies INTERVIEW: BRYAN XIN We are here with Bryan Xin of We interviewed a few years ago I believe. December of 2002… so two years ago. So what have you been doing for two years? I have been doing a movie a month for DVSX. My last […]

Interview: Lexington Steele

Lexington Steele Interview 2004 – Lex’s Bio & Movies   INTERVIEW: LEXINGTON STEELE (8/04) All right let’s talk about what you’re doing now. What have you been up to? Since my last release for Red Light in October of 2003, “Lex on Blondes”, I have been working on new projects. My movies have still been […]

Interview: Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette Interview 2004 – Vicky’s Movies INTERIVEW: VICKY VETTE Are you at all familiar with my web site? No, do you have one? LOL… just kidding. Yes I saw it, and asked Jason (Curious, her PR guy) why you had never interviewed me. If so, you must be aware of the interview rules. All […]

Interview: Kami Andrews

Kami Andrews Interview 2004 – Kami’s Movies INTERIVEW: KAMI ANDREWS I’m here with Kami, is it just Kami? Kami Andrews. People know me by just Kami, but it’s always been Kami Andrews. You’re just so big that people give you one name, like Madonna or Sting. Are you calling me fat now? Of course […]

Interview: Mark Wood

Mark Wood Interview 2004 – Mark’s Bio & Movies INTERVIEW: MARK WOOD As we sit here in the booth at Erotica LA with Mark Wood I am still a little out of breath from talking with Francesca. Are you going to be OK? I think so. Good. Let’s pick up where we left off with […]

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