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Vod From Dvd Empire

DVD Empire has lowered their VOD prices.

I’m Back!

OK, the vaction is over. It’s time to get back to work.

CAVR Top Videos For April lists top rated movies for April.

May is Anal Month at The Empire

May has been declared anal month at Adult DVD Empire, and they’re honoring anal porn with great deals, contests and giveaways.

New Membership Program at XRentDVD

XRentDVD now offers a preferred program with no due dates, no late fees and no shipping charges.

Belladonna Shaves Her Hair

Tricia Devereaux from Evil Angel, the company Belladonna is now directing for exclusively, reports on the smooth shape of Belladonna’s head.

The Fashionistas to Have a Theatrical Film Cut

Guest newswoman Tricia Devereaux brings readers an exclusive press release about The Fashionistas theatrical cut.

To Contract or not to Contract? That is the question!

Steve Lane ponders the contract question.

The FSC, Extreme And Ashcroft

Steve Lane discusses free speech and bad taste.

The Legend of the Recession Proof Adult Industry

Guest newsman Steve Lane of Las Vegas Novelties introduces himself and talks about the reality of the recession in the adult industry.

Foot Fetishists Of The World Unite!

Send me a photo of the most beautiful woman’s feet you can find (bare or in open-toed shoes is fine), and I will send a DVD of TEN LITTLE PIGGIES to the top 10 of the piggies! My e-mail is

Hannah Harper Wants To Spread ’em Wide

From guest newsman Brandon Iron…

Never a dull moment! Just as I am wondering what to
update for this site, I stumble upon Hannah Harper in
the make-up room at Platinum X Pictures.

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