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Foot Fetishists Of The World Unite!

Send me a photo of the most beautiful woman’s feet you can find (bare or in open-toed shoes is fine), and I will send a DVD of TEN LITTLE PIGGIES to the top 10 of the piggies! My e-mail is

Hannah Harper Wants To Spread ’em Wide

From guest newsman Brandon Iron…

Never a dull moment! Just as I am wondering what to
update for this site, I stumble upon Hannah Harper in
the make-up room at Platinum X Pictures.

Brandon Iron – A Day In The Valley

Brandon Iron documents a day in porn valley.

Michael Stefano Bares All About Teens Revealed

Guest newsman Brandon Iron brings us an interview with Michael Stefano about his new Platinum X movie Teens Revealed.

Christy Canyon Book Signing

Adult Film Industry Legend CHRISTY CANYON will sign her recently released autobiography Lights, Camera, SEX ! at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at the UCLA campus in Westwood. She will be appearing from Noon to 4PM on Saturday and Sunday April 26 and 27 at the Golden Apple Booth ( #647 – Zone F – Perloff Quad).

Missouri Senator Wants To Tax Porn And Pot

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A state senator is proposing new taxes on pornography, sex shows and illegal drugs in an attempt to raise more than $5 million for the state budget.

Response To The R.a.m.e. Thread

I am on my way out for vaction, but there was one interesting response to the thread.

Interesting Rame Thread

This started when someone seemed to think I slammed all features, including Hercules (which I gave an A- to by the way) and continued on with some intersting input from Dave Cummings.

Vegas Store Appearance For Karina

Karina will be appearing in Veags on 4/25 from 11-2 at Racho Adult Entertainment.

Carmen Goes To College Part #2

Part two is on the way, check out Carmen Goes to College 1

Guest News People Sought….2 Spots Left

I’ve got three of the five days covered…..

Some Shots From

These came over a while ago and I nearly forgot about them.

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