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Rog Blog: 30 Days of Music Day 13

Waltz for Eva & Che: Evita. Yeah OK I like musical theater. Make whatever joke you want and then watch the video. Tell me that this song doesn’t get inside your head. I went through a time in an office job when this soundtrack was played every day.

Rog Blog: 30 Days of Music Day 12

Black Eyed Peas: Don’t Stop the Party. The only question here was which Autotune piece of monkey shit I was going to pick for this category. I already went over my deep loathing of the BEP in an earlier entry so I was hesitant to include a song by them here.

Rog Blog: Westboro Hate Group to Protest Ford Memorial

Yes, the funky freaks from WBC are at it again. This time the bigots that only Satan himself could love are picketing the funeral of former First Lady Betty Ford.

You can read more here: Article on Westboro’s Plan to Protest Ford Memorial

Rog Blog: 30 Days of Music Day 11

The Police: Invisible Sun. I first heard the Police in Jr. High and fell in love with their music almost instantly. This was at a time when most of my friends were transitioning from Van Halen to Motley Crue or still listening to Rick James and trying to figure out Prince.

Rog Blog: 30 Days of Music Day 10

Rod Stewart: Sailing. Back in college I had a really cool neighbor. We kind of dated and fooled around and all that. She shared a one bedroom apartment with a roommate and had a mattress on the floor of the living room. I also shared a one bedroom with a roommate so we spent most of our nights at her place on that mattress. Every night we would put on her copy of Rod Stewart’s Greatest Hits.

Rog Blog: 30 Days of Music Day 9

Madness One Step Beyond: OK, it’s been twenty five years, but I had a thing for dancing to any ska bands that would play anywhere. I’d probably hurt myself now, but this was one of my favorite tunes to dance to. In fact it makes me want to……maybe.

Rog Blog: 30 Days of Music Day 8

REM End of the World as We Know It: There are a lot to choose from here. I love lyrics and often quote them in blogs, reviews or daily life. Much to the chagrin of those around me I assure you. I chose this song because I love it.

Rog Blog: 30 Days of Music Day 7

The Police: Synchronicity. OK this one is cheap. It was playing a long long time ago when my girlfriend came over. Sometime during this song I lost my virginity

Blog: Cheerleader Refuses to Cheer for her Alleged Rapist

When I first read the headline on this story and read the word “controversy” I thought to myself “huh, what controversy”. After all, who would blame a girl for not cheering for a guy she claims assaulted her?

Rog Blog: 30 Days of Music Day 6

Counting Crows Big Yellow Taxi: Place-Las Vegas. A few years back when I was at the AEE and staying at the Casino Royale, they had this song in heavy rotation. This was back when they still had quarter roulette so I spent every waking, off floor moment at a table and must have heard this song 100 times in four days.

Inmate Calls Porn Ban Unconstitutional

Oh man, you can’t make this shit up. Let’s get a few things on the table first. I am a HUGE First Amendment proponent and I’m about as pro-porn as anyone. Still, this fucking story makes me want to hit myself in the face with a hammer.

Rog Blog: 30 Days of Music: Day 5

Don Henley: All She Wants to do is Dance. Back before we all had CD players or iPods in our cars, I had a cassette player and an amazing friend named Michelle. I drove her home from college every day and she would pop her Don Henley cassette in the second she plopped into the seat. She would play this song over and over and over

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