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Reader Email: The State of Porn

I just got home from AEE in Vegas and found this email from a reader who calls himself “The King.” How could I possibly resist anyone with a moniker like that? Besides, his questions were interesting and I hope my answers inspire some good conversation.

Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts Everywhere

Rog Podcasts Covering the 2012 AVN Awards Voting One of the new features we are adding to thee site this year is podcasting. Since the 2012 AVN Awards are coming up, I thought it would be a great place to start. I have been a voter for the AVN Awards for several years and find […]

Rog’s Podcast #1 AVN Voting

This year we are adding Podcasts to the site. What better place to start than with the 2012 AVN Awards voting. As some of you may know, I have been voting in these awards for quite a few years and really enjoy the process. It’s a great honor and kind of fun to be honest.

Blog: Guy Chokes Kid over Black Ops Smack Talk

When I first read about this story involving a full grown man hunting down and choking a teenager over an insult suffered during an on line game I was appalled as anyone. It’s just not something any sane person can ever condone, right?

Blog: Tweets Expanded “go to hell you piece of porn trash”

Last week’s blog about why I have given up talking politics with certain people (Read More Here) was rather well received. (I count negative email with good discussion as well received.) So I figured I would try it again.

Rog Blog: My Tweets, Expanded

One of the funny things about the new Twitter Universe is how everyone is able to reduce their thoughts, both deep and banal into 160 characters. Don’t imagine that this is a blast on Twitter because I actually have learned to enjoy it a bit. However, the idea that anyone is able to have a serious conversation on that thing is pretty insane.

9/11 Tribute: My Take & a Bit of an Epiphany

On this 10th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 we are all reminded at every turn to “never forget” and certainly that is true. None of us will, nor could we, ever forget what happened on that day. The loss, the sacrifice, the pain and the heroism are burned in our memory and our national consciousness is forever changed.

Best Story of the Day: Fitch Says No to the Sitch

OK so yesterday I did a blog that was kind of a downer. It’s been a bad year for the porn industry in 2011. I got some great feedback on some good stuff and will follow up on that later. For now though I want to share the single best story I have read in a long time. Check this out.

2011 Has Been a Bummer of a Year So Far

Not to sound like a bummer, but 2011 has kind of sucked for porn. Not the product, though nothing has really jumped out and amazed me. I mean for the industry in general. Every time you wake up there is another story to bring us down or piss us off.

Rog Blog: Hate the Casey Anthony Porn Offers? Quit Your Bitching, YOU Made Her.

No stranger to controversy, Flynt followed by offering Anthony a half million to pose for his publication and has stood strong against the backlash. This week he wrote a brief piece defending his offer.

Larry Flynt Explains Casey Anthony Offer

Rog Blog: 30 Days of Music Day 30

Eminem: Not Afraid. I realize (It’s not very subtle) that this is a song about drug abuse and recovery. I’ve never had to face those demons and with any luck I will never know exactly what he’s talking about. However, the song is universal enough to resonate with anyone who has had to battle back from anything. No matter what we face, we have to stand up and fight for the things that matter (“No more drama from now on I promise to focus solely on handling my responsibilities as a father”).

Rog Blog: 30 Days of Music Day 29

The Carpenters: Top of the World. This is the first song I can remember hearing. My mom played it a lot on an old record player. I have very few memories from our second home (even fewer from the first as I was two when we left) but two of them involve this song.

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