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Blog: Fun on Social Media

I try really hard not to fuck with anyone, to stay positive and to have fun. I try to keep my discourse, even on line, professional, good natured and never let it prevent me from being friendly with anyone. Sure, I can get passionate and even a big snarky at times. I have even been known to step over the line, but I generally apologize for that and try to be better.

Happy Anniversary Eye Candy from Britney Amber

Last month celebrated the one year anniversary for the new design. To help celebrate, some very cool industry folks (and hopefully some readers) are sending in pictures for the Anniversary Gallery.

These new shots come to us from sexy blonde bombshell Britney Amber (With a big thank you to Erika Icon from TheRub PR.) Take a gander at these lovely shots featuring Britney and her fabulous…..sentiments. Holy Hooters Batman!!!

10 Years Later: Looking Back on the OC Gang Rape Trial and the Porn Conection

Ten years ago, Orange County was home to one of most disturbing rape cases in recent history. It was politically charged (One of the defendants had a law enforcement connected father), had all the juicy elements the media loves (Under age girl, spoiled rich kids, sex tapes and a crazy story) and even had a porn connection.

Happy Anniversary Eye Candy from William H, Asa Akira & Kristina Rose

Thank you all for the well wishes so far. Make sure and let Natalie Dawn (Follow Nat on Twitter) know what a great job she did.

I put a call out for some eye candy for the readers and we have our first contribution from award-winning director William H, my future ex-wife Asa Akira and the gorgeous Kristina Rose.

Enjoy the gorgeous pictures. 3.0 Celebrates First Anniversary

It was one year ago today that we launched the new and improved The newly designed site featured a new design, new features and the first major upgrade in nearly a decade

Guest Blog: Leona Queen Diary of a Dutch Porn Queen

This was a busy, busy week! I had 3 days of shooting in a row and shot many scenes in those days! So I was well pleased when entering my weekend.

Update from Leona Queen

I’m sure that most of you remember Leona Queen, the hot new Dutch porn star who has been tearing up Europe and is about ready to hit the States. We did some stuff with her last year including an great interview about some projects she was doing.

Reader Email: The State of Porn

I just got home from AEE in Vegas and found this email from a reader who calls himself “The King.” How could I possibly resist anyone with a moniker like that? Besides, his questions were interesting and I hope my answers inspire some good conversation.

Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts Everywhere

Rog Podcasts Covering the 2012 AVN Awards Voting One of the new features we are adding to thee site this year is podcasting. Since the 2012 AVN Awards are coming up, I thought it would be a great place to start. I have been a voter for the AVN Awards for several years and find […]

Rog’s Podcast #1 AVN Voting

This year we are adding Podcasts to the site. What better place to start than with the 2012 AVN Awards voting. As some of you may know, I have been voting in these awards for quite a few years and really enjoy the process. It’s a great honor and kind of fun to be honest.

Blog: Guy Chokes Kid over Black Ops Smack Talk

When I first read about this story involving a full grown man hunting down and choking a teenager over an insult suffered during an on line game I was appalled as anyone. It’s just not something any sane person can ever condone, right?

Blog: Tweets Expanded “go to hell you piece of porn trash”

Last week’s blog about why I have given up talking politics with certain people (Read More Here) was rather well received. (I count negative email with good discussion as well received.) So I figured I would try it again.

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