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Blog: Teagan’s Move & Reader Email

A couple of interesting emails about Teagan and alt-porn. Interesting indeed. Also a little political stew and I never do get around to talking up Horror Fest 07. Sorry, tomorrow.

Blog: Trip Down Halloween Memory Lane & Teagan Splits from DP

Just a little memory lane trip for a Halloween, some thoughts on the NBA opener and of course, Teagan Pressley leaves Digital Playground.

Blog: Sox Win, More on Squirting & Happy Halloween

The Sox win, ARod bolts and another off season begins. I do a bit of follow up on the squirt and try very hard to give you eye candy that is a bit more traditional than the last batch.

Blog: MySpace Inbox, Fires, Puppies and A Request For Your Input

From my MySpace inbox comes an update on how to help with the fires, a call for help adopting puppies, a clothing company that needs hot models and my request for you input on this site and the future of porn.

Blog: World Series Set, Wild Fires Burning & Luke Ford Sells Out

Sox in the Series, Luke Ford sells out and SoCal in flames.

Blog: Birthday Laptops Not Lapdances, Thought on Haley and Horror Fest

No cheerleader porn girls at my door, but I did get a sweet new laptop. More on the Horror Fest and some thoughts on Haley.

Blog: Quick Blog & Then I’m Off for BBQ

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, the pictures for the gallery and all the good stuff. To pay you back, here is a picture that is sure to give you plenty to make fun of for weeks.

Blog: Gram Ponante is My Hero & Safado Berlin

Gram got into a little dust up with altboy Eon, Stagliano’s Safado is a great movie, college football is fun this year and baseball is just nuts. Oh yeah and there is a horror film festival coming. Join me won’t you?

Blog: Football & Melancholy

Three big hits in a week have me thinking and leaving stuff right out there.

Blog: Bad News on Top of Bad News

Chico and Brian in the same day. Kind of kill that register to vote vibe I had prepared for today.

Blog: GoodWeek For Movies, 5 Questions and Britney

New Britney Spears tape? That would be good, but I’ve already had a great great week. Merc, Babysitters and Not the Bradys make for a great week. USC and Angels/Sox make for a great weekend.

Blog: 10/1 Haley Paige, Chico Wang & Other Assorted Stuff

Lots of sports and the Haley story as I know it.

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