Sahara Knite in the Cuckold Couple from

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Overall Rating [8/12]
Female Looks [10/12]
Male Looks [6/12]
Picture Quality [8/12]
Extras [0/12]
Plot Acting [6/12]
Sex [8/12]

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Sahara Knite in the Cuckold Couple from

26 Mins
THEMES: Cheating, Voyeurism, Hotwife, Dirty Talk
STARS: Sahara Knite & Thomas Hyka

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Thomas and his wife go to see their friend and his new bride, Sahara Knite. The introduction goes well and Thomas can’t help but notice how sexy Sahara is. In turn, his wife can’t help but notice him noticing her. Sahara slips into the kitchen where she is visible only to Thomas and starts masturbating for him. With Sahara’s husband’s blessing Thomas joins her in the kitchen and licks her swollen clit just feet away from his own unsuspecting wife. When Sahara’s husband comes in Thomas looks worried, but the smile on his face tells him that it’s all good. Sahara is hungry for his cock and takes him deep from the first stroke. The daring deep throat is very hot and shows off just how skilled this beautiful woman is with her mouth. There are some great high angle POV shots that show off her lovely brown eyes, but I imagine the loud, deep and aggressive head is probably going to be the main attraction here. They leave the kitchen for the bedroom where he is able to get her naked and enjoy her stiff nipples in his mouth. Wanting to get a fast start he slides between her thighs and fucks her pussy hard. Thomas’ wife comes in and is not at all happy. She has a fit and leaves the apartment but that doesn’t stop the fun. Now being watched by her husband, Sahara gets even more vocal as she gets drilled from behind. They add some cool shots of the husband filming and Sahara’s interaction with her man is super sexy hotwife fun and includes plenty of dirty talk and ass eating from the beautiful star. The whole tone of the scene changes during the half and it comes a very sexy hotwife scene. She explains that her husband likes to see other men splatter her face with spunk and then jerks him off mostly into her mouth, playing with it to put on a great show for her man.

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