Corruption of Kissa Sins, The

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Corruption of Kissa Sins, The

Movie Type: Showcase
216 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan
THEMES: Tease, Anal Sex, DP, Gape, A2M, Squirting, Oil Play, Big Ass, Interracial Sex, BBC, Lesbian Sex,
STARS: Kissa Sins, Mick Blue, Angela White, Xander Corvus, Mandingo, Johnny Sins


The subject of Jules Jordan’s latest showcase is none other than Kissa Sins. Fans already know Kissa’s work with her husband Johnny. They have a very hot line of gonzo adventures that showcase Kissa’s sexual skills, her pretty face and her big round booty. It features here in her first anal scene, first IR scene and first DP. That’s a lot of firsts and nearly four hours of Kissa going crazy for cock in all of her holes. Before we get to the actual sex, let’s talk about the tease. Each scene has some really well shot tease footage that is edited together nicely. There are a lot of ass shots, but also enough variety to make this one really stand out. The opening scene features Kissa with Mick Blue in and around a bathtub. The sex in water aspect is nice and the payoff is a very solid scene. Angela White joins the fun with Kissa and Markus Dupree. This one is wet and messy with tons of oil play and squirting. I think the women fuck him to the point of exhaustion, but they seem ready to keep going. Xander Corvus finishes Kissa off in the final scene of disc one. High intensity here for sure. The second disc kicks off with the afro mentioned DP scene. Mick and Markus are back and they destroy Kissa’s holes, passing her back and forth, gaping that ass and double stuffing both lower orifices in a scene that should be a strong contender for best DP scene of 2018. Mandingo handles the IR portion of the program. Kissa dons a leash and goes submissive for much of the scene. Her oral work here is excellent and she learns to ride that huge cock with great skill. Another super hot scene. The finale has Johnny and Kissa hooking up for a really intense anal scene. It’s really good, but I think it might have built up better to put it before those other two disc 2 scorchers. If you are a fan, then you probably already have this movie ordered. If not, you should grab it because it’s a keeper. This has award winner written all over it. From the tease to the anal and DP, this movie is a must-see for any Kissa Sins fan and should be on your smut viewing list no matter what you like.

Kissa Sins & Mick Blue

After some really sexy high end tease footage of Kissa in a desert, she moves inside where a bubble bath is waiting. She plays with the bubbles, getting her body all wet and ready for play. Great boob and ass shaking shots during the tease. Mick joins her in the bath for a passionate kiss and some underwater finger play. I love the way they do a slow reveal of his dick coming up out of the water before she sucks on it. Kissa rubs her ass on his dick and then starts riding it. Great energy here as she loudly pushes back to take it all. Being in the water means that there is a lot of splashing when the energetic fucking really hits full stride. Mick moves up onto the lip of the tub to give us an even better view as she expertly grinds her hips. When she isn’t fucking, Kissa is sucking or letting Mick thrust hard into her mouth while she moans. It ends like this with Kissa sucking out every last drop. Hot scene with bonus points if you like sex in water.

Kissa Sins, Angela White & Marcus Dupree

Pairing up with the biggest star in the business, Kissa gets her shot at Angela White and her beyond perfect breasts. The girls both seem to enjoy some fun boob play and Kissa does look like she has hit the lottery with her hands and mouth on Angela’s magnificent rack. Angela works her way down and eats Kissa first. After a good first round, Kissa returns the favor. I love the way both women seem to really want to please each other. There is an excitement in their interaction that is a really erotic. After some great lesbian warm up that includes a ton of oil on both lovely bodies, Marcus shows up. He immediately has both girls squirting all over the place. He pushes Kissa legs back and plows her ass. Angela gets in close and catches plenty of juices on her face. The women switch places and Kissa is busy sucking Angela’s quit when the squirting starts. The anal intensity is pretty fucking amazing here. They squirt oil on each other, spray “squirt” all over the place, eat ass, do A2M and all the while let Marcus just go balls deep in two very hot asses. After he shoots his load, the girls slip and slide in the mess and seems to be having quite a good time.

Kissa Sins & Xander Corvus

The tease for the next scene features Kissa in a sexy red outfit that has her ass exposed. Those cheeks are t he focal point as she stands on high shoes and shakes her butt. The tease continues in front of a huge window with Xander looking in. He finally comes and the passion ignites. Dropping to her knees, Kissa holds her hands behind her back and lets Xander fuck her mouth. They started at 90 and hit 100 really quickly. He pushes his dick deep enough for her to kiss his balls and she ends up breathless before the first round of oral is complete. Bending her over, he power fucks her pussy from behind while she moans and squirts. They move to the couch where she sticks her ass high in the air to give the camera nice access. Kissa is very energetic and quite athletic when she’s fucking at full speed. They get into piledriver on the couch and he holds her legs way to show how bendy she is. The ass shots when she move son top are really good. They turns for a while, Kissa bouncing hard for a bit and then Xander grabbing her hips and slamming that tight little hole. He flips her over and pushes her legs back behind her head so he can fuck her and pull out in time to shoot all over her. This one is pure energy and it’s worth a look.

Kissa Sins, Mick Blue & Markus Dupree

Starting disc two, Kissa comes out in heels and fishnet stockings. The tease in this movie has already been pretty phenomenal and here it really shows off her legs and ass. Her ass looks great and gets a ton of attention here. Is this a preview of the action to come? Oh yeah. A plug goes right between her cheeks so she can parade around a bit like that. She is going to need whatever stretching that plug did for her because Mick and Markus come in locked and loaded. They bend her over at the waist to get quick access to her pussy and mouth at the same time. Kissa spins around and wants both dicks in her mouth at the same time. Her lips move quickly from cock to cock and she struggles to catch her breath in between. Mick takes his turn on top and chokes Kissa while fucking her pussy. Markus takes over and makes her scream for a while. It is time for the anal so Kissa gets on a barstool with her ass hanging off. The guys take turns and use the stool to spin her around. That’s some nasty super slut level shit right there. Picking up her. Markus impales her on his cock while Mick moves in to fuck her pussy from the front. Moving her into a more traditional DP position, the guys get plenty of leverage and worth both holes at full speed. Kissa loves every throbbing inch and every rough thrust. They put her face up and then go from DP to taking turns on her ass. The anal action leaves her hold gaping and the guys pass her back and forth so often that I lost track of who is fucking Kissa’s stretched openings. The first load goes right up her ass and the second onto her face. This is an intense scene and deserves award consideration for Best DP for sure.

Kissa Sins & Mandingo

Continuing the parade of firsts, Kissa comes out on a leash to do her first IR with Mandingo. He has her tease him which she does quite well. The lacey white lingerie clings to her body and Kissa plays with the leash as she puts on a really good show. Dropping to her knees she gets her hands and mouth on his enormous cock. Grabbing the base, she bobs her head on his dick, waiting to hear his moans approval. Mandingo leads her around on the leash and then lets her suck again. This time she picks up speed and takes more of him between her lips. Things gets messy and slurps up the excess spit while using the rest to double stroke his long pole. On her back, she rubs her clit and moans as he slides inch after inch of dick into her tight pussy. Her legs tremble as she spreads them wide and encourages him verbally. They work up speed and she is showing quite a bit of enthusiasm for those deep strokes. Taking his dick out, Kissa lovingly sucks and licks her cum from his fat meat. Far from done, she mounts up, wiggles her sexy ass and drops her pussy down onto him again. Nice ass shots as well as close ups of her lips gripping the shaft every time she slide up. She drops off of him several times to suck his dick again, but he needs to take her from behind before he is ready to finish. She spins around one last time to take the load on her face and lick out every drop. Another winner folks.

Kissa Sins & Johnny Sins

For the last scene, Kissa once again dons the fishnet stockings and puts her ass on display in some great tease. She spreads her ass and the camera moves in really close on her tight backdoor. Johnny comes in and oils up her butt, playing with the big round cheeks. He slides his slick fingers into her ass and makes her scream with delight as he fucks her hole. They get each other very worked up as she takes his dick into her mouth. Spinning her around he has her put her ass in the air and fucks her pussy hard. Moving to the ass, he gives it to her back there as hard he can. Climbing on top she rides him, giving us a great view of her penetration and her round booty. Johnny and Kissa have great chemistry together. They have made a whole line of fantastic smut so that’s no shock. It is really nice to see her go so crazy for cock in her ass, A2M and finally a big anal creampie that Johnny feeds to his girl from his fingers. This movie has given us her first DP and her first IR, but it is also the first time she has done anal. Not sure about the scene placement, but hey Jules knows better than I do how to make a great fuck flick.

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