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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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My Hot Personal Assistant

Movie Type: All Sex
125 Mins
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Eddie Powell
THEMES: Older Guys with Younger girls, Thin Girls, Sex at Work, Sex with the Boss
STARS: Britney Light, Ramon Nomar, Kenna James, James Deen, Athena Faris, Athena Rayne, Toni Ribas


This is a pretty simple movie with clear fantasy appeal. It’s all office-oriented, but it also plays on the age differences. I guess that makes it work that the women are assistants with crushes on their bosses. In both regards it works to provide great fantasy backdrops. The four women in the movie very attractive and fresh young female talent. They all have a similar look with thin bodies and pretty faces. They also know how to keep their bosses happy. The sex is good and fits right in if you like what New Sensations does well. Britney Light starts things off. She’s really cute and has an ass that you should probably take notice of. I have her marked down as one to watch. Kenna James I have seen before and she is really attractive. I really liked the way she worked in this movie. Athena Faris is new, cute and really caught my attention. Wow is she hot. I loved watching her work and can’t wait to see her again. Last up is Athena Rayne. She is long, lean and pretty and gives a nice scene to cap off a good little movie.

Britney Light & Ramon Nomar

Barely eighteen, Britney is a personal assistant who has just started working for Ramon. She is a very cute young woman who usually isn’t attracted to older men. This time though, the attraction is mutual. Finally she can’t take it and kisses him. No one has to twist his arm to give her a shot. His cock is big and hard in her mouth so she shoves it to the back of her throat to suck him loudly. Her face is pretty damn cute as she sucks his dick. Climbing up on top, she pulls her panties aside and lifts her dress so we can check out her ass while she bounces hard in his lap. Britney has a very pale round ass that shakes nicely when she really gets her hips going. Spinning around she squats and has him pounding that tight hole good and hard. He turns her on the couch and fucks her from behind. The camera gets in for some really nice close up shots. Her energy is good and that pretty face is as enticing as her tight young body. They finish up with a shot on her face. Britney is cute as can be and this scene has serious fantasy appeal.

Kenna James & James Deen

Blonde Kenna James works for James Deen. They are both married and have to make excuses to their spouses for their after-work fun. James can barely talk while his hot little assistant whips out his dick and starts blowing him. Hot little fantasy twist for the opening. Once that is done, he takes her on the desk, giving us some aggressive foreplay and a lot of fun from this thin, leggy blonde. When her clothes are gone, she gets back on her knees and rubs her pussy while she sucks his big cock. Pulling her up onto the desk, James thrusts between her long legs and we get a great view of the penetration. Kenna is quite pretty and really loves the hard strokes as James makes her feel every inch. I really like the way she looks on top of him with one leg on the desk. Kenna is quite lovely and her eyes roll back in her head when he hits the right spots. This is a really great office sex scene with lots of fun on that desk. She gets on the ground and works his cum out with both hands. It explodes all over her pretty face

Athena Faris & Chad White

Young assistant Athena Faris is talking on the phone with her friend. She has a story to tell. Scouting a location with her boss Chad and is being overt in her flirting. He seems to want to behave, but she is too cute to resist. He tosses her on the bed and licks her sweet pussy. Flipping her over, he sucks on her feet, devouring her sweet flesh from head to foot. She is really cute and when it’s her turn to use her mouth, this pretty blonde looks right at her boss while he fucks her mouth. He pulls her on top and fucks her in reverse cowgirl while she spreads her legs and holds on for dear life. Chad reaches around and grabs her throat while his balls slap up against her clit. This cutie likes it hard and really looks fantastic. When he turns her around, he holds her ass in his hands. Hey guys, that’s a pretty fine look backside. Be on the lookout for this cutie. He pulls out and shoots all over her face and perky boobs. Wow, this girl is really hot.

Athena Rayne & Toni Ribas

Young Athena Rayne has heard things about Spanish men so she goes to work for Toni Ribas. As luck would have it, he is just the right amount of dominant to make her want to obey. He stands her in front of his desk and pulls down her dress so he can gently pinch her nipples. They stand out immediately and she is breathless as he kisses her neck. She stays still while he bends her over and fingers her pussy. She is more than ready to try his cock with her eager mouth. She lovingly licks the head while stroking the shaft. Building up her speed she lets things get a little messy and plays with the drool. He stands up and lets her lift one leg up high. That pussy is at the right height for her to push back and enjoy that hard meat. The standing sex is very well shot and hot, but we can see more when they get on the desk for spoon. If you like pale redheads then the reverse cowgirl will likely stand out for you. She rides just long enough to let him build up a great load that ends up all over her face. Another hot scene for people who love office sex.

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