Brenna Sparks Lands Advisor Role with SpankChain

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Brenna Sparks Lands Advisor Role with SpankChain

(Las Vegas, NV) Exotic, vivacious, tatted Asian adult performer Brenna Sparks is a huge proponent of cryptocurrency and alternative systems for adult entertainers. She has now landed the coveted position of Advisor for blockchain-based adult company SpankChain.

SpankChain is looking to become the standard economic unit of exchange for the adult industry, by building an entirely new system for how the industry will function. Brenna’s role as Advisor is multi-faceted and will help them get closer to their target. As an active adult performer, she will offer insights to the adult industry why SpankChain will benefit them. She will also communicate to the public through various mainstream media how SpankChain works. And lastly, Brenna will make sure SpankChain stays on the path to reaching the company’s ambitious goals.

“With so many adult performers and companies running into opposition from many of the large banks, a change like this is needed,” says Brenna Sparks. “SpankChain is a huge undertaking and will definitely be met with skepticism, like all revolutionary ideas. It requires more people, time, mind power, and work to accomplish than most will ever put in, which is why an idea like SpankChain has gone unprecedented. However, those who share my optimism recognize the value and importance of such an endeavor, not just for the adult industry, but other industries, too. The philosophy and economics behind SpankChain transcend into other areas too. I’m am excited about my role as advisor and how SpankChain will change the adult industry for the better.”

Find out more about SpankChain, the cryptoeconomic powered adult entertainment ecosystem built on the Ethereum network at

Brenna Sparks is available exclusively through Society 15. Get her on your set by phoning Randy at 310.801.1990 or Rita at 818.928.5189, or email

To interview Brenna Sparks for your site, show, or publication, contact Erika Icon of The Rub PR at

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