Sun’s Out Buns Out

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Roger T. Pipe

It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Sun’s Out Buns Out

Movie Type: All Sex
245 Mins
Adam & Eve
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Lesbian Sex, Sex in Water, Bikini, Orgy
STARS: Cindy Starfall, Michael Vegas, Jennifer White, Bruce Venture, Nick Manning, Maddy O’Reilly, Zoey Monroe, Abby Croxx, Jack Vegas, Chloe Amour, Katrina Kay, Anya Ivy, Bridgette B, David Lord, Abella Danger, Riley Reid, Keisha Grey, Dani Daniels, Alex Grey, Kristin Scott


Four of outdoor sex? Why not? This is a compilation, but I haven’t’ seen any of the source material so I gave it a full review. Plus, I really love outdoor sex. There are plenty of great scenes here to enjoy. Lots of fun in the water, lots of hot bikini girls as well. There is also a ton of girl on girl action if that is what you are into. I enjoyed a lot of the scenes, though for many of them it was the style, the outdoor setting and the lighting that impressed me as much as the sexual heat. I really liked the Chloe Amour handjob scene. She’s just hot in everything she does. There is a four way lesbian scene with Abella Danger and Riley Reid that also peaked my interest. Jennifer White has a really sexy scene as well. With so many scenes thrown together you are bound to find one you like in this collection.

Cindy Starfall & Michael Vegas from 50 Sex Secrets for Lovers

Fun in the sun doesn’t get much hotter than a beautiful girl in a bikini. Cindy Starfall and Michael Vegas are in the pool splashing and Cindy’s body looks beautiful in her tiny bikini. They get out of the water and find a deck chair to get comfortable on. He goes down on her, taking his time eating her out while voice over instruction offers some tips and tricks on how to do it correctly. Cindy rides him and then arches her back nicely during doggy. The voice over instruction is nice for sex tips, but it kind of turns the whole thing clinical which is really too bad. Cindy’s body looks great and she takes a load on her pussy, but this scene lost a lot of the heat it could have had by being more instruction than smut.

Jennifer White, Bruce Venture & Nick Manning from The Squirters 2

Bruce Venture has Jennifer White naked save for her shoes at the front door. They are making out pretty hard, not caring at all who might see them. Taking their time, the two kiss and grope while we get nice long shots that allow us to admire her gorgeous body from head to toe. Jennifer eventually takes his cock from his shorts and squats to take him into her mouth. She is very skilled and after licking up and down to get him wet, she deep throats his cock and extends her tongue to handles his balls. Moving over to a chair near the pool, Bruce fingers her to a big squirting orgasm. He leaves and Nick Manning takes over. He pushes Jennifer to the ground and holds her head while she deep throats with absolutely no effort at all. She still looks great sucking his cock and then riding it in reverse cowgirl. Jennifer flips over and has her knees pushed back to her chest as Nick gives her all he’s got. He takes her on all fours, fucking in doggy and letting Jennifer show off her body in the wonderful light of the backyard. He finishes by shooting a load into her mouth.

Maddy O’Reilly & Zoey Monroe from Secret Cravings

Fun in the sun also extends to lesbian fun. Zoey Monroe and Maddy O’Reilly are having fun in the pool. They are out of their bikinis very quickly. They get out of the pool and Zoey starts licking down Maddy’s body, focusing first on her nipples and then getting between those parted thighs. The eye candy is nice because both women are very good looking, but the sex is slow and rather low energy. There is a nice shot near the end of Maddy reaching around to finger Zoey but this one is skipable.

Abby Cross & Jack Vegas from Hands on Experience

Jack Vegas is cleaning the pool when bikini-clad Abby Cross saunters over. She goes right after his cock and he happily stands there as the young cutie strokes his cock and turns around to rub her ass cheeks on it. She is very cute, but the shots of her shadow on the ground are actually my favorite moments of this scene. Creative and cool. Not sure what that says for the overall heat though. It’s a handjob scene so it only goes so far before he cums. I like the way it was shot though.

Chloe Amour & Jack Vegas

Chloe Amour is up next with Jack. She sees him naked by the pool and starts rubbing up and down on his body. He gets hard quickly and she expertly works it with her palms, fingers and nails. She slowly takes off her bikini to reveal her slim body and perky breasts. Sitting on his chest, she continues to play with his cock. Like the last scene, this one has limited heat, but Chloe is gorgeous and even gets her feet into the act for those who enjoy that. Chloe gets into the pool and uses both hands to stroke him until he cums all over her perky tits.

Katrina Kay & Anya Ivy from The Young and the Rest of Us 1

Time for another round of lesbian bikini sex. This time Katrina Kay and Anya Ivy get to peel the clothes off and work up a sweat. They do some mutual finger play that sets the stage nicely. They break out some suntan oil and apply it until their skin glistens invitingly. The pussy eating that follows is nicely shot with both women showing great enthusiasm. They are young, tight and cute so everywhere you look, there is great eye candy. The sunlight only accentuates the strengths of this scene and it is definitely worth watching.

Orgy from Sorority Sex Party Experience

What happens when a dozen horny naked people get together in a pool? Fun as far as the eye can see. We have people fucking in the water, guys and girls going down on girls on the edge of the pool and adventurous folks going at it on floating rafts. I love the water play and there are plenty of girls to enjoy. There is some fun footage of girl holding another’s arms behind her back while she sucks a big black cock. With tons of action going on in and out of the water, there is bound to be something here you will like.

Bridgette B & David Lord from Oral Overload 2

Always sexy Bridgette B shows up for a POV blowjob. Nothing wrong with that. The way she looks into the camera and moans while sucking dick and balls is always a good time. But it’s inside. Just a basic scene that doesn’t quite fit the theme. I am not about to complain after the long orgy scene because Bridgette plays this one perfectly. Keeping up the dirty talk, she wraps her big tits around the cock and works them up and down. She skillfully drains his balls and licks up every drop.

Abella Danger, Riley Reid, Keisha Grey & Dani Daniels from Riley & Abella

Returning to girl on girl action, we get Riley Reid and Abella Danger welcoming Keisha Grey and Dani Daniels to the party. All four of these women are lovely as can be and we get to enjoy them undressing one another for some fun frolicking. I love watching Riley eat Abella from behind, but Keisha with her legs up in the air is a pretty sexy sight as well. They all break out matching vibrators and somehow make the outdoor couch big enough for a four girl mini orgy. The ass shots alone in this scene will have you glued to your screen. Abella kind of steals the show when she works two of the toys inside of her sexy pussy.

Alex Grey & Kristen Scott in Hollywood Hills Hijinx

Time for another bikini lesbian scene. OK, two pretty girls kissing, some nice underwater shots and then a lot of what we have seen for the last three hours. Nothing wrong with that of course I like both of these women and love the underwater shots. It’s just hitting a lot of the same notes. There are some nice close up shots and both girls are lovely. Alex gets down and eats Kristen for a long time giving us lengthy shots of her meaty pussy being pleased.

BONUS: Bonus Sex Scene (Allie Haze), BTS, Previews

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