Ashley Adams in Sex With Her Bestie’s Boyfriend from

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Ashley Adams in Sex With Her Bestie’s Boyfriend from

49 Mins
THEMES: Cheating, Natural tits,
STARS: Ashley Adams & Sean Lawless


Ashley Adams comes to visit her best friend and her boyfriend. The couple seems happy though Sean is always begging for a blowjob and getting nowhere. The naughty brunette takes an immediate liking to Sean and starts invading his personal space. He walks in on her masturbating on his couch and Ashley has no shame. Though she has a fat dildo up her ass and a Hitachi working her clit, she just smiles at him when he catches her. He goes to bed where he is again shut down by his girl. Fear not, Ashley sneaks in and goes right for the dick with her bestie sleeping just inches away. Taking out his big cock, Ashley gives him the kind of head that he has been missing. They sneak off to Ashley’s room so they can make a bit more noise. Sean puts her on all fours and eats that ass until she can hardly stand it. She spins around and looks into the camera for some blisteringly hot POV head. He turns her around and pulls her back on his cock. Ashley has a great ass and is now screaming as she slams her hips down to take that big dick. Serious skills there.

She sucks him off again, really enjoying his long dick before riding again. This time she faces the camera in reverse cowgirl and stops to let him readjust with his dick up her ass. He holds her up and pumps that long cock between her cheeks until she is screaming so loud it will be a miracle if the girlfriend doesn’t wake up and catch them. Rolling her onto her side, Sean enjoys the ass while we get some outstanding leg shots. Ashley reaches back and grabs her Hitachi so she can buzz her clit while Sean happily stuffs his girl’s best friend’s booty. The doggy shots are really hot. I would argue that Ashley Adams has one o the best bodies in all of porn and I submit these shots of her getting slam fucked from behind and evidence to that fact. He pulls out and creams all over her prefect ass just in time to get caught by his girl. Oh well, at least he got to finish.

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