Angela White & Jason Brown in Unexpected Sex from​ ​

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Angela White & Jason Brown in Unexpected Sex from​ ​

45 Mins
DIRECTOR:​ ​​ ​Greg​ ​Lansky
THEMES:​ ​Interracial Sex, Big Cock, BBC, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Tit Fucking, Facial
STARS:​ Angela White & Jason Brown


Fresh off a well-deserved win as AVN’s Female Performer of the Year, Angela White is popping up on seemingly every major web site and on boxcovers galore. And while I seem to be running out of adjectives to describe just how beautiful, sex and fucking hot she is, I assure you, I am just getting started.

Angela White has just purchased a fantastic house in the hills. Everything is great except for her rude neighbor who is always partying, playing loud music all the time. When she goes over there to confront him, Jason Brown opens the door. He invites her in for a glass of wine and somehow charms her right out of her sexy swimsuit. Jason swings around behind her and takes out Angela’s gorgeous breasts. Dropping to her knees, she flashes her pretty eyes to the camera as she takes him into her mouth. Impressed by the size, Angela breaks out her A game. He helps her along, pushing the back of her throat until she chokes a little bit. She doesn’t need any help when she wraps her natural wonders around his huge pole. Great looking tit fucking here as she slides up and down with expert skill while looking like an absolutely walking wet dream.

He moves around behind her and fills her wet pussy with his long cock. A few strokes in and her big boobs are shaking under her body as she pushes back. Gorgeous doggy here as Angela shows off her curves and her sexual enthusiasm. Jason picks up on her vibe and pounds her harder, working the curvy beauty flat onto her stomach and never slowing down. This is so fucking hot you just won’t believe it. After sucking him clean she grabs his cock and stuffs it into her so she can ride it. Check out the way he is grabbing her big ass in his hands and squeezing while she bucks on him. As if the visuals weren’t hot enough, Angela starts talking dirty as she grinds on him. Oh man does that raise the heat a few degrees.

After sucking the juices from his cock, Angela gets on her back and grabs her heels. Her body looks fantastic as she shows off her flexibility and Jason slowly slides every inch into her tight pink hole. He picks up speed until her fantastic breasts as shaking as she continues to verbally encourage her hung neighbor. This is really hot looking stuff and both performers seem to be enjoying themselves as well. When it is time for Jason to cum, Angela rolls to her knees, cups her breasts and smiles up at him with her tongue of her smiling mouth. What guy couldn’t bust to that gorgeous sight? After milking the load onto her face, Angela wraps her tits around him one more time and squeezes. I don’t think they are going to have any problem with noise again.

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