Angela White & Kieran Lee in Midnight Cowgirl from

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Angela White & Kieran Lee in Midnight Cowgirl from

48 Mins
THEMES: Big Tits, Natural Tits, Hookers, Cowgirl, Tit Fuck
STARS: Angela White & Kieran Lee


We all know that Angela White is the hottest things going in XXX. It really doesn’t matter what she does or what she wears, she is an absolutely stunner. For this one, she is rocking a cowboy hat, sexy top and some tight little cutoff jeans that actually allow her ass to steal the thunder from her glorious breasts for a while. Kieran picks her up on the side of the road and offers to rent her company for a bit. They get back to the room, get the money out of the way and Angela attacks his big cock with her hungry mouth. He almost changes his money, but walking the streets has made her horny and Angela is not about to stop. The best shots during the BJ come with Angela on all fours, greedily sucking cock in just her boots. Those boobs are glorious and her energy will make you fall instantly in lust. Angela spreads her legs and gets really loud as she eats her pussy and then sticks his cock right into her. She rubs her clit and her perfect tits shake with every hard stroke.

Flipping over, Kieran leans backs while Angela wraps her beautiful breasts around his dick. She works him that way for a bit and then moves down to his ass, making sure to give him the full treatment. Angela knows how to make every position look great and never fails to bring intense heat to everything she does. Hopping on tops, she rides hard, once again showing off her very impressive ass. Speaking of, they decide to try that hole next. It is a tight fit, but as usual, Angela’s energy carries the load. They roll her on top for some fantastic looking RCA. Still some of the hottest footage comes when she is face down and her tight ass gets long slow strokes. He pulls out and cums in her mouth. Angela holds his load while he slides back into her ass for a while and then swallows. She got exactly what she wanted and he got the experience of a lifetime.

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