Angela White is Titwoman

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Angela White is Titwoman

MOVIE TYPE: Star Showcase
135 Mins
Elegant Angel
DIRECTOR: Dreadneck
THEMES: Big Tits, Natural Tits, Gloryhole, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Threesomes, Anal Sex, Big Ass,
STARS: Angela White, Isaiah Maxwell, Ricky Johnson, Alexis Texas, James Deen, Marcus Dupree, Prince Yashua


In a year that has brought us so many great Angela White memories, Elegant Angel adds another with this movie. There is no one in XXX better equipped to take up the mantle of Titwoman than Ms. White. Not to put too fine a point on it, but she is not only the hottest star in the biz, but she has the very best rack in the game. Staying true to the title, Angela shows off her those gorgeous, all natural breasts before and during each scene. To make it even better, she brings her usual tremendous sexual energy to all four scenes. The opener is a great scene with a really unique look. Angela gets to play in a room with gloryholes strategically placed for her to have fun with the big cocks the pop through. Angela has a great time with this one and has to handle most of the action by herself since the guys are basically reduced to disembodied cocks. Proving that the right combination of performers can create even more head than a group scene, the one on one fuck between Angela and Marcus Dupree burn the fucking place down. All holes get stuffed in this absolutely stunning scene. Alexis Texas joins the fun for a three-way that brings together two of the hottest women in the biz (Not to mention the hottest ass and the best boobs we have seen in years.) They get all oiled up and share James Deen’s big dick. Who wouldn’t want to roll around in an oily pile with Angela and Alexis? The finale has a really unique set up. I found myself loving every second. Angela is playful at first and then ends up on the receiving end of two big black dicks. The action is fantastic and couples with the setup, this scene stands out. This is a fantastic movie that shows off Angela White’s beauty, sexual energy and of course her unforgettable boobs. It is fantastic from start to finish and Elegant Angel could not have picked a better Titwoman than Angela White.

Angela White, Isaiah Maxwell & Ricky Johnson

The movie starts with Angela on her first mission in an attempt to become the next Titwoman. Her trench coat fits the feel and we know there is going to be some fun because there are gloryholes in the walls behind her. Before she starts with anything naughty, Angela helps the movie live up to its title right away. She frees her amazing breasts and starts playing with them, letting us enjoy one of the truly boner-inducing sights in all of XXX. The breast play and tease here is fantastic, especially given the fact that the movie is called Titwoman. Angela eventually gets a toy and starts working it in and out of her pussy. Just about the time she gets good and wet, the first cock pokes through the hole. She goes after it with her hands and mouth, taking it down deep and getting it good and sloppy. The second cock pokes through and she gives it the same treatment. There are a number of holes in the room so they can move to allow her to do both at the same time. Angela moves around, skillfully sucking cock, wrapping her tits around big meat and showing off her ass at the same time. These are a couple of really big dicks so her oral skills are off the chat, just like the heat in this opening scene. They do a nice job of making it seem like there are bunch of dicks that Angela just keeps deep throating like a true super slut. Then she finally works two big loads from them, Angela plays with the cream for several minutes. This is a rather incredible display of oral skills as well as a showcase for the best boobs in the business.

Angela White & Marcus Dupree

Teasing in a sheer outfit, Angela sets the stage for the next scene. Marcus looks like a Tarantino hitman with his shades and big gun in his waistband. The tease ends and the two performers sit in an empty warehouse. Marcus puts down his gun and then things get weird. She plays a round of Russian roulette with him. He wins because, well because he isn’t dead but also because she leads him into another room where she gets naked. Angela plays with the gun for a big and then just gives it up in exchange for some dick. He fucks her mouth hard and deep and this scene seems to be in high gear already. Pulling Angela on top of him, he throws her legs straight back. (The boots look super hot) and goes deep into her tight ass. The anal full nelson footage is blistering hot. Angela’s legs spread wide to let them camera in close for the anal penetration. This is a high energy anal scene that compliments the crazy oral opener. Marcus keeps up with her nicely, making Angela squirt as she pounds that ass to a full gape. There is a hot shot of Angela motor boating her own boobs while pushed back into a semi-piledriver position. He also chokes her a lot, makes her squirt and just basically wrecks that sexy ass. After an exhausting and awesome anal scene, he stands over her and unloads his cream all over her pretty face and colossal boobs. Wow, just wow.

Angela White & Alexis Texas and James Deen

The SoCal boy in me will always love a beautiful woman in a bikini. When that woman is built like Angela White it is even better and when she teases the way she does here, it is a literal wet dream come to life. She takes them out and shakes them perfectly, catching the eye of Alexis Texas who looks in awe of that massive rack. .They move inside where Alexis oils those puppies up and plays with them until James shows up with a long hard dick for these two beauties. Angela drops to her knees and deep throats him with ease. Dropping to the balls, she makes room for Alexis who isn’t about to be left out of the naughty fun. She tit fucks him, using those oiled up hooters while Alexis bends over and shows off her most famous asset. The oil play adds to the fun and the look of the action. There is a great shot that features Alexis’ ass as she bends over and Angela’s oiled rack as she eats her from below. Lest we forget, Angela also has a great ass and when she is squatting James’ cock, she shows it off perfectly. Once again the eye candy is great, but the energetic sex takes over and truly pushes this scene to the next level. Angela and Alexis both get power fucked and they seem to love it. I love the way their lovely bodies look glistening with oil and filled with cock. The finish is fantastic as Angela uses her boobs around James’ dick to make it explode. Alexis swoops in and eats the load. This is a really solid scene, possibly the best overall so far.

Angela White, Prince Yashua & Isaiah Maxwell

The finale has a unique POV start. Angela is under the covers with us and she gets flirty and cute. It is kind of an early morning fantasy and who wouldn’t love to wake up next to this gorgeous creature. The big white sheets move as she teases and smiles for the camera. Moving on top of the covers, she loses her bra and shows of her body while continuing with the intimate and romantic tease footage. With the tease over, Angela is joined by her two well hung co-stars and the action kicks into high gear. Angela grabs one in each hand and works her mouth from one to the other. They position her on all fours for a dick at each end. Staying true to the title, her big tits sway back and forth under her body while she gets thoroughly fucked. When her mouth is not full of cock, Angela is not shy about letting them know just how much she likes the feel of their hard meat. Flipping her over, they start on her ass. Angela takes every inch and the contrast between their thrusting black dicks and her round white cheeks is really fucking hot. Ready for her DP, she opens both holes and gets stuffed. There are some great shots here, including one where she is standing next to the bed with her boobs shaking from every hard stroke. The DP action here is incredible and they reward her hard work with big loads of cum. She takes them on her face and lets the jizz drip all over her hooters, playing with it in a final display of sexual perfection.

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