Squirting Saya: Backstage Band Bang DP from Saya Song’s Anal Initiation for EvilAngel.com

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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> Squirting Saya: Backstage Band Bang DP from Saya Song’s Anal Initiation for EvilAngel.com

Squirting Saya: Backstage Band Bang DP from Saya Song’s Anal Initiation for EvilAngel.com

SOURCE DVD: Saya Song’s Anal Initiation


WEB SITE: www.EvilAngel.com
61 Mins
DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko
Evil Angel
THEMES: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, DP, Gape, Facials
STARS: Saya Song,


This is the final scene for Saya Song’s star showcase and we have already seem some amazing action. This pretty, petite young woman has amazing skills in all areas and has taken to on screen anal sex like a natural. To kick this one off, she gives us some sexy tease in a sheer top, fishnets and hot little denim cut offs. I know we are going to see her get double stuffed, but I really love watching her stretch her legs up over her head and just pose for the camera. Saya is head to toe sexy and I can’t get enough.

For the scene, Saya gets backstage to hang with her favorite band. She is wearing the same outfit which is just too fucking hot for words. They love having her with them and soon test her out on the skin flute. To say she handles her new duties well would be an understatement. In no time she is surrounded by band members with hard members. Saya sucks them all, bobbing her pretty face up and down to show her appreciation. Going deep, she takes everything they throw at her. Eventually it gets messy, but every time she takes one deep in her throat Saya pops it out with a huge smile on her face. This young woman is so cute and so fucking sexy it’s just amazing.

There are so many guys that one of them just has to try and put it in her butt. Saya seems perfectly OK with that as well. She stays bendy with her feet pulled back and both her mouth and ass stuffed with hard cock. There are some great close up shots here, but every time we see her face, that enthusiastic smile jut steals the show. She takes dick in both holes, getting DPd hard but still looking like she needs more. The DP footage is really good and she takes some seriously big dicks into those tight little holes. They all fuck so hard that she is a beautiful mess halfway through. There is quite a bit of slapping and choking which doesn’t add anything for me, but will probably be a big turn on to some. I just love watching her match their energy. It doesn’t matter that Saya is outnumbered, this is her show and she’s tearing shit up. When the guys are good and ready, she opens her mouth and the loads start flowing. She holds a couple of loads in her mouth while the guys stroke off and build up to even more jizz for our well fucked starlet. Not spilling a drop, she gargles with it, scoops every bit that gets on her face into her mouth and finally spits it all into a bowl for some very extreme cum play before swallowing the entire filthy brew. When it is all done I am only sorry that there isn’t more to watch. Oh and I’m bummed Darkko and Saya didn’t invite me to join, but that’s another story for another time.

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