Caught Being Naughty

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Caught Being Naughty

123 Mins
Pretty Dirty
DIRECTOR: Craven Moorehead
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Prison Sex,
STARS: Angela WhiteAngela WhiteAngela WhiteAngela White & Tyler Nixon

When Angela White is hired to be a maid, she is told she has the house to herself. She gets right to work and we get a few minutes of interesting tease with Angela cleaning house in jeans and tight white T shirt. All of a sudden she gets the feeling that she isn’t alone in the house. It turns out that the scary stranger in the house is Tyler Nixon home from school and busy jerking off. Angela freaks out over the mess and scares the crap out of poor Tyler. Fed up, she decides that she should get some fun too. She takes out her tits and wraps them around his cock. That would make any guy happy, but Angela is super aggressive, a little insulting and totally bossy. As she starts sucking his cock, Angela talks trash to him about how she has to clean everything, including his meat. This leads her to the conclusion that he should clean something. Stripping down, she orders him to clean her pussy and ass with his tongue. Tyler acts like he’s shocked at the idea, but warms up to the task pretty quickly. After bending over and teaching him to eat her ass, Angela rolls over and point her toes to the sky as he works her clit. When it is time to fuck, she warns him not to enjoy it too much because this is just for her. Of course he can’t help but enjoy the feeling of her smooth, tight pussy as his dick sinks in. The bed is really squeaky and can be heard even as Angela starts to moan loudly from Tyler’s strokes. He picks up steam and pushes one of her legs up to her shoulder. That opens the floodgates for dirty talk and loud sexual approval. Getting on top, Angela works her hips until their bodies are slapping together loudly. She is getting what she needs and we are witness to another super-hot fuck. Getting behind her, Tyler holds her hips and fucks that pussy. He tries to keep up, but Angela is a freight train of sexual energy and is going full speed ahead. For those who can’t get enough of Angela’s natural rack check out the way she arches her back and shakes them while riding in reverse cowgirl. Natural beauties for sure, but she has a talent for showing them off. They settle in for a good round of doggy that is energetic, well shot and super easy on the eyes. They finish up with a big load all over her huge tits. Then Angela wants her ass cleaned again and that’s when the unhappy ending happens. Spoiler alert, Tyler’s mom sees more than she wanted to.

Cadence Lux & Johnny Castle

Cadence Lux is on vacation with her husband in Vegas. She is all dolled up in a hot lingerie outfit, but won’t give her man any play. Her brother (Step) Johnny is stopping by. This sets off some jealousy issues, but Cadence brushes those off. The tension is thick and for good reason. As soon as her man hits the shower, Cadence is on her back with Johnny using his tongue to drive her crazy. His shadow can be seen on the glass behind them, adding a layer of intrigue to the risky play. They get naked and she climbs on top of him into a 69. It is super risky being so close to hubby, but that seems to make them even more turned on. After a close call, he pulls her on top and pumps her pussy. As loud as she is, it is a miracle they don’t get caught. There are some nice leg shots during spoon and the energy level is good throughout. I love teh danger aspect and there ae enough good shots of her body during this enthusiastic fuck to keep me interested. At one point hubby comes out and finds her naked it bed while Johnny is hiding. They hurry up and fuck even harder now, rushing to the finish line. Cadence asks him to cum in her mouth “so he won’t know” and that has Johnny pumping her mouth. She takes it more on the face and lets it drip to show off the load, though that kind of ruins her original request. Either way, it’s a hot finish to a good scene.

Charlotte Cross & Ryan Driller

Ryan Driller is very concerned. His father is a lot of trouble, but dad’s wife, Charlotte Cross seems super calm about the whole thing. She’s naked and clearly hitting on him as he tries to get information from her. They go inside and he keeps having to literally push her off of him. When her aggressive passes don’t work, she threatens to out his secrets. That seems to convince him to let his young stepmom suck his cock. She bends over his lap and sucks his cock hard enough to have her boobs shaking under her body. Charlotte gets on her knees and moans loudly while she continues to make his meat vanish between her hungry lips. Climbing on top, she asks him how it feels to be in his dad’s wife’s pussy. The dialog helps keep the theme of the scene going which adds some heat. His objections are all gone by now and he bends her over and fucks her good and hard. She keeps up the hot talk until he finally cums all over her face.

Jenna Sativa & Scarlet Red

Beautiful blonde Scarlet Red comes home to find some sexy gifts and a note from her girlfriend Jenna Sativa. Jenna wants to play a game and has left instructions. First Scarlet changes into hot little outfit that includes a black mini skirt. Next she has to blindfold herself and put on headphones as she is instructed to masturbate. Jenna finally shows up wearing a huge strap on. She has her gorgeous girlfriend go face down ass up on the bad and back to be fucked. It is a tight fit, but Scarlet’s loud moans seem to indicate that she enjoys it. Scarlet stays blindfolded as she turns over and throws those long legs up in the air. Love the energetic strap on work here. Jenna knows how to work it and her girl loves it deep. They go for piledriver on the bed which can’t be easy given lack of leverage. Keeping up with her girl, Scarlet does some seriously hot reverse cowgirl riding. They finish with Jenna pumping her mouth as Scarlet rubs herself off. Super-hot if you love pretty women having hot strap on sex.

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