Kendra Sunderland in Loaned by Daddy from

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Kendra Sunderland in Loaned by Daddy from

29 Mins
DIRECTOR: Greg Lansky
THEMES: Interracial Sex, BBC, Big Cock,Big Tits, Natural Tits, Blondes, Sugar Daddy, Cheating, Prostitution
STARS: Kendra Sunderland & Dredd


After her fun time with Mr. M (Review here), Kendra Sunderland is now quite comfortable in her sugar baby relationship. She is so happy that when he texts and tells her to entertain a “Big Client” she leaves her boyfriend in a heartbeat for a date. After quickly getting dressed, Kendra presents herself to Dredd who puts a “Daddy” necklace on her and has her get right on her knees. Looking up at him, she is impressed by his size and ready to be a good obedient little girl. Once the shaft gets wet, he holds her head still and fucks her pretty mouth with about half of that monster cock. Kendra looks gorgeous on her knees, with her long, natural body barely covered by her bra and panties. They move to the bed where she can focus more of her oral attention on his huge dick.

Kendra climbs up onto Dredd and slowly pushes down on his cock. It is clearly a very tight fit, but she is determined to ride it. She also keels calling him “daddy” for those of you are like that kind of play. After a few strokes she takes a break to suck him again. Now even wetter, his cock pops in while she rides in reverse cowgirl. In this position her boobs shake invitingly and show off her long legs perfectly. Dredd gets on top to do the work for a while, but they open up to the camera so we still get tons of eye candy. Another wet blowjob transitions them to doggy. Now we get to see just how long those legs are and how deep his cock goes in that tight pink pussy. She looks fantastic in this position as well. Kendra curls up next to Dredd and works his cock with her hand and mouth. He moans and grabs his dick, letting her suck on his balls for a while. That pushes him over and he nuts all over her lips. She licks up every drop and makes sure daddy is very, very happy.

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