Obsession, The

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Obsession, The


126 Mins
Sweet Sinner
DIRECTOR: Jacky St James
THEMES: Cheating, Blackmail, Big Asses
STARS: Abella Danger, Chanel Preston, Adira Rae, Michael Vegas, Reena Sky, Jay Smooth, Logan Pierce


This is a really solid little feature with some hot sex scenes and a great looking cast. The idea is pretty simple. Chanel Preston and Michael Vegas have a new roommate, Abella Danger. She is young, pretty, a little strange and a lot obsessive. Abella does a pretty nice job slipping slowly into madness. She handles her dialog nicely as well. Chanel Preston also gets a chance to show off her acting chops. She gives a really nice performance. While these two ladies carry the dialog, the sexual load is spread evenly. Abella has a solo scene in addition to a boy/girl in the finale. The rest of the cast gets just one shot to shine. Chanel and Michael take their time in the opening scene. This one is well shot, nicely paced and sets he tone nicely. Both Adira Rae and Reena Sky have solid scenes. The latter includes Abella on hand to watch. Abella finally gets her chance to shine in the finale. It adds to the story nicely and is perfectly paced to cap the movie nicely. With a strong script, good acting and hot sex, this is a very solid couples-friendly XXX feature.

Chanel Preston & Michael Vegas

Chanel Preston and Michael Vegas have a new roommate (Abella Danger.) Chanel works with Abella and wants to keep their distance so things don’t get weird. When Abella turns out to be super nice, Chanel offers an olive branch. Later that night she and Michael do a little bedroom boogie, unaware that their new roommate is lurking just outside the door. Michael sits behind Chanel and rubs her pussy until she is shaking almost uncontrollably. He follow this up with some serious oral attention that she really enjoys. They take their time and the camera lingers on the sensual action. Chanel returns the favor, taking his cock in her hand and slipping him into her mouth. She bobs her head up and down, making his dick hard and throb with every stroke. Again taking their time, the couple have fun with it. Chanel smiles up at his while she licks his balls and the whole thing is quite beautifully shot. She climbs up onto him and wiggles her pretty ass while he slides up into her. Abella is watching from the door, but they don’t notice her as they move into spoon. Nice energy here as he flips her over and spreads her legs wide. Chanel is very vocal. Not sure why they haven’t noticed Abella yet, but hey it’s a movie. He pulls out and shoots a big load all over her bush.

Adira Rae & Jay Smooth

As Abella’s obsession with her roommate grows, Adira Rae and Jay Smooth come to stay at the house. Aidra makes a comment about how everyone she has ever known falls for Chanel. Except for Jay that is. He is too busy trying to bang his girlfriend in the kitchen to care. It’s a bit of a ballsy move to get busy in your friend’s place, but it adds to the fun. Aidra goes to her knees and makes every inch of dick disappear into her mouth with absolute ease. Once she has shown off that skill, she grabs the shaft and strokes it in her hand for a while. He lifts her onto the counter and starts eating her pussy. This gets her wet enough for him to slide right in. They stay fairly quiet so as not to wake anyway one up, but there are some nice leg shots as he holds her hips and guides the action. He finally finishes with a load on her pussy.

Abella Danger

With more secrets going on, Abella slips deeper into obsession. When the four others are gone, she spends time in Chanel’s room, finally using her dildo to get herself off under a huge collage of pictures of her roommate. Sexy solo stuff here, especially if you like Abella’s lusciously thick thighs and juicy ass.

Abella Danger, Reena Sky & Logan Pierce

Worried that her secret will get out, Chanel goes digging for some dirt on Abella. She finds out that her obsessive roommate has a history of this behavior. Reena Sky relates a story of a hot threesome that went bad. It starts with a hot girl on girl kiss, but as Reena pays more attention to Logan, Abella gets a little distant. She watches as Logan sucks Reena’s nipples and works his way between her long legs. They don’t seem to mind letting the cute young girl watch as Reena takes out his cock and starts sucking. Abella looks desperate and a little sad as Reena climbs on top and starts riding her new friend. This is really less of a threesome and more of a hot fuck (with really great ass shots from Reena) with an obsessed hottie looking on, and none too pleased. She looks like she wants to reach out and join, but ends up just watching Logan shoot all over Reena’s belly.

Abella Danger & Michael Vegas

Abella just suddenly moves out to give Chanel what she “thinks she wants.” She waits until Michael is alone in the house and returns to find him in the shower. Waiting for him to get into bed, she sneaks up behind him and blindfolds him with a scarf. He relaxes as she kisses her way down his back, stopping at his ass. This is something new, but he just enjoys her mouth. Flipping over, he discovers what is going on, but can’t stop her. She needs to feel what Chanel has felt and isn’t about to let him object. She sucks his cock with a big smile on her face. Waiting this long to see Abella in action builds up the anticipation and she delivers in a very big way. He slips into her pussy, fucks is fiercely and then she deep throats him until all of her juices are cleaned off. Getting on her side, Abella lets him put his cock into her ass. They both seem to enjoy this quite a bit. She begs to taste it and then does A2M deep throat while talking dirty to him. Great looking action here with energy to spare. This is a great example of a scene that lives up to its position as the climax of a hot XXX feature.

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