Angela Vol. 3

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Angela Vol. 3

MOVIE TYPE: Star Showcase
240 Mins
AGW/Girlfriends Films
DIRECTOR: Angela White
THEMES: Big Tits, Natural Tits, Anal Sex, DP, Double Vag, Double Anal, Creampie, TP, Triple Penetration, Gang Bang, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks
STARS: Angela White, Mick Blue, Marcus Dupree, Mandingo, Manuel Ferrara,


The third volume of Angela White’s outstanding “Angela” series hits us like a force of nature. It is a collection of five scenes with a long list of firsts and incredible acts of sexual acrobatics and debauchery. Each scene stars Angela White and that alone makes the move worth watching. If you have been on a deserted island with no connection to anyone and don’t know who she is, well you should probably get cleaned up, eat a good meal, check in with your loved ones, check the box scores, see Wonder Woman and then look her up. At the risk of running out of ways to describe how incredibly Angela White is, let’s take a closer look at this fantastic collection. The first disc opens with a three-way between Angela, Mick Blue and Marcus Dupree. This scene features some hot and stunning DP as well as a boisterous performance from Angela. Next up is a scene that pairs Angela and her tremendous charms with Mandingo and his massive talent. This is a fantastic scene that features anal. Don’t ask me how Angela takes that big thing in her butt, but she does and it’s fucking porn magic my friends. This one is a must see and should land on a number of awards nominations lists. The final scene on the first disc is a major event for creampie lovers. It features Angela taking Manuel Ferrara and her one and only internal popshot of her career. Even if that ending isn’t your favorite thing, the passionate sex that leads up to it is sure to make you stick around and enjoy every second. This is another solid contender for awards and may just win scene of the year. The second disc of this movie features two gangbangs. The first one features all black performers while the second features all white. Both of them are well shot, energetic from start to finish and fucking hot. Which one is better? Well that depends on what you like. The cocks in the first bang are massive and Angela handles them beautifully. The second gang bang has double vag, double anal and triple penetration. Those are not beginner moves my friends. If you like those kinds of insane circus sex acts then by all means strap in and skip to the last scene. You will be amazed. That stuff doesn’t always do it for me, but the action is really well shot here and people tuning in to see how many cocks can stuff Angela’s holes will be super pleased. If you prefer supersized cocks or IR action then the first bang is the best. Both should end up with nominations, but if I had to pick one, I think the black cock bang might be the better of two outstanding efforts. From start to finish, this movie is porn perfection. Granted, I already think that Angela White is the hottest performer in all of XXX. That goes a long way to be sure. Beyond the amazing leading lady, this movie hits on all cylinders. It is beautifully shot, perfectly paced and well-edited. The sexual energy is fantastic as Angela works her way through every scene with beauty, energy and no small amount of sexual acrobatics. With all this going for it, Angela Vol. 3 is the hottest Angela White yet and the hottest Star Showcase I have seen in a very long time.

Angela White, Mick Blue & Marcus Dupree

Things kick off quickly as Mick and Marcus double up on Angela White. We barely had time to admire her perfect curves before they swoop in and start enjoying her. Marcus bends her over and gives that lovely ass a rigorous fucking while Mick enjoys some stellar head at the other end. There are small gape shots in between deep hard strokes in her butt. Meanwhile Angela swallows Mick’s dick with tremendous skill. Marcus slips her over so that she is on top of him and spread for Mick. In no time they DP her and the harder they fuck her holes, the more Angela loves it. I love the intensity and the DP is hot, but I must confess when Mick pulls out and lets her suck his cock, then RCA shots are fantastic. More Angela with less dude in the way. They flip her over and spank her sexy booty while stuffing those two tight holes. Going back to the original position, the guys share her ass this time. That’s right sports fans, double anal from Angela White. The guys stuff and stretch her for a few minutes before pulling out. She dives right into A2M and sucks like she can’t get enough. We get some standing DP footage that is highlighted by very enthusiastic dirty talk from Angela. She drops to her knees to suck them both off, letting her natural breasts sway back and forth as the guys unload on her pretty face. Perfect ending to a scene that has the bar set very high.

Angela White & Mandingo

Well this certainly a clash of the titans. Angela White taking on Mandingo. The best boobs in the biz vs. the biggest cock. Oh yeah, I can’t wait to see how this turns out. The tease gives us ample time to admire Angela’s stunning curves. From her aforementioned (and often drooled over boobs) to her luscious legs and her pretty feet (Hey Webmaster Joe, I see you down there looking.) Angela is a stunning specimen. She curls up on Mandingo’s lap and lets him start kissing her chest. Angela makes her way down to the floor and takes out his cock. It’s huge even with both of her hands working the shaft. That doesn’t slow down our heroine for one second. Angela goes after the meat with her talented mouth and isn’t about to stop. There are some stunning close up shots as Angela does her best to take that long pole deep into her throat. Mandingo puts her on her side and lets Angela slowly slide back on his cock. She can’t help but feel how big it is, but she also flashes a smile that will make you fall in love instantly. He flips her over and she holds her big perfect boobs in her hands while he drives that long cock into her beautiful shaved pussy. After some good pumps, he pushes into her ass. Guys, the look on Angela’s face is fucking priceless. It’s sexy as fuck, real and unforgettable. After some A2M, she gets on top, showing off those boobs as she takes him dick impossibly deep into her ass. They get into doggy where he gives her long strokes and any time he slows down, she just starts grinding back. His load ends up on her chest and Angels lovingly sucks every drop out at the end. This is one of the best anal scenes of the year and it’s worth the price of the DVD all by itself.

Angela White & Manuel Ferrara

This isn’t the first time Angela White and Manuel Ferrara have hooked up on screen, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a scene involving a first. It is the first time Angela has done a creampie and it is also listed as her only such scene. After some stunning lingerie tease, Angela and Manuel embrace. They tumble to the couch and he gives her amazing natural boobs plenty of attention. They grind on one another for a bit before she mounts up. Angela’s wet pussy slides over his big cock and she bucks her hips enthusiastically. Manuel flips her over and pumps that pretty shaved slit while Angela takes every inch. She stops to suck his cock for a few moments before riding him. Angela works her hips on his cock and then on his face like she is enjoying every second of this. This is yet another reason why she is the hottest performer in XXX right now. The connection and passion in this scene is as intense as the action and really adds a unique layer. That doesn’t mean there isn’t hard pounding action mixed with the sensuality. Along with the hard pounding, Manuel skillfully pleases her until Angela is loudly declaring that no one fucks her like he does. High praise to be sure. She rubs her clit furiously while he unloads in her pussy. Creampie fans are going to love watching his gonad goo gush out of Angela’s pussy as he withdraws and then she rubs herself to another climax with his load leaking from her luscious labes. The two superstars are totally spent and embrace for several minutes, unwinding after an epic scene. So not be shocked if this scene wins as many awards as it can be nominated for.

Angela White: Gang Bang 1

Disc two starts off with the first of a pair of gang bang scenes. Angela comes out in a black bathing suit and shakes her hips with her boobs out of the top. Damn if that isn’t some mighty find tease footage. Moving inside she finds herself surrounded by five black men. They go for her breasts right away, sucking them while fingers explore her down below. Dropping to her knees, Angela gets her mouth to work and strokes any cock that gets close enough. The harder she bobs her head, the more the incredible boobs sway back and forth. That visual is nearly as impressive as the fantastic head she treats them to. Her deep throat skills are really hot. The guys line up to take her at both ends and Angela enthusiastically services those big dicks like a champ. They flip her over so that her ass gets in on the action as well. Once all three holes have been warmed up, she takes a dick in each. DP with a big cock in her mouth is not trouble at all. Angela keeps the energy level super high with every stroke. There is some spectacular piledriver action that sees Angela getting smacked in the face by her own glorious globes while her ass takes an impossible amount of black dick. They get back into some DP with Angela facing up so her boobs are on full display. She gets pounded hard in both holes and choked, never missing a beat. The anal and DP footage in the latter stages of this scene are truly fantastic. The guys surround her and start spraying her with cum. Her face and tits are the targets and she takes the load with great passion. With cum dripping down her face she smiles as the next guy moves into positions. No dodging here. Angela is going balls to wall right to the very end. One after another the guys add their loads to the mess and Angela plays with it until she finally swallows. This is another award-caliber scene. I am honestly running out of adjectives to describe Angela White and her awesomeness.

Angela White: Gang Bang 2

On the heels of that great gang bang, here comes another. This time Angela struts out in some hot boots that show off her legs along with the her other obvious charms. Moving inside, she is surrounded by cocks. Using her hands to get them hard, Angela is ready for more when she squats in the center of this dick circle and starts sucking. As soon as she gets to cock level, Angela starts sucking like her life depends on it. She uses her deep throat skills while also stroking two at a time to keep the guys very happy and put on one hell of a show. With the oral action off the charts hot, the guys have to really step it up with some DP while still gagging her in order to ramp things up to the next level. Angela lets the guy fuck her face as hard as they are fucking her lower holes. This scene has the last one beat on sheer manic energy and it’s just as hot. On her back with a dick in all three holes, Angela gets her big boobs mauled by the guys waiting their turns. There is some really hot standing DP that shows off her body and the guys’ dick dishing skills. When DP isn’t enough the guys slip two dicks into her ass at once. This is a pretty advanced sexual move and it is really well captured here. They even seem to try for triple anal for a second before the third dick pops into her pussy. Yep, triple penetration and they are still going full speed ahead. Somehow she has the energy left to flip over and take some double vag. For the record that is two dicks in each of the three holes during this scene. (Not simultaneously that would insane.) During this fun, the first load hits her face. It stays there as the guys keep power fucking her. That is just the first load of course, the rest come when she gets on her knees and flashes that incredibly sexy smile. Their cum covers her face (which in case I haven’t said it ten times in this video, is beautiful) and she rubs it, tasting it, playing with it and capping off another amazing scene in what is by far the best star showcase of 2017.

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